Allow Unvaxxed people entry into Malls in Singapore



I have health issue and have valid reason not to take the vaccination. This blanket ban is not logical. I am disappointed with the MTF handling of the pandemic.

John Lim (Singapore, 2021-10-21)


Our body our choice. These are experimental jabs, not VACCINES. It's just money making evil elites. No vaccine company is liable for the adverse effects of this atrocity and MOST deaths- of many many people who have them have been hidden. Stop this NOW!

Karen Stafford Mayer (Durban, 2021-10-21)


We buy our neccessities and groceries at e shopping malls. We masked ourselves and take care of our health. Do consider your action if its fair to bar us from e malls.

Shona Tan (Singapore, 2021-10-22)


Human rights - not a two tier society considering vaccinated can transmit just as easy as unvaccinated

Danniel Jones (Melbourne , 2021-10-22)


Abolish Inequality, Fight for Freedom, Anti-Totalitarianism

Alexandra Milward (Perth, 2021-10-23)


Agreed with this petition. The Unvaxxed should not discriminated against such guidelines. Many of those who are vaxed are also afflicted with covid, so how to proof that the vaxed are safe from the virus.

Rachel Goh (Singapore, 2021-10-23)


Even after the unvaccinated were barred from malls, the number of daily cases continued to climb, proving this was merely a convenient scapegoat for the government to blame for their failures. If Shanmugam wants to POFMA the statistics, he can try to do so to his heart's content, but he won't be able to.

Alex Tan (Singapore, 2021-10-23)


Is not fair to kick us out of the mall

David Quek (Singapore , 2021-10-23)


Freedom of choice.

Endika van der Walt (Saldanha Bay, 2021-10-23)


There are people who are vaccinated have side effects

Mac Lim (Singapore , 2021-10-24)


This oppression will not stop until we take a stand. Be it the vaccinated or unvaccinated, if we do not stand up to oppression, those in power will do whatever they want to do and it is only going to get uglier each time. Our silence gives them consent. We all have a role to play in justice. This will not stop at vaccinations but more plans are coming up to oppress the population. If we don't act now, it will be too late when they come for your children.

Nur Layla (Singapore, 2021-10-24)


How can a group of elected politicians have this much power over millions of people? This is bullying. The unvaccinated were restricted for months from dining anywhere except hawkers and coffee shops, now the evil politicians are stripping them of all freedom. The months of restritions are clearly ineffective based on rise the covid numbers. Please stop this bullying, it is not protecting them.

Cas Naz (Singapore, 2021-10-27)


All humans should have right to the most basic freedoms and needs, not just because of the mainstream media triggers fear mongering reactions to a ''virus'' that is known as common flu in an american medical textbook that it all gets taken away.

Elexi Li (NT, 2021-10-27)


What the government is doing is total tyranny. People should have a right to choose on whether or not they want to take a needle. Coercion is not consent.

Robert Campanella (St. Catharines, 2021-10-27)


I am looking after a friend who is undergoing chemo. Due to stomach inflammation, she has very restricted diet. She has low immunity and stays home most of the time. To cook for her, I need access to buy food and most marts are in the shopping malls. Please spare a thought before you formulate policies just to achieve quota for vaccination.

Josephine Ong (Singapore , 2021-10-28)


Decisions are made by the people who governs without taking into account the voices of the people .

Liza Chia (Singapore, 2021-10-29)


This is a place where one has been getting their daily essential stuffs. Is one going to be denied this basic right just because of a needle on one's arm?

Joseph Ng (Singapore, 2021-10-30)


Discrimination of human rights and freedom of people

Rajathuray Manirajan (Singapore , 2021-11-10)


I think discrimination against unvaxxed people is illogical and wrong.

Ruyin Goh (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I'm signing because it makes no sense for unvaccinated to be discriminated like that. I believe children will be the next target being unvaccinated. Life is already so tough on everyone especially low and middle income family. Why is the government not helping Singaporeans but making life harder and treating tourists better than their own citizens? I'd wish government can extend their medical exemption too. It's illogical for government to make people take a second vaccine just because they're not seriously allergic to it. The vaccine is still VOLUNTARY. If government mandates it and hold responsibility, we'd think differently. I remember reading an article and Government said that they can't mandate due to LEGAL issues then why are they acting like hooligans and bullies? Didn't government say they treat bully cases seriously? Please use a mirror and look at yourself!

Lina Lee (Singapore, 2021-11-16)

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