We Oppose COVID-19 Injections of NC School Children



I refuse to allow children at low risk to be forced to undergo injection of an experimental chemical agent.

Michael McCartney (Bolivia, 2022-01-27)


These vaccines are ALL experimental with the worst safety profile of any vaccine in our history. They do not stop transmission of disease. To mandate is both irresponsible and illegal. Where there is risk there must be choice!

Kate Cerino (Southern Shores, 2022-01-27)


I am an M.D. Children are at miniscule risk ..no need to risk effects of vaxx on them . Omicron is a mild case of flu at best in people not at risk Shameful and there is NO science

Stephen McCartney (Cape Carteret, 2022-01-27)


I'm signing because a careful science-based cost-benefit analysis would show the costs far outweigh the benefits of mandating K-12 students.

Victor Drummond (Franklin, 2022-01-27)


I believe in freedom.

Dale Leatham (Goldsboro , 2022-01-27)


No children should be injected with vaccines not approved by the CDC and the FDA. Especially for a disease that is very rarely of significant medical consequence for them.

John Pizzo (Raleigh, 2022-01-27)


These experimental drugs are dangerous for everyone and kids have ZERO risk from Covid, but a very big health risk from these drugs.

Elizabeth Sams (Louisburg NC, 2022-01-27)


I am opposed because PARENTS are and should be in control of their child's medical decisions, NOT the government institution (NC DHHS).

Gladys Suessle (Beaufort, 2022-01-27)


The vaccine have been proven to be ineffective, and the long term effect on young people is unknown

spencer foster (emerald isle, 2022-01-27)


Parents and their doctor, not the government, should decide if their child needs ANY vaccine.

Martha Morgan (Bolivia, 2022-01-27)


It’s over. As dangerous as a cold.

William Flynn (Cape Carteret, 2022-01-27)


We are NOT going to inject our kids with poison. They’ve suffered enough. Look at the evidence.

Virginia Quaglia (Ocean Isle Beach, 2022-01-27)


I do not agree with Vax mandates or the proposed mandates for young children who do not have the choice for one's self at a minor age.

Keith Berciunas (Ocean Isle Beach, 2022-01-27)


Because I can, I want to and it is critically necessary that we stop this bullshit medical tyranny agenda or remove some treasonous elected politicians for such, treason and criminal activities against humanity.

Lynn Hoosier (Indian Trail , 2022-01-27)


I am a retired healthcare provider (pharmacist and dentist). I have researched extensively all things medical regarding this virus bioweapon, effective treatments and experimental mRNA injections. I am able to discriminate true science vs. the drumbeat of propaganda with an agenda being forced on Western Civilization.

Toni Mascherin (Cary, 2022-01-27)


CDC Has indicated there is basically a "0 %" chance of someone less than 17 years of age dying from COVID.

GARY OSTBY (Leland, 2022-01-27)


I cannot think of a single reason why ANY child should be injected with an unknown and untested substance.

Darwin Ottolini (Oak Island, 2022-01-27)


Vaccinations are personal choice.

Carolyn Ballou (Southport, NC, 2022-01-27)


There is NO reason to give any child an untested vaccine for a virus that has almost no chance of killing them. Not to mention all of the negative medical issues caused by the vaccine.

Judy Carter (KITTY HAWK, 2022-01-27)


Children have no risk of morbidity from Covid-19 and alternative early treatments are available. No one should be mandated to take an experimental, EUA vaccine.

Mary Wayne (OCEAN ISLE BEACH, 2022-01-27)


The facts are clear, COVID injections offer no benefits to children, but represent substantial risk. Mandates regarding health decisions should never be imposed on anyone, and especially children. If there is risk - and there is substantial risk - there must be choice (informed consent or refusal).

Gerald Potts (Wilmington, NC, 2022-01-27)


My reason for signing is that my granddaughter has already had COVID with no adverse effects. It makes no sense to me that she should have to be injected with a "vaccination" that has been proven NOT to protect against the most common variant.

William Poole (New Bern, 2022-01-27)


We cannot allow this evil to be foisted upon our children! We have already inflicted untold mental, social, psychological, and educational damage upon an entire generation.

Now we must inject an untested, experimental gene therapy on innocent children that can kill them or inflict untold, lifelong damage to their health?


You CANNOT do this to our children!

Rhonda Florian (Leland, 2022-01-27)


forcing these mandates on children without knowing long term effects, without overwhelming covid cases in children.... this is criminal and needs to be stopped.

Olesia Kennedy (BOLIVIA, NC, 2022-01-28)


I'm signing this because I do not want ANYONE to be able to inject this useless, dangerous, so-called vaccine, into my great grand children.

Gerald Palumbo (West End, NC, 2022-01-28)


I am against ALL mandates.

Patrick Murphy (Morehead City, 2022-01-28)


There is no freedom unless we can decide what medical procedures we or our children undergo.

Nancy Murdoch (Havelock, NC, 2022-01-28)


Where there is risk, there must be choice. These vaccines have significant side effects as per the VAERS database and the recent DOD whistleblowers. Children have very little risk from covid. The vaccine must be optional.

Treva Whitesell (Wilmington, 2022-01-28)


Mandates are not Law.
They are unConstitutional !

Susan King (Hendersonville, 2022-01-28)


I have a 5-year old grandson. This is wrong.

Lynn Carraway (Beaufort NC, 2022-01-28)


I am signing this because the emergency order should be taken away from Governor Cooper, and there is no scientific evidence that masks work. And there is scientific evidence that masks cause harm to our children physically socially and mentally. And mask Need to stop! Parents choice this is a republic of the United States liberty and justice for all

Laurie Barkley (Leland, 2022-01-28)


The biological devices are experimental, and under EUA rules their use must be voluntary. Thus any mandate is contrary to law, exceeds governmental authority, and is bad public policy which runs counter to the science, which clearly shows that these injections provide statistically insignificant benefits and carry the risk of life-altering damage.

Fred Gerdes (Charlotte, NC, 2022-01-28)


I work in the clinic research industry and under stand the amount of years it takes and testing to roll out a vaccine. The safety study was stopped for these experimental vaccines and the long term effects have not been tested. There are more side effects from the vaccine than side effects from the actual virus.

Shaunda Blake (Leland, 2022-01-28)


I’m signing because the SCIENCE says the side effects from the vaccine is a GREATER risk of permanent damage than the complications children may receive from the disease!

Wm Fulcher (Atlantic Beach, 2022-01-28)


No current vaccine is effective against the predominant strain of Covid-19 (Omicron). There have been multiple scientific studies linking vaccines to serious medical conditions in children including Myocarditis which affects an alarming 1 in 2700 young boys. There have been no long term studies on the effects of the vaccines in children. It’s also important to note that the current predominant strain of Covid-19, as has been observed with the other variants, has been very mild particularly with regard to children. For these reasons, a forced vaccine is not only dubious as policy pertaining to public health, it’s also and more importantly completely unethical.

Mario Lomuscio (Raleigh , 2022-01-28)


I’m signing because it is crucial to the health of it children and to our country to protect individual rights and freedoms including medical rights. And because mandating trial products for entire generations will have disastrous immediate and long term effects.

Andi Barkley (Huntersville, 2022-01-28)


I'm signing because the state has no authority to mandate a untested, unproven and unnecessary vaccine on anyone never mind a minor

Mary McMahan (Lincolnton, 2022-01-28)


It is criminal to inject children with an experimental vaccine

David Hill (Winston Salem , 2022-01-28)


I oppose vaccine mandates.

Dexter Liu (Oriental, 2022-01-28)


I strongly believe in medical freedom and parental rights. Mandates of any kind do NOT belong in a free society!

Janet Hill (Sanford, 2022-01-28)


There is no science to go for mandatory vaccination and masking of children. Unless there is confirmatory peer reviewed and widely accepted information, then it must be considered experimental. Children are not appropriate for experimentation.

William Mitchell (CHARLOTTE, 2022-01-28)


I believe in choice as it relates to medical decisions. There are no long term studies on the effects of this shot on children and it is an overreach to require these for adults or children.

Janice Catlin (Wilmington , 2022-01-28)


I am opposed to any mandates concerning vaccines or masks.

Susan Underwood (Hickory, 2022-01-28)


There is no emergent need or cause for public safety concern that is high enough to warrant a mandated vaccine where COVID is concerned.

Charles Beasley (Burlington, 2022-01-28)


I Am a college student and believe the vaccine should not be mandatory

Stefan Rascio (Matthews, 2022-01-28)


Watch video of embalmers showing long fibrous clots pulled from veins after death. ONLY happening in vaccinated people. Clots create heart attack and stroke because blood cannot circulate. Fauci is WRONG and he knows it.

Cindy Roberts (Charlotte, 2022-01-28)


I oppose NC covid-19 injections of NC school children

Judy Bailey (Gastonia, 2022-01-28)


Mortality among children from Covid-19, Omicron or any other mutation of a covid virus is negligible. Since the shots are authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization, it is against the law to mandate them. Implied consent cannot be obtained by anyone as the ingredients are not identified. This in itself is against the Nuremberg Code.

George Koski (Wingate, 2022-01-28)


Evidence from the most vaccinated nation in the world (Israel) proves booster shots cause HIGHER infection rates

Henri Tenthorey (Chattanooga TN, 2022-01-28)


Parents are the ONLY people who should be making medical decisions for their children and no child should be denied a proper education due to medical decisions made for them!

Lisa LeMasters (Statesville, 2022-01-28)


I am signing this because true science and repeated studies show mask do not work. They do more harm than good.

Brent Hart (Mooresville , 2022-01-28)


The risk/reward ratio of these vaccines is unknowable at this point in time. The latest variant is very mild and most don’t even realize they’re infected. The risk of exposing a child to an experimental treatment is too much risk. If there are long term effects, these children will live with them for the rest of their lives.
Having said that, the MOST important point is that these aren’t your kids, they do not belong to the state, they are my kids, and regardless of how this petition ends, if you want to inject them with anything, you will have to go through me.

Joshua White (Newton, 2022-01-28)


I believe the COVID situation has been mishandled almost from the get-go. Our children do not need additional vaccines in their young bodies. The mainstream narrative has been countered by many doctors and scientist.

Eddie Twigg (Swannanoa, 2022-01-28)


Mandates are illegal. Such a mandate for children of an experimental injection is unconscionable! Crimes against humanity for which the penalty is death! See Nuremberg Code! Protect our children, not destroy them!

Carol Cearley (Lincolnton, 2022-01-28)


It’s unconstitutional and very unsafe to force anything like this on people especially young people who would suffer the most from long term side effects.

Cathleen Madden (Mooresville, 2022-01-28)


I am opposed to any vaccine mandate. I feel it should be a person's decision for one's own health.

Angela Edge (Huntersville, 2022-01-28)


I am signing this document as a petition that I do not want my children to be mandated to be given the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ginger Whitley (Stanfield, NC, 2022-01-28)


An experimental vaccine with no long term safety data for a disease that poses virtually no risk to children? Insanity!

David Cozart (Raleigh, 2022-01-28)


No child be forced into any medical treatment but especially not one with little to no benefit but with both known and unknown risks.

Lydia Wroth (Mooresville, 2022-01-28)


Concerned for the health of our children

Lawrence Wixom (Gold Hill, NC, 2022-01-28)


My body my choice!

Suzanne Tan (Charlotte, 2022-01-28)


I am opposed to this mandate that takes our rights as parents and grandparents freedom to make our own decision.

Patricia Sykes (Southport, 2022-01-28)


I believe in choice! No mandates!

Karen Fink (NEW BERN, 2022-01-28)


As a parent, I and only I will decide what medical procedures my child receives.

Shannon Reeves (Winston Salem, 2022-01-28)


I oppose any mandates

Joseph Rather (Leland, 2022-01-28)


These vaccines are dangerous. This is the parents choice not anyone else’s. Kids run no risk to covid. This is government overreach and violates the Nuremberg code. Schools will be held liable

Allison Dunlap (Leland , 2022-01-28)


Mandates are unconstitutional and the vaccine will hurt our children. They are being put in danger from this injection that has many side effects and deaths.

Gary Iorio (Leland , 2022-01-28)


Enough of this pseudoscience.

David Gregory (Lincolnton, 2022-01-28)


Children have natural immunity
These are untested experimental The long-term effects are unknown, there is no risk-benefit You are risking the long-term health of children for absolutely no reason other than politics.

Nina Mucha (Bolivia, 2022-01-28)


It's wrong. Vaccines risk far greater than benefits

Walter Cavin (Stanley NC, 2022-01-28)


I believe the vaccine will do more harm than good to children....it has not been researched enough, especially long term affects.

Beverly Spencer (Raleigh, 2022-01-28)


No government or government entity has the right to mandate or force an individual to inject something they fundamentally oppose into their own body, especially if it's proven to be ineffective.

Michele Nix (Atlantic Beach , 2022-01-28)


Do not want my school age grandkids to be vaccinated!

Cheryl Jones (Bolivia, 2022-01-28)


It is unconstitutional to force a vaccine that is for emergency use only on our children. The vaccine currently being given is not the comirnaty vaccine, which is approved, but the emergency use authorization vaccine only.

Teri Hinkebein (Charlotte, 2022-01-28)


Parental choice is key.

Sandy White (Charlotte, 2022-01-28)


This is dangerous and unscientific! Work on therapeutics!

Joe Quaglia (Ocean Isle Beach, NC, 2022-01-28)


My children have had covid, their body’s performed as designed and fought the virus off with no medical concerns in just a few days. The vaccine offers them nothing their body hasn’t already proven its been able to do on its own but offers potential life altering side effects.

Patrick OReilly (Pinehurst , 2022-01-28)

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