To oppose the contamination of our waterways.



I'm signing this petition because it is of utmost importance to treat our beautiful Missouri land and animals life sacred. It is to high a risk to contaminate our waterways,soil and possibly endanger wildlife. Please research in honor of our environment.

Erin La Fon (Birch Tree,Missouri , 2021-11-20)


The rivers need to be preserved and taken care of. If this could potentially contaminate local drinking water, then that is a problem. If the owner is not willing to do the things necessary to keep it safe then it shouldn't happen.

christina miller (Mountain View, 2021-11-20)


The risk to our region's world class karst resources seems significant.

William O'Donnell (Winona , 2021-11-21)


It is crucial to protect the Ozark waterways. This is a terrible location for a quarry. This is a heavy karst area. Please do not allow this quarry to go into operation. Thank you.

Sylvia Tegan Vaughn (Mountain View, 2021-11-21)


I’m against waste water from the mining industry seeping into the waterways. This operation needs to be stopped.

John Watson (Largo, 2021-11-22)


Oregon County folks should have a voice also

Phillip Borst (Parkville, 2021-11-24)


I’m totally against this annihilation of the most beautiful river in Missouri. What a bad idea. You should be ashamed of b Yourselves. You know what this will do.

Jan Sudholt (St. Peters , 2021-11-24)


Because I don't want one if the most pristine waterways in the state to be contaminated.

Ross Brannock (Ofallon, 2021-11-24)


I want to protect the Eleven Point river and I make a living guiding fishermen on the river and provide lodging to those visiting the river. so I have a vested interest in keeping it unpolluted.

Brian Sloss (Alton, 2021-11-25)


The Eleven Point needs to be protected for future generations !

Troy Harber (bartlett, 2021-11-25)


It’s important to protect our public waterways. Mining has been known to damage rivers and lakes frequently. The Eleven Point should stay pure and remain a great spot for biodiversity.

Quinn Godding (Parkville, 2021-11-25)


The natural beauty of the river system must be preserved at all costs, far too many are already dammed and polluted. It would be a shame to see the 11 point follow suit without at least an environmental impact report.

David Barr (Kansas City, 2021-11-25)


I’ve spent my life growing up on the eleven point river and what to do everything I can to preserve its natural beauty

Nate Borst (Parkville, 2021-11-25)


There’s the potential for environmental harm and damage to the Eleven Point and other streams. Whenever a company says “nothing will go wrong” it always does.

Brian Landgraf (Saint Charles, 2021-11-25)


The Eleven Point River holds a special and dear place in my heart. The proposed quarry offers no opportunity and only chances for contamination of a river supposed to be protected as Wild and Scenic. Our history offers many examples of mines, quarries and oil that were supposed to be contained and ended up contaminating our waterways. Please take this opportunity to truly and rightly protect a river that has been set aside as a National treasure. Thank you for your consideration.

Zach McDonald (Springfield, 2021-11-25)


This river is a gem and we can enjoy it for generations more. This mine would kill this waterway. Please don’t take this short term gain and destroy this resource that could last forever. To mine on this precious and fragile waterway would be a disaster and would exemplify greed and a lack of care for future and current generations of Americans and visitors to our country

Zachary Debord (Columbia , 2021-11-25)


I care about missouris waterways

James Muhlbauer (KANSAS CITY, 2021-11-25)


I believe in protecting the headwaters of the 11pt River.

Michael Ketcherside (Cape Girardeau, 2021-11-26)


Once the fishery is lost and the ground water contaminated, there is no fix to make it right!

John Feick (Nixa, 2021-11-26)


We neglect our natural beauty far too often.

Adam Guerich (Desloge , 2021-11-26)


I’m signing because I am a fly fisher who wants these waters protected for this, and the next, and the next generation.

Deb Hall (Springfield, 2021-11-26)


There cant be any chances taken with a stream like the eleven point

Dennis Voss (Union , 2021-11-26)


I floating and fishing this river. I don’t want to see it ruined for short termed economic gain.

Kevin Carril (Overland Park, 2021-11-26)


We have been going to South Central Missouri for over 40 years now to float, camp and hike at the beautiful, natural areas. We love the beauty of the Eleven Point River and cherish the fact that it is protected. The natural features and beauty have been largely unchanged over the past 40 years. I hope that the DNR will consider the importance of preserving and protecting the few natural areas we have left in the country. Please do this for future generations. My children have grown up with a love for nature that was fostered by visiting the Current, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point rivers and the area. I hope my grandchildren and subsequent generations will be able to enjoy those treasures as well.

Katharine Spigarelli (Farlington, 2021-11-26)


This river is pretty and shouldn’t have this. Save the fish!

Jordan Koren (Parkville , 2021-11-26)


I am signing this petition because I believe the 11th white river is a treasure and should be preserved at all cost

John Maxwell (Macedonia Illinois , 2021-11-27)


Do not pollute our sacred natural resources!

TIM GINGRICH (Wentzville, 2021-11-28)


The Eleven Point River holds a special and dear place in my heart. The proposed quarry offers no opportunity and only chances for contamination of a river supposed to be protected as Wild and Scenic. Our history offers many examples of mines, quarries and oil that were supposed to be contained and ended up contaminating our waterways. Please take this opportunity to truly and rightly protect a river that has been set aside as a National treasure. Thank you for your consideration.

Jess McDonald (Springfield, 2021-11-28)


There are only 3 protected Wild and Scenic rivers in the state, and they are a huge asset to our state. They draw in many millions of tourists each year thanks to our outstanding water quality and natural areas, and we should prioritize protecting air and water quality in the Eleven Point watershed area.

Marisa Frazier (Springfield, 2021-11-29)


I’ve been going to the Eleven Point River and Irish Wilderness for nearly 30 years. It’s truly a wild and pristine region of the state. This River needs to remain protected for future generations. Industry has no business jeopardizing one of our last great natural resources!

Josh Hayes (Kansas City , 2021-12-02)


I belive this will cause problems for the area water and the river down stream.

Jackie Coulter (Willow Springs, Mo, 2021-12-05)


Greer Spring is the second largest spring in the state and is an amazing natural wonder. We all know that the geology in the area is very porous karst and there is no way that a quarry in the Greer Spring recharge area will not impact the water quality of the spring or the Eleven Point National Wild & Scenic River.

The spring was protected for generations by private landowners, then was added to the Mark Twain National Forest for permanent protection. Now we need to protect the watershed.

Steve Schnarr (Columbia, 2021-12-06)


I frequently float on the Eleven Point River. In November of this year, a neighbor and I floated from Highway 19 to Highway 142. This River lies in a karst region that would allow runoff from the proposed mine to pollute the river. This River is a National and Scenic River. We taxpayers have invested in protecting the river. Let's not let someone pursuing private profit to ruin this public treasure.

John Hickey (Saint Louis, 2021-12-07)


I want to protect this wonderful area

Don Ellis (New Douglas, 2021-12-07)


It’s critical that we protect the health of our Ozark springs, streams, and rivers!

Abigail Lambert (Villa Ridge, 2021-12-07)


This waterway shouldn't be touched

Lawrence Pashia (Cadet, 2021-12-07)


We need to keep our waterways safe and clean. I’ve been floating these river my entire life and would one day be about pass it along to my children

Thomas Bannan (Peoria Heights, 2021-12-07)


I am concerned about our natural waterways that are a privilege to enjoy. I want to ensure the powers that be do all they can to protect this precious natural resource from potential commercial human destruction. I implore you to avoid decisions based on money (taxes fees, etc.) from influencing decisons on permits.
Thank you,
James Campbell
FTCS(SS) USN, ret.

James Campbell (Granby, 2021-12-07)


4 of my great great grandparents settled in Shannon and Reynolds county for the bounty of the rivers. If they mess with the ground structure, the will mess up the natural springs. Good water is rare on this earth. If they want to make money they should market spring water.

Nanci Claxton (St. Louis, 2021-12-07)


The Eleven Point River is a priceless resource and the utmost care should be taken in considering any development around it.

Linden Mueller (St. Louis, 2021-12-08)


I’m signing to make sure the proposed mine will not threaten the health of the Eleven Point watershed.

Susan Robb (Springfield, 2021-12-08)


I don't want the quarry to pollute the rivers

Mike McKinney (Doniphan, 2021-12-08)


I want to keep or national river ways clean and free of pollution.

Robert Wright (Topeks, 2021-12-08)


I want to protect what is left of Missouri's natural beauty There is money in nature and tourists, no money once destroyed.

Cathy Williams (Chesterfield, 2021-12-08)


Against negative impact upon the watershed of a wild and scenic river.

david cady (st. louis, 2021-12-08)


Dye testing should be done before a permit is issued. we. cannot allow any contamination to occur to our valued water resources.

Michael Coy (Mountain View, 2021-12-09)


I’m signing because we need to protect the eleven point from potential pollution and or any other danger this quarry might have in the future.

Nathan Wagner (Mountain View, 2021-12-09)


I am concerned because I grew up near Greer Springs, and I oppose any action that could potentially pollute such a natural treasure.

Jimmy A Dotson (Washington, 2021-12-10)


I visit the Eleven Point river every summer.

Jon Temple-Lee (Purcell, 2021-12-11)


Too much chance of leakage

Sid Aslin (St Peters, 2021-12-11)


I want to protect Missouri and America's waterways from pollution caused by mining and quarry operations

Timothy Mooney (Saint Peters MO, 2021-12-11)


I love the Eleven Point and wish to ensure it’s water quality for wildlife and future generations.

Kelly Evers (Saint Peters, 2021-12-12)


We are all in love of Missouri and The Ozarks. This includes the rivers and forests. Preservation is a must in my opinion.

Kristi West (Walnut Shade, MO, 2021-12-16)


It appears that this quarry would actually be visible from Mo. Hwy. 17. And how much noise would be produced? The Eleven Point actually flows through the proposed area! Do pursue the groundwater issue.

Mark R. Kaufmann (St. Louis, 2021-12-18)


So many times our actions today cause great harm tomorrow because appropriate research has not been conducted. Please take the time necessary to conduct a thorough study on whether the mine wastewater discharge pit will TRULY hold water in the proposed area. We need to save and protect what rivers we have for our great grandchildren and beyond. Thank you!

Nicole LaPlante (Grain Valley, 2021-12-18)


I'm signing because there has been enough damage done by Quarry operations in this state!

Don O'Mara (St Charles, 2021-12-18)


M’y family and I recreate in this area. The water quality is very important to us. I have seen the damage done my mining and quarrying in other areas of our country.

Jeff Angus (Barnhart MO, 2021-12-18)


I fought a similar battle years ago, (early 80’s), for a small, non-navigable stream called Cole Camp Creek. A beautiful, clear, rocky stream with an abundance of smallmouth, largemouth, etc. With permission of the land owners, I camped on and wade fished this stream since I was a little boy. A quarry began operations on the upper reaches of the stream, and almost immediately began to become aware of stream degradation. First water clarity changed, then excessive siltation of the gravel bars, and got worse from there. The smallmouth disappeared quickly. I started a stream team, but degradation occurred rapidly, before I even completed a watershed map. I notified, and enlisted the aid of the MDC, Corp of Engineers, and the DNR. All of these agencies seemed concerned initially, but ultimately all dropped the ball, and the once beautiful, free flowing stream evolved to a stagnant, polluted mess. I loved this stream with all my heart, most special place in the world to me, I did all that I could, but ultimately, because of lack of cooperation and action from our state agencies, despite my constant prodding, this northern most example of a classic Ozark stream, was effectively destroyed.
This was in the days before social media. Use this to your advantage, and constantly monitor all areas downstream. Don’t trust that the state agencies will do the right thing, and understand they do not have the manpower to effectively monitor this situation.
I have floated (and fished) the Eleven Point several times, it’s quite beautiful and unique. But, I live too far away to assist in active monitoring. My best to all of you

Fred Knight (Syracuse,Mo., 2021-12-18)


I'm signing this petition because the Eleven Point River deserves extraordinary protection because of its special natural features and designation.

William Parks (Columbia, 2021-12-18)


Companies that take action that is detremental to properties owned by other individuals must have the consent of those individuals and also be willing to reimburse then for all real and potential financial and utilizations losses.

Everett Stokes (Rocheport, 2021-12-18)


The Eleven Point is a national treasure we must protect from contamination.

Susan Lammert (St Louis, 2021-12-19)


Protecting our watersheds is important for all who love our rivers.

William Grant (Godfrey, 2021-12-19)


I care about the health of Missouri streams and the Eleven Point is one of the finest

Jeffery Shoults (Potosi, 2021-12-19)


I paddle the 11pt

Bart Gulshen (Linn Creek, 2021-12-19)


I have fished and seen the beauty of this area and would hate to see any adverse environmental impact. Greer Spring is wonderful!!

Doug De Tray (Overland Park, 2021-12-19)


I love that river. Simple as that.

Jeff Clawges (florissant, 2021-12-19)


My husband and I enjoy canoeing the Eleven Point and are concerned this quarry will damage Greer Spring and/or become a source of contamination to the river. As an environmental science teacher and stream team member, I am well aware of how often water quality is impaired and permanently degraded by quarries, mines, etc. The health of the water quality, both surface and ground, should be protected from all potential threats.

Mona McCormack (Sedalia, 2021-12-19)


The Eleven Point is one of the few pristine rivers east of the Rockies and to risk it for a bit of rock is a poor exchange for the future of this unique area.

Claire Meyners (St. Louis, 2021-12-19)


I love the wildness and quality of Elleven Point and wis it to remain the quality water it is today. My favortite small mouth stream in the Ozarks.

Richard Heydinger (Leawood KS, 2021-12-19)


I believe in keeping recreational waters safe and clean

Lisa Caplan (UNIVERSITY CITY, 2021-12-19)


To protect Missouri’s waterways

Erin Guenther (Kirkwood, 2021-12-19)


I am signing this petition because I am very concerned about contamination of one of Missouri's treasured resources. We need to actively work to keep our streams and springs clean.

Leslie Bearden (Rolla, 2021-12-20)


A quarry here can't help but contaminate clean water from Greer Spring and damage the quality of life for residents: Constant noise, dust, and damaged roads from the constant passage of overweight trucks on small roads.

Melanie Haney (Blue Springs, 2021-12-20)


i care about our waterways

stalee sheaffer (columbia, 2021-12-20)


I want to help preserve natural beauty

William Johanning (Columbia , 2021-12-20)


I don't want to see the Eleven point river degraded or polluted for any reason.

Frank Freise (Beaufort, 2021-12-20)


Ground water contamination is too big of a risk in this topography.

Daniel Curran (Ballwin, MO 63011, 2021-12-21)


I'm signing because I believe water contamination is a serious issue and the preservation of our wildlife is extremely important.

Jesse Kite (Columbia, 2021-12-21)


Though not totally opposed to wise use of resources in any part of our state, I think any damage to the resource base should be considered before a project is approved. If approved the project would need oversight in the long run, not just at commencement. The size and scope of a project like the quarry on the Eleven Point should at the most be small and well contained. If this does not allow the project to be economically viable, it should be scuttled. We need quarries true, but we need free flowing healthy rivers into the future more than we need crushed rock now.

Steve Olson (Hartsburg, 2021-12-22)


I float the 11 point and current river yearly with my family and friends and do so because of its pristine beauty. Please protect this river.

Gabe McKee (St. Louis, 2021-12-23)


I love floating our Missouri streams and rivers. The Eleven Point is not just a state gem it is a national gem the should be preserved for the public to use and enjoy as a pristine waterway.

Susan Strozewski (Fair Grove, 2021-12-23)


The protection of the Eleven Point Wild and Scenic River, including its watershed, must be a priority for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Kally Coleman (St. Louis, 2021-12-24)


I'm a long time advocate for the river and the wilderness around it. And I floated and camped on the Eleven Point.

Charles Phillips (Boonville, 2021-12-24)


The Eleven Point and Greer Spring MUST remain clean and clear for all Missourians. A few businessmen who want a quarry should never be allowed to foul the waters millions of Missourians enjoy.

Saundra Lowes (St Louis, 2021-12-24)


I have been floating and fishing this beautiful river for more then 50 years. I want it protected from any and all pollution. The quarry needs to be stopped.

Steve Brewer (Maplewood, 2021-12-24)


It’s time to take back our earth from Capitalist overreach.

Jay Gardner (Saint Louis, 2021-12-25)


Potential pollution of Greer Spring

David Klaas (Augusta, 2021-12-29)


I and my family have visited this area for over 65 years to canoe and kayak on the river, watch birds, photograph the natural wonders, and look for wildflowers. As a trained geologist who specialized in ensuring mining operations protected the environment, I cannot believe the DNR would be so foolish as to allow a gravel operation in the highly developed karst topography of this special area without requiring definitive proof that the discharge pit will hold water.

Carolyn Johnson (Dexter, 2021-12-29)


Water is one of the four things that every organism needs to survive. We need to make sure that we are not poisoning this waterway not only for ourselves, but for every other living creature who depends on it.

Paige Witek (Arrow Rock, 2021-12-29)


We need wild places and clean water. The Eleven Point is a national treasure.

Kara McSpadden (Campbell, 2021-12-30)


The Eleven Point River is a pristine piece of nature in Missouri. I want to see it protected and we have no need for another mine. We have a serious need for protected waterways in this state.

Micah Angeli (ST LOUIS, 2022-01-05)


There is no good reason to put Limestone Quarry even CLOSE to the 11 Point River.

Daniel Callaway (Independence, 2022-01-14)


I want to support saving this river...again!

Randy Heise (Cape Girardeau, 2022-01-21)


I’m signing because I care about the health of Missouri rivers, streams and watersheds.

Rick Haller (Kansas City, 2022-01-29)


This quary initiative is going to have a negative impact in the waterways and ecological area that will extend beyond the Ozark hills. It has the potential of contaminating millions of US gallons of water.

Luz Rooney (Wildwood, 2022-01-30)


We MUST protect our waterways.

Mango Mary (Monett, 2022-01-31)

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