Lift Capacity Restrictions in Dallas Diocese



That God may be glorified by his creatures participating in a more perfect way in the worship of Him.

Steven Kesten` (Richardson, 2021-02-04)


I’m signing this because I wholeheartedly agree with the contents of this petition and sincerely hope his excellency will remove the restrictions

Emily Payte (North Richland Hills , 2021-02-04)


I'm signing this petition because of the example set forth by St. Damien of Molokai. The true pandemic is denying, refusing, or limiting access to the Sacraments and thus, Sanctifying Grace.

Eric Schreiber (Mesquite, 2021-02-04)


We need to worship our God as a group (community) physically together. Why are we acting like Jesus is just going to stand there at the altar and idly watch His friends get some kind of sick because they came to be with Him? God protects His own, but we must trust Him so He can do so.
I am not sick, the people around me are not sick, so why are we pretending everyone around us is contaminated??

charles m (Irving, 2021-02-04)


Enough is enough!

Abel Montes de Oca (Dallas, 2021-02-04)


I have full faith that this is the right thing to do. If people choose to avoid gatherings, even at Mass, that is always their choice. But for those who wish to celebrate the Mass as usual, without having to watch it on TV because the church is full to the 50% capacity allowed, then I feel it is our right as Catholic faithful to do so.

Cecilia Bralick (Irving, 2021-02-04)


I’m signing because it is time to get back to church! This is an essential part of people’s lives. Limiting capacity is crippling our spiritual enhancement, receiving our Lord physically and growing in our faith. Please lift capacity limitations!

Denise Rohter (Irving, 2021-02-04)


Jesus comforted and healed the sick, He touched the lepers, let us come worship in His home. We yearn to be in Gods house during these most trying times in our lives. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart!

Rachel Herrera (Irving, 2021-02-04)


My mother & father both received and gave such incredible grace and strength while living in a nursing home between 2004 and 2017. It heightened my awareness of our hunger and desire for the Mass and Holy Communion. Whenever we visited them, it was the height of their visit for us to attend _their Holy Communion service_ in the nursing home, so we could participate as family in Sacred Liturgy with them and their treasured new family, their nursing home resident neighbors. The parishioners who organized weekly services and brought Holy Communion delivered such life-giving grace and literally spiritual food that they longed for. How much more now, during Covid, does each of us long for the Blessed Sacrament and Communion with the Body of Christ? Please answer our plea and do not delay bringing our parishes back together under steadfast judgment and ongoing review of individual pastors, meeting the needs and protection of their Catholic faithful. May God bless and guide your momentous decision.

Michelle Easley (Irving, 2021-02-04)


Please dear Bishop Burns. We need the sacraments! Please lift the Mass restrictions in place and keep the dispensation for the worried.

Mary Mulvaney (Irving, 2021-02-04)


The restrictions seem political.

Tiffany Jacobson (Plano, 2021-02-04)


Freedom of religion is one of our constitutional rights which is currently being limited without necessity. Religion is a huge part of psychological well being for so many people and those who limit church attendance are contributing to the sky rocketing loneliness, abuse, divorce, depression, and suicide. People NEED God in their lives, going to Church is the most necessary thing that should stay open, and no one should know this better than a Bishop.

Adrianna Schell (Dallas, 2021-02-05)


Let us have the faith of St. Charles Borromeo and Fr. Damien Molokai!

Patrick Nugent (Irving, 2021-02-05)


I attend a parish in Dallas and it pains me as an usher to have to deny seats to the faithful that come to worship.... especially the elderly ... If it breaks my heart imagine theirs and the hearts of Mary and Jesus. Please please please lift seating restrictions.

Joey Olivo (Little Elm , 2021-02-05)


The health of the soul is more important than the health of the body.

Adam Frisch (Cedar Hill, 2021-02-05)


Lift the restrictions NOW! This farce has gone on long enough. Time to grow a pair.

Terry Wingard (Copper Canyon, 2021-02-05)


I'm signing this because there's more social distancing in church than in any store, restaurant, or sporting event.
How much more important is in person mass than these or a thousand other events.
It's way past time to open the churches either by each pastor's decision or the reopening of all churches in the Dallas diocese.

Thomas Dorcak (Carrollton, 2021-02-05)


I’m signing because it’s past time to open my church!

John Ball (Arlington, 2021-02-05)


The mass is the most important essential service there is, and healthy people should be allowed to attend if they feel that they are safe to do so. Please allow priests and pastors to offer the holy sacrifice of the mass for all who want to come..

Kathy Brydon (Dallas , 2021-02-05)


I want capacity restrictions lifted in Dallas

Mark Pearson (Farmers Branch , 2021-02-06)


We deserve the right to attend Mass without concern over enough seating due to diocesan imposed capacity limitations.

LeighAnne DuChene (Grand Prairie, 2021-02-06)


I'm signing because I faithfully agree with what is stated in this petition.

Carisa Weesner (Fort Worth, 2021-02-08)


I’m signing because I go to mass in the Dallas diocese and I would like to see the church is open back up.

Annie Vining (Carrollton , 2021-02-08)


Freedom of Religion and right to worship

Margaret Glasgow (Lantana, 2021-02-08)


Ego sum panis vivus, qui de cælo descendi.
Si quis manducaverit ex hoc pane, vivet in æternum:
et panis quem Ego dabo, caro mea est pro mundi vita.

Daniel Muller (Dallas, 2021-02-09)


I'm signing this petition because I believe we are going down a rabbit hole we may not be able to crawl out of. Yes, Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 is a real virus. COVID-19 is a real disease. Real people have become sick and real people have died. Beyond those 4 facts every thing else about covid is subject to debate. Subjecting reasonably healthy people to the same restrictions as those most at risk makes no sense. The Catholic Church has a long and beautiful history and has endured worse than this.

David Mojica (Terrell , 2021-02-15)


It’s time to fully reopen our churches.

Carole Morris (Irving, 2021-02-16)


I am a regular daily mass attendant of a Dallas Diocese parish, although I do not reside in the Dallas diocese. We need to open the churches! So much prayer is needed for our world!

Ellen Thomas (Euless, 2021-02-16)


I truly believe in it. God should come first and foremost in our lives with the full access to the sacraments for everyone. Too long have we tried to conform to the fears of secular society who have no reverence for God or to our constitutional rights. If God is not first then we are not practicing our Catholic faith properly.

Anthony Sanders (Lewisville, 2021-02-18)


We are letting the physical world outweigh the eternal one .

Rebekah Gutting (Forney , 2021-02-18)


I believe we need the greatest blessing and sacraments available to us, especially in times of confusion and chaos. The Church, Our Chuech, is loosing good and faithful people. We need the Mass and the Eucharist now more than ever. Please allow the priests to discern and decide if they should open Mass to the entire congregation. Let us fight the enemy with a full army. Let us put fear behind us. I ask you to open wide the church doors, and know I pray for you and our Church.

Angela Roach (Irving, 2021-02-25)


Please open our churches to full capacity or at least give the pastor discretion to do so. Thank you.

Julie Dougherty (Irving, 2021-02-27)


I believe it is time step past the fear that has gripped the whole world.

Jake Schaad (Farmers Branch , 2021-03-01)


I want my Church back to normal!

Shannon Santos (Double oak, 2021-03-01)


I love our Lord. People are burdened by the capacity restrictions. It keeps many from going to mass and prayer.

Sarah Binder (Ennis, 2021-03-01)


The state must subject itself to the Church's Divine Laws

Edgar Morgan (Dallas, 2021-03-02)


If we do not nourish our faith in God through our Catholic Parishes the powers of evil will consume us. Staying home to “view” the mass is not the same as receiving our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. We must not be afraid to show we love our Lord and God.

Wilma Kuykendall (Irving, 2021-03-05)


This is extremely important to me!! Our Churches being closed and then only open to partial capacity has not only hurt the faithful but hurt our Churches.

Christina Kirtley (Campbell, 2021-03-05)


I believe we cannot live in fear forever. One year is long enough.

Gary Kirtley (Campbell, 2021-03-06)


My children should not have to wear masks at the age of 3. People should not be turned away from the Sacraments. It is disgraceful.

James Watza (Dallas, 2021-03-20)


It was a very damaging time last year not to be able to attend Mass in person for weeks. Please do not let this happen again.

Martha de La Soujeole (Telephone, 2021-03-20)


Should have done long ago or never done in first place.

Deanna Rombach (Midlothian, 2021-03-20)


As a Catholic, I believe that it is necessary to participate in the Holy Days by being physically present in a Church. We weren’t able to do this last year, so this year I think it’s important we be able to participate.

Sarah LaFrance (Windcrest , 2021-03-20)


We are parishioners of the Dallas diocese. 🙏🙏🙏

Tracie Huber (Azle, 2021-03-20)


If one wants to attend mass, can’t they be given the opportunity to go?

Angela Schoessler (Highland Village, 2021-03-20)