Ban Mail In Ballots in Florida



I’m signing because every legitimate vote should count. Requiring identification is the only way to prevent voter fraud. Please protect the integrity of our election process.

Tammy Jaques (Lake Helen, 2021-09-25)


I live here and I know there was fraud

kristen hansen (Port Charlotte, 2021-09-25)


This is one way to help secure our vote in Florida, and I want my vote to count!

Betty Phelps (Beverly Hills, 2021-09-25)


I want my Vote to count...but Only when I'm ALIVE!

William Rivers (odessa, 2021-09-25)


You must ban this immediately

Rosemary Yager (Brooksville , 2021-09-25)


Mail in ballots are banned around the world due to the opportunities for fraud. Recent audit and canvassing information shows that mail in ballots were used fraudulently in the 2020 election.

Mark Jeffress (Wesley Chapel, 2021-09-25)


I'm sick and tired of the cheating.

James Oates (Longwood, 2021-09-25)


Sandra Butler

Sandra Butler (Bradenton, 2021-09-25)


Mail in ballots have cost this country our freedom and if we continue to allow this we will have lost everything.

Megan Rizzo (Palm Coast , 2021-09-25)


Because i care about my freedom

John Mcclelland (Brandon, 2021-09-25)


The fraud is unjust. We must make a difference locally, state wide, nation wide. So many things to fix to get the truth known, I'll start here!

Stephanie Smith (Clermont , 2021-09-25)


We have to stop anything and everything that opens the door for fraudulent voting.

Beatrice Pabon (Miami, 2021-09-25)


We need fair, transparent and legitimate elections with vetted and verified legal voters only! One vote per legal verified voter. Voter ID needs to be mandated to protect the integrity of our elections. Only cheaters would object!

Marianne Huston (Saint Augustine , 2021-09-25)


Take back our freedom

Connie Detweiler (Rockledge, 2021-09-25)


Leaders of elections have proven that they can no longer be trusted when it comes to mail-in ballot integrity. It is now time to do away with it in all but the VERY limited circumstances.

Paul Gunnels (Merritt Island, 2021-09-25)


Hoping to make it somewhat less easy for parties to cheat.

Jill Vawter (Orlando, 2021-09-25)


I have lost all confidence in our election system!

Debra Chapman (Port Richey, 2021-09-25)


There has to be fair and free elections and mail in ballots opens the door for fraud.

Mark Phipps (Jacksonville , 2021-09-25)


I have utmost respect for
Gov Santis and want to support a state I love. Lived there 28 years and may move back at some point.

Beverly Chulik (Charelston, 2021-09-25)



Mike Purvis (Miami, 2021-09-25)


Without faith in our election integrity, we have no democracy.

Ryan Otwell (Wesley chapel, 2021-09-25)


Mail on Ballots create cheaters. Especially amongst DEMONCRATS.

Ken Ziembo (Groveland, 2021-09-25)


I want our elections to be clean and accurate.

Lisa McMahan (Holiday, 2021-09-26)


Mail ballots are prone to fraud!

Lisa Farrall (Melbourne Beach, 2021-09-26)


I don’t trust the machines at all

Nancy Duvall (Naples, 2021-09-26)


Florida citizens demand fair elections. Mail-in ballots provide numerous ways for corrupt people/organizations/politicians to cheat. ONLY LEGAL VOTES IN FLORIDA!!!

Abigail Jones (Margate, 2021-09-26)


Mail-in ballots offer too much opportunity for potential fraud and based on the initial results of the Maricopa county audit, they have no place in our election system.

Tara Ezer (Hollywood, 2021-09-26)


We need leaders who will fight the good fight. i have been canvassing with 2 different groups, and there are multiple anomalies with the voter rolls. The laws must be written to close the loopholes.

Also, re: voting machines, there has been enough validated evidence to call them into question. We must return to paper ballots for a secure legal election.

Your Constiuent

Wendy Burnett (Longwood, 2021-09-26)



Marsha Gillespie (Cocoa , 2021-09-26)


We need to end Election fraud.

Rickey McBride (Pensacola , 2021-09-26)


Free and fair elections are the backbone of our great country and I want to feel confident that my vote is counted.

Sherry Harrelson (Port St Lucie , 2021-09-26)


Florida voter rolls are a corrupt mess. Mail in ballots play into the corruption

Scott Hennigar (Lighthouse Point, 2021-09-26)


I want to stop voter fraud and make AMERICA GREAT

Denise Vollbracht (Vero Beach , 2021-09-26)


I want to stop vote fraud and ensure every LEGAL vote counts

Jody Simon-Bates (Coral Springs, 2021-09-26)


is the just!!!

Anabella Porras (beaumont, 2021-09-26)


Mail in ballot needs to stop cause that’s when the fraud stops

Alexander Bermudez (Miami , 2021-09-26)


Mail in ballots make it too easy to cheat. We need fair elections



Election Integrity

Yousi Carrion (Miami, 2021-09-26)


Mail in ballots are in no way secure, and the ramifications of this insecurity, completely undermines proven citizens voices/votes

Kammi Poindexter (Silsbee, 2021-09-26)



Manuel Beyra (Miami , 2021-09-26)


I’m signing because every legitimate vote should count. Requiring identification is the only way to prevent voter fraud. We need to go back to paper valets. No voting machines, Please protect the integrity of our election process.

Ivan Garcia (Palm Bay, 2021-09-26)


I want in person voting and a single voting day per election. Fraud, which has become rampant, is unacceptable in the United States of America.

Amber Lang (Bartow, 2021-09-26)


William Watson

William Watson (Fort Lauderdale, 2021-09-26)


I'm signing to ensure we have secure elections.

Larry Johnson (Bradenton, 2021-09-26)


I vote to make my participation count, and is to be respected.

Miguel Gil (N Miami, 2021-09-26)


Mail in voting and electronic voting machines are powerful tools to manipulate the outcome any state or federal election.

Daniel Foerster (Wesley Chapel, 2021-09-26)


I don’t trust my government to run honest elections. I served in the Army to protect our Constitution. I expect my elected officials to do that!

Robert W. Otto (Boca raton, 2021-09-26)


I’m a patriot and trust Sidney who is fighting for Truth

Mary Ward (Sarasota , 2021-09-26)


We must defend our only voice that the American people have! The sacred right to a fair, constitutional vote!

Michael Shever (ORLANDO, 2021-09-26)


I'm signing because I want fair elections.

patricia thompson (clearwater, 2021-09-26)


I have lived in a state taken over by criminals. NO MORE!

Sumari Porter (Bonita Springs, 2021-09-26)


I am a freedom loving sovereign patriotic individual who believes truth and transparency are the only way forward.

Amanda Brisbane (Brisbane , 2021-09-26)


Dan Hatton

Dan Hatton (Stuart , 2021-09-26)


I believe it to be the right thing to do for all people. Some people don’t thinks it’s right because their continuing to try to manipulate the system. That’s wrong.

Mike Gehring (Okeechobee, 2021-09-26)


I do not support using mail in ballots for voting.

Tammy Taylor (Bryan, 2021-09-26)


No more mail in ballots

Jason Baine (Lakeland, 2021-09-26)


Must have election integrity.

Jean Blakley (Miami, 2021-09-26)


Lisa Opachen

Lisa Opachen (Wesley Chapel, 2021-09-26)


I truly believe that mIl in ballots for national/presidential elections have to breed illegal activity

Edgar Baldwin (Melbourne Beach , 2021-09-26)


Mail in ballots lead to massive fraud!

Stephanie Marusa (Oxford, 2021-09-26)


Florida should set the example for the rest of states on what it takes to preserve election integrity!

Angela Ling (Tampa, 2021-09-26)


This is the first time I have ever received a mailing in voting form... not just one but three.. over a two week period. I alway use polling station to vote.... I have never used mail in...l

Linda Jones (Melbourne beach, 2021-09-26)

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