Stop The Vaccine Passport



I do not consent to or support the vaccine passport or Any such enforcements!

Marc Filiatrault (Port coquitlam, 2021-08-02)


It is criminal not too

Sol Desmond (Surrey, 2021-08-02)


Segregation is never a good thing.

Moira Drosdovech (Kelowna , 2021-08-02)


I am signing because it is an outrageous violation of human rights.

Marta Karela (Burnaby, 2021-08-02)


This is ludicrous and I won't stand for it. The medicine in question isn't even approved by the FDA or the CDC.

Mieke Boucher (Surrey , 2021-08-02)


it is against the nuremberg code

dale tagseth (surrey, 2021-08-02)


Vaccine is a personal choice. A vaccine passport effectivly forces people to be vaccinated to participate in daily activities. It separates and divides the people, this is wrong.

Debbie Lewis Fehr (Langley , 2021-08-02)


Vaccination Passport agendas are discriminatory and an infringement on basic personal rights and freedom.

Michael Fuhrmann (White Rock, 2021-08-02)


This is tyranny!

Michelle Symmers (Trenton , 2021-08-02)


This is unconstitutional !!!

Paula Landgraf Degelman (Kelowna, 2021-08-02)


Vaccine passports violate multiple charter or rights freedoms for Canadians and it's wrong.

AYISHA AL-HAQQ (Surrey, 2021-08-02)


I’m signing because I am not completely blind,deaf, and stupid. There is no way I will submit to this very wicked bio experiment on the human race. My health is no ones business but me and my doctor.

Rob Knight (Coquitlam BC, 2021-08-02)


We cannot create a two tiered society, or else all the soldiers who died for our freedom, and those who died in the holocaust died for nothing. Freedom is essential, and we cannot let their sacrifice be meaningless.

Jessica Rischel (Waterloo, 2021-08-02)


First of all – I would like to acknowledge the members of the Surrey Board of Trade must be very scared – and are trying to implement measures they feel will offer some sense of protection.

However - are you aware that the Moderna and Pfizer injections for which you wish to hang your discriminatory passport on are still in phase 3 trials? (As per the incomplete studies I have linked below). These studies for which the application for FDA approval rests won't be complete until 2022 and 2023 - Both Moderna and Pfizer companies have not received approval for their injectable drug - but the designation Emergency Use Authorization only. They have not actually been FDA approved or licensed. I say drug - because to actually be a vaccine it must prevent the disease and the transmission of the disease - and according to the manufacturing companies themselves - this injectable drug does neither
Link to Pfizer’s on-going incomplete Study...

Link to Moderna on-going incomplete Study...
This is the biggest human experiment in history and violates most sections of the Nuremberg code. I don’t know one person who has received the injection who gave a truly “Informed Consent” and that is because the person administering the injection was not informed either. – I don’t know one person who was made aware of the fact that by receiving the injection they were consenting to be part of a medical study for an experimental drug that has not been FDA APPROVED. I don’t know one person who was told the list of ingredients in the drug they were injecting into their precious bodies – and do you know why? Because the inserts that accompanied the drug were left intentionally blank by the manufacturer!! Innocent and fearful people have been led to believe they were receiving a vaccine that would protect them from ever contracting COVID 19 and would protect them from ever transmitting C-19 to anyone else. Well I am sure you are very aware of the recent news of the many vaccinated people who have contracted the C-19 and of many more vaccinated people who are having a wide and bizarre array of symptoms and injuries including Myocarditis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome to name a few. If you are not aware of the infamous Slide 16 of the FDA Safety Surveillance – you should make a point of familiarizing yourself with it.

What side of History do you wish to be remembered as having aligned yourself with? The decision you are about to make will be remembered - particularly when this false house of cards begins to fall and the Truth about this Plandemic comes to light. I would suggest you follow the money and unravel that very deep rabbit hole before you consider agreeing to an action that creates discrimination and a 2 tiered society!!!!

Is History repeating itself? Remember we have all wondered how did things get the way they did in Nazi Germany – how did good people stand by and contribute to such a horrific history. Now you know. If you push this through – you will be as guilty. I ask you – what do you wish to be remembered by?

Naura Wolfe (Vancouver, 2021-08-02)


It is discrimination

Anneke Van Peenen (Surrey BC, 2021-08-02)


This is an atrocious idea which goes against our inalienable human rights and the Canadian Constitution. The fact that most Canadians remain unaware of the dangers of this "vaccine" is thanks to our criminal media. The "vaccinated" are dying in droves from this "vaccine". Only fools would be in favour of this "vaccine passport". Stop this insanity IMMEDIATELY.

Lisa Di Fonzo (Burnaby, 2021-08-02)


Vaccine passport is tyranny.

Alyosha Zeifman (Squamish, 2021-08-02)


I’m signing this petition because I’m against mandatory vaccine passports.

Lori Misson (Langley , 2021-08-02)


I’m signing this petition to stop vaccine passports it is not our governments place to tell us what we have to inject in our bodies it is illegal , unlawful and egregious to try to force vaccinate any sovereign being . Shame on our government

Valerieann Foley (Richmond Bc , 2021-08-02)


I am signing because it is our choice to. vaccinate or not. I also believe a vaccine paasport creates separation in our community and discrimination. That is not right. We need community and unity.

William Russell (Surrey, 2021-08-03)


I dont think anyone should be forced to get an experimental injection in order to travel or work!

Corinna Overbye (Burnaby, 2021-08-03)


Cruel and unnecessary requirement y restricting movement and it’s a racist act to basically have people at the back of the “bus”.

Randy Simpson (Dundas, 2021-08-03)


Our Canadian Charter of Rights specifically forbids discrimination against disabled or medically handicapped people. Our BC Healthcare Consent Act says no one can be forced to take ANY medical treatment without informed consent and without their explicit authorisation.

The Nuremberg Code echoes these statements. There is no legal basis that would allow any corporation, non-profit organisation, company, public authority or independent business to force people to take a medical treatment in order to enter said public space. We the people of Canada are opposed to any attempt in the direction of a medical apartheid state.

MB Bose (Vancouver , 2021-08-03)


This jab is filled with graphene oxide which is a carcinogen

Debora Powell (Kelowna , 2021-08-03)


Vaccine passports are discrimination. They are unacceptable!

Samantha B (Langley, 2021-08-03)


I’m signing because health freedom is essential in a democratic society

Ingrid Jansons (Surrey, 2021-08-03)


This so called vax, doesn’t even fit the description of a vax & is NOT about health. Safety studies are not even complete. The risks far out way the benefits… I could go on & on.

Rena Swift (Kelowna, 2021-08-03)


I'm signing because this so-called vaccine is unnecessary (the covid data is false), the vaccine is still in clinical trials, vaccines are voluntary, and vaccine passports create an unjustified, two-tiered society. A vaccine passport violates our Charter rights. How dare you try to do this to the people.

Charlene Le Beau (Vancouver, 2021-08-03)


Segregation is terrible. Passports are not needed, vaccines are not even fully approved and past all trial phases.

Avin Reimer (Surrey , 2021-08-03)


This 'vaccine' (???) has not been fully tested and there are many people catching the virus having taken the 'vaccine'(???).

Weldon Greatorex (White Rock, 2021-08-03)


Discrimination. Do people need herpes passports???? Gay passports? HIV passports? Against the constitution. Get a brain

ALISON OCONNOR (Vancovuer , 2021-08-03)


I'm signing because it's my Constitution Freedom to decide what I inject into my body.

Brenda Sbrozzi (Kelowna, 2021-08-03)


I sign because it is wrong to coerce or force people to take a medical intervention.

Jane Avis (Ladysmith, 2021-08-03)


Our freedoms are being threatened

Jeanette Standerwick (Burnaby, 2021-08-03)


I believe that passports are a divisive tool used to control and monitor individuals.
It is completely unwarranted and unnecessary given the circumstances.

Jennifer Posylek (Barrie, 2021-08-03)


I believe in freedom

Dave Emery (Dundas, 2021-08-03)


I have never even had a flue shot, and will not be taking this one either. I still have choices as a free Canadien.

Joanne LeBlanc (Grosses Coques, 2021-08-03)


I strongly disagree with the massive grab of annexing freedom this represents

Brigitte Emery (Dundas, 2021-08-03)


I oppose vaccine passports

Steven Brown (Slocan park, 2021-08-03)


Lynne Paine

Lynne Paine (Tadworth, 2021-08-03)


I do not consent.

Linda McIntyre (Olds, 2021-08-03)


I do not support vaccinated passports. We are divided enough and we should not have to be divided by our medical choices. We should not have to expose what our medical choices are.

Amanda McElderry (Dickson, 2021-08-03)


This is just plain wrong. My medical information is none of your business. Take responsibility for your own health. I'll take responsibility for mine.

Ted Kuntz (Kelowna, 2021-08-03)


Side effects and deaths from this medication is higher then the sickness itself. Informed consent must always be allowed.

Michael Kuznecov (Burnaby, 2021-08-03)


Do not want a vaccine passport used to restrict our lives

Cathie Skocylas (Surrey, 2021-08-03)


I will never come to Surrey if you implement a vaccine passport, and I will advise anyone I know to boycott your city as well.

Bette Welsh (Nelson, 2021-08-03)


I'm advocating for the rights of Canadians

Deborah Johnston (V4T1P3, 2021-08-03)


A Vax passport in society would create a medical apartheid. There are serious medical and religious reasons why people cannot let themselves be injected with any drug, experimental or not. To enforce a Vax passport in order to participate in society would be 100% tyranny and the destruction of society as we know it. It would be a crime against humanity.

Amy Jones (Oak Bay, 2021-08-03)


I am signing because no medical procedure (especially an experimental one) should be mandated. We are born with Free Will and are sovereign beings. Any attempts to override that fact, are crimes against humanity and natural law.

Sarah Robinson (Saint John, NB, 2021-08-03)


Covid is bullshit. Just another cold.

Nadine Hall (Port moody , 2021-08-03)


It is CATEGORICALLY WRONG!!!! This is an experimental vaccine!!! It absolutely should NOT BE MANDATED!!!

Karen Reimer (Kamloops, 2021-08-03)


We are free people we should be given the choice of what to put it our body. My body my choice. Natural immunity is best!

Ashley P (new westminster, 2021-08-03)


I’m against vaccine passports, this is Canada for Gods sake.

Penny Hird Hird (Kelowna B.C., 2021-08-03)


I lived in a socialist communist country and there is no need for division, especially due to a virus with high survival rates and experimental vaccine with side effects. Been on experimental meds... had side effects... no need to force/shame/bully anyone into it.

Andrea Viznar (Surrey, 2021-08-03)


It’s not right!

Barbara Roberts (Vancouver, 2021-08-03)


Government, NGO's, Corporations and business have no right whatsoever to infringe on my Charter Protected, God given inalienable rights. I am a sovereign being which means I am above rulership by another. I am self responsible and what goes in my body is my choice alone.
Creating a two tiered society by any means whatsoever be it Government, or the private sector implementing conditions that provide access to vaccinated people and not to unvaccinated people, to public offerings such as but not limited to business goods and services is a theft and an infringement on the rights of everyone, all ages, all genders and all skin colours.

Inalienable rights are and always will be 100% with the individual as prepared for us by creation itself. Sovereignty is inherent in being born into a body. The first private property is the body inhabited by a Soul. Again, though theft may occur through obfuscation, confusion and lies, the property continues to belong to the soul. It can't be legally transferred because Natural Law is primary, pre-eminent and supersedes Man's Law, Statute Law and all forms of Contract Law and Common Law.

Nature wins. Respectfully.

Not Yours,

Brian Edgar
Mill Bay, BC
CANADA (the people, not the Corp.)

Brian Edgar (Mill Bay, BC, 2021-08-03)


I'm signing because I strongly believe in the right of people to choose and in our freedom of choice to travel wherever we choose without restrictions based on the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms and the Nuremberg Code.

Harmoney Laurence (Surrey, 2021-08-03)


There is absolutely NO NEED for an untested, unapproved poison jab for a "virus" which 99.98% of people survive. Therefore, there is NO NEED for a passport which reveals my medical status, which is private information.

Tim Green (Surrey, 2021-08-03)


This is an overreaching violation of human rights.

Brenda Mason (Ottawa, 2021-08-03)


This is an illegal action against medical rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens.

Ian Weir (Toronto, 2021-08-03)


This initiative is counterproductive to business success going forward, and has no scientific merit of note.

Dan Anders (Langley, 2021-08-03)


This is against:

● Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) Section 2a, 2b, 7, 8, 9, 15.● Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005)● Nuremberg Code (1947)● Helsinki Declaration (1964, Revised 2013) Article 25, 26

Shelagh Smith (Kaslo, 2021-08-03)


No vaccine passports! No mandated experimental injections! Freedom to travel, work, go to school, secure safe and effective treatments and to bodily sovereignty.

Karen Cooney (Hartington , 2021-08-03)


Vaccine Passports add a level of discrimination to our society that go against our human rights. Wherever there is risk of a medical procedure there must be choice. No coercion. Period.

Sandra Jenvey (Dundas, 2021-08-03)


Canada is a country where medical privacy and choice is a constitutional Right. This passport verification initiative is the first step in a two-tiered society that is completely unacceptable in any democratic society and specifically in Canada. There are people who are unable to receive the experimental injection due to pre-existing medical conditions and those people should never be discriminated against and they should never have to disclose this information to anyone.

Corinna Topnik (SURREY, 2021-08-03)


I'm signing this petition because our freedoms and rights are being taken away. This is like Nazi Germany (papers/documents please)

Ray Lubsen (cavan, 2021-08-03)


Safety and freedom. Cant have both. Freedom wins. I prefer death over this vaccination. Thank you!

Eike-Christian DON (Nelson, 2021-08-04)


My body My choice
I believe in natural immunity only

Maggie O (Vancouver, 2021-08-04)


Absolutely 💯the Vaxx passport is unconstitutional and is .repulsive to my sovereign right as a woman under GODS LAW

Anne Kerswell (Duncan, 2021-08-04)


I'm signing because a vaccine passport is wrong on so many levels that it would be impossible to list them all. Measures of this kind create a division in the population. Do you want to be responsible for this division? Will you accept the consequences of creating this division?

Anna Cairns (Wallaceburg, Ontario, 2021-08-04)

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