Stop The Vaccine Passport



Over a virus so deadly it has a 99%+ survival rate. -So scary that you need to be tested to even know you have it!...It mostly kills octogenarians with multiple compounded health issues, who have achieved their normal human life expectancy. -Definitely worth destroying the economy over -and negatively impacting everyone's health and well-being. And, b.t.w. There are several drugs doctors aren't allowed to prescribe: Hydroxychloroquine, Azathioprine, and Ivermectin, though not "approved" – were prescribed before the restrictions and found to be very effective along with vitamin D3 and zinc. Hell, even Bamlanivimab and Eronlimab which were developed for Covid-19 aren’t used. And let's not forget the high rates of false positives and inflated death toll to scare everyone into compliance. Though the cause of death, may be cancer, a heart attack, a fall, a drowning, a car accident, -or any other cause/condition, if Covid-19 is a contributing factor -or even is suspected to be- it is listed on their death certificate. Bear in mind, the PCR technology used in tests to detect viruses cannot distinguish between viruses capable of infecting cells and viruses that have been neutralized by the immune system and therefore these tests cannot be used to determine whether someone is contagious or not. Meanwhile our equally qualified experts (doctors, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, etc.) are gagged, intimidated, and/or undergo horrendous smear campaigns. Oh, and the thing about masks is that those nasty rashes on your face and around your nose can work their way into your airways and exacerbate breathing issues and infections there. Hence, this has been one big social experiment from the beginning and has been so freaking dishonest, I fail to see how the general public can fall for it...

Vida Cropas (St. Norbert, 2021-08-31)


I want personal choice and freedom to choose. I object to legislative mandates that override my personal freedoms. I oppose every law that removes my right to choose my medical treatment, cancer treatment, and life decisions,.

Lyn Doerksen (Mission, 2021-08-31)


I’m signing Because vaccine passports violate medical privacy and the Canadian charter of rights and freedom. These two things need to be upheld with no exceptions. Vaccine passports will do nothing other then cause harm and discrimination to the un vaccinated.

Angel Crane (Victoria , 2021-08-31)


This will only create another medium of discrimination

Blake Glas (waverton, 2021-08-31)


I don't a medical aparteid.

Jason Swimm (Guelph, 2021-09-01)


I believe in freedom. My body, my choice.

Paul Thom (Saint John, N.B., 2021-09-01)


I will NOT vaccinate!! I will NOT wear a mask!! I will NOT comply!! Vaccine passports violate our rights as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The freedoms I served to protect and the freedoms I won't give up without blood.

David Green (Hoyt, 2021-09-01)


I absolutely refuse this world wide lie that is being shoved down our throats.

Ronald White (Winnipeg, 2021-09-01)


To protect the freedom of choice for every citizen vaccinated or not, also to protect our kid's futures.

Stephane Mcfadden (Moncton, 2021-09-01)


It goes against any ethical medical or social practise. It is harmful. I have personally seen the effects this "so called vaccine, which isn't a vaccine at all" can do.

Barbara Rusu (Chilliwack, 2021-09-02)


NO Vaxx Passport for me, my family, and friends.
NO Vaxx for me, my family, and friends.
NO mask for me, my family, and friends.
What's wrong with you? lol

M H (Nelson, 2021-09-02)


I'm signing because I don't want to live in CHINADA!!

Susan Yurychuk (Kaslo, 2021-09-02)


What I put into my body is none of anybody's business, but my own. Coersion is NOT consent.
Agnes Toews-Andrews

Agnes Toews-Andrews (Winlaw, 2021-09-02)


It's my right to vaccine, not force to vaccine.

BiYu Liang (Christina Lake, 2021-09-02)


I say no to experimental passports

Yolandy Gibson (Pretoria, 2021-09-03)


I don't agree with the Covid-19 passports, some people don't want the vaccine and now we are being forced into a situation where we need to get it if we want a normal life

Vanessa Jones (Barrie, 2021-09-03)


You know in your souls that this is wrong! Don't do it!

Andrew Blumenschein (Nelson, 2021-09-03)


I am signing because needing a passport to access services will ostracize many people who choose to not be vaccinated for their own personal reasons.

Judith M. Lopes (Vancouver, 2021-09-03)


It is my constitutional right to choose what goes in my body and not to be discriminated against because of my such choice

Carletta Lucas (Rocks, 2021-09-03)


Vaccine passports are against my Charter rights as a Canadian as well as the Nuremberg codes against experimental vaccines and my bodily autonomy it's against my medical information being private over a virus that has a 99.98% recovery rate

Amber Clark (Simcoe, 2021-09-04)


I disagree with vaccine passports. They are not needed.

Anna Diamantopoulos (Sydney , 2021-09-04)



Rheal Gagne (Thunder Bay, 2021-09-04)


the vaccine passport is illegal, immoral and evil.

diane volkart (winlaw, 2021-09-04)


We have to stop the new era of fascism...

Dragan Georgiev (New Westminster, 2021-09-04)


Complete violation of individual freedoms and a step in the direction of totalitarianism.

Lucas Call (Greensboro , 2021-09-04)


This is absurd. Vaccine passports are an abhorable way to strip a person's autonomy and freedom to choose. This was made illegal after WW2, in the Nuremberg code, 1st clause. 'The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.'

Rehaan Shahid (Birmingham , 2021-09-05)


I do not want to be forced into something I don’t want, I choose freedom and to choose what I put into mine and my children’s bodies.

Shayleen LePage (Gibsons, 2021-09-05)


I am outraged by this latest blatant disregard for our most basic of human rights and freedoms! I will NEVER take that shot and I hope for the day that Bonnie Henry and our elected officials are on trial for crimes against humanity. When are they going to issue the yellow stars??

Rick Charleston (Scotch Creek, 2021-09-05)


I do not believe in medical coercion or medical apartheid. Vaccine passport are a breach of basic medical ethics principles including informed consent,
confidentiality and non- coercion. Bodily autonomy and freedom of choice are fundamental to a true democracy. I say NO to a two tiered society!

Helen Bellman (Nelson , 2021-09-05)


It's very divisive and it violates not only our Charter of Rights and Freedoms but also violates the Nuremburg Code. I don't want to live in a 'show me your papers' society.

Robert Campanella (St. Catharines, 2021-09-06)


My privacy is exactly that, PRIVATE!! NOBODY on this planet has the right to see anything of my medical file, only a doctor! You can't go into your friends Dr's office and tell them you want to see his or hers medical file. It doesn't work that way! This isn't a communist country where you need to show your papers to go into a store, restaurant, travel. Plus what is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms there for, if the people who work for us consistently break them!!

Jeremy Porter (Fredericton, 2021-09-06)


Just say no!!! We cannot let this happen!

Agnieszka Hybner (Peace River, 2021-09-06)


I don't believe in the vaccine passport, it is only a way to control people

Geofrey Lacouvee (Vancouver, 2021-09-07)


Can't believe anybody in power and/or with a single operating brain cell would get behind an unapproved, experimental gene treatment therapy that's causing so many injuries and death, for a "pandemic" that doesn't exist! 90% of the people dying "FROM" covid (try "with" it?) are past their life expectancy, have 2.6 comorbidities and are fat smokers. And I gotta get poisoned to go to a restaurant??? Bonbon O'Henry should be lynched, glad to see Justine FAKEdodo get pelted with rocks in London. PPC FTW!

William James (West Vncouver, 2021-09-07)


I do NOT consent to any VAxxine. NO
I do NOT consent to my Freedom taken away by amoral unelected Draco Reptilian Deep State Swamp creatures.
NO VAX Passport ANYWHERE worldwide.

Zara Lunden (Sorrento, 2021-09-07)


I don't like seeing my own government breaking its own laws and creating discrimination so severe that it is to the point of apartheid and Jim Crow laws. Its assault too. Leave our bodies alone predators. Unacceptable. No way.

Anthony Hall (Lethbridge, 2021-09-07)


People of conscience have the right to make decisions of conscience.

Ralph Van Tienhoven (Surrey, 2021-09-07)


a vaccine passport is not only an obscene suggestion in a democratic country, it is utterly futile.

Are you aware these vaccines do not stop transmission?
Are you aware these vaccines do not stop the infection?
Are you aware death rates among the vaccinated are 70% in the UK? (1)

Are you aware that the citizens of Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world with vaccine passports, are now banned from Sweden and Portugal due to the high rate of Covid infections? (2)

Are you aware of the serious risks posed by a "leaky vaccine" like COVID vaccines...this means that it is the vaccinated that pose the highest risk of transmitting vaccine-resistant infections bc the vaccine masks the fact they are ill, so they shed virus since they don't even know they are sick ? (3)

STOP this outrageous abuse of human rights...worse stop this potentially deadly experiment with the worlds first ever coronavirus vaccine

Cindy Campbell

1. PHE SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England Technical briefing # 22, published 3 September 2021, shows that 69% of deaths are in the vaccinated infected with Delta variant. Public Health England (PHE) #22



not only do they spread disease unknowingly because they fail to acquire the symptoms that should tell them to reduce activity (stay home) but they also alter the evolutionary gradient of the virus by reducing the maladaptiveness of harming the host because these “superhosts” can harbor deadly virus yet not die or even become ill.

Here’s another imperfect vaccines

cindy campbell (toronto, 2021-09-07)


I'm signing because this is tyrannical in nature and illegal.

Daniel Cuomo (Port Elgin, 2021-09-07)


The vaccine passports are discriminatory and unlawful. They do nothing to support citizens who have genuine concerns about vaccine safety. Please look at the long list of vaccine injuries on the Health Canada web site. Isn't 1 death from vaccine 1 too many?

Elise Roberts (North Vancouver District, 2021-09-07)


Just simply read history. What Hitler and his right hand man did and you will see history repeating itself. As it seems to do often. I never knew anyone who died of covid but there are now many who know people who died within 24 to 48 hours of the second vaccine. I also personally know many who had severe adverse reactions to the vaccine and wondered if they would live to see another day.

Mark Sandberg (Vernon, 2021-09-07)


Logic and science must prevail. So far, neither exist in the form of passports.

Collin Niclos (Richmond bc, 2021-09-07)



Michael Steen (Sebastopol, 2021-09-07)


this is 'rape' crimes against humanity and the charter

Livia Koronko (Canmore, 2021-09-07)


I am Canadian and have rights. We are not a communist country. My family fought and died for our freedom, and now it may be taken from us. We should be able to make a decision as to what is put into our bodies.

Lana Horan (Green Valley, 2021-09-07)


Vaccination doesn't save people but at contrary kills them

Ross Savey (Westbank, 2021-09-07)


This goes against the very fabric of this country! Do NOT remove my freedom and rights. This is a ploy by the rich and powerful in the world. Not mine I’d rather die first!!!

Suzanne Lee (Denbigh Ontario , 2021-09-07)


I’m signing this petition because a vaccine passport is unethical and is an anti-constitutional slippery slope we should not go down.

Marty Wagner (Strasbourg , 2021-09-08)


I’m signing because I don’t think it’s fair to penalize anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated, especially considering that Covid 19 is not causing deaths among those that are vaccinated.

Janet Peers (White Rock, 2021-09-08)


I believe that people's human rights are being taken away every single day.

Melissa Robar (Stony plain, 2021-09-08)


This is a violation of my rights.

Leah Banks (Maidstone, 2021-09-08)


Vaccine passport violates human rights against the constitution.

Harkeerat Gala (Surrey, 2021-09-08)


I do not condone segregation in any form. People must be allowed to decide, without coercion, what is put into their bodies.

Jude Cockburn (Toronto, 2021-09-08)


Canadians want freedom to reign, not communistic rule.

Bev Hilder (Upper Kingsclear, 2021-09-08)


I am against any kind of discrimination! Especially for a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate and many proven treatments suppressed for corporate and government greed!

Shelley St Onge (Whitby, 2021-09-08)


Our freedom is being taken away and I need to stand up for it!!

Wendy Olson (Regina , 2021-09-08)


The government is scaring me and must be stopped!

Rob Saunders (Victoria, 2021-09-08)


Vaccine passports are illegal

Mel Pelly (Winnipeg , 2021-09-08)


I'm indignant about the coercion, the shaming and the outright deceit being used to 'make' people get vax'd. They have effectively discarded any other forms of known viable, effective treatment alternatives and ignored the voices of doctors and scientists who have witnessed adverse reactions. If they are so sure that this vaccine is the answer then why won't the pharmaceutical companies sign a liability agreement in the event of an adverse reaction and accept all responsibility for such.

Phil Thornton (Sooke, 2021-09-08)


I won't let anyone to decide for my body and have patent on it by injecting mRNA 🙏

Gurmeet Kaur N/A (Etobicoke, 2021-09-08)


I believe it is totally unnecessary to show proof if being vaccinated to enter any type if business.

Peggy S Brown (STONY PLAIN, 2021-09-08)


defending my Democratic right to freedom of choice

janet sparey (très st redempteur, 2021-09-08)


It's discriminatory

Anii Sid (Brampton , 2021-09-08)


This is against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Anann Yassin (Vankleek Hill , 2021-09-08)


I don’t want to live in a segregated society. Freedom of choice is fundamental.

Christine Desrochers (Rockland, 2021-09-08)


We need to maintain our rights of what goes into our bodies or not without fear of losing our jobs, livelihood, or sovereignty.

Susan Vernon (Barrie, 2021-09-08)


Freedom of Choice

Sandy Meredith (Vankleek Hill, 2021-09-08)

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