Ask our District 14 legislators to support a $1,325,000 Local Community Program grant request for construction of a new White Salmon Valley Pool.



I want a community pool

Janet Holen (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I fully support the building of a new pool. It will be an extremely valuable community asset that has been missing from the fabric of our community for too long now.

Lloyd DeKay (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


It is important to me that the youth in our community have recreational opportunities.

Rachelle Walters (White Salmon , 2022-02-13)


Paying for a pool is far cheaper than paying for the complications of obesity and our community needs a healthy option for exercise and gatherings.

Karen Ikins (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I want this for future community, family and kids

Kay Endres (Bingen, 2022-02-13)


We need a pool

celynn vandeventer (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I support the development of the community pool because I have volunteered leading water aerobics in the past and believe this resource is needed. Our children need to learn to swim with so many bodies of water in our region. Healthy community assets include a pool facility. The White Salmon Valley is worthy of this support.

Jane Palmer (White Salmon , 2022-02-13)


The community of white salmon and surrounding areas need a pool to teach our children to swim and provide pool access for recreation and fitness to the rest of the population.

Chris Taylor (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I am 100% in favor of building a new community pool in White Salmon, and I support the effort wholeheartedly.

Norma Benson (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


The pool will build community spirit

Bruce Bolme (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


It supports community and exercise

Jay Palmer (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I believe in the pool for the health and enjoyment of White Salmon residents. I used the old pool and miss it a lot.

Ruth Olin (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


We loved our old pool and are so looking forward to the new pool. Such a great asset to our community!

William Hoffer (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I’m a parent of little ones. I’m a healthcare provider and business owner in this community. I want to see our kids have safe, healthy opportunities for recreation. A community pool would also offer an option for seasonal exercise for adults too. This project is long overdue for our community. I strongly support this and my business is willing to donate funding to aid in this endeavor.

Katie Kula (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


This is a great thing for the community

Kristie Annunzio (Underwood , 2022-02-13)


I'm signing because we need a community pool. Our kids need swim lessons and the high schoolers should have an option for competition. Water aerobics for seniors- of course!

Virginia Hartnett (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I think it is imperative to have a safe place to swim in our small town and this region.

Dawn McSweyn (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I want a pool in White Salmon

Kabe Grant (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I live in white salmon and have a new daughter. I have very fond memories of public pools growing up, but didn't get to go as often as we would've liked because it was a small community, still we didn't have our own. I'd love for my daughter to have more swim time available than I did

Nathan Keeley (Hood River, 2022-02-13)


I am signing this document because I feel very strongly that White Salmon will benefit greatly from having a swimming pool. This is a very valuable community asset and some public resources need to compliment all the fund raising that Lloyd DeKay has inspired!!

Jo Kuipers (White Salmon, 2022-02-13)


I'm signing because white salmon needs a pool

Kjersti Madsen (white salmon, 2022-02-14)


My 9 year old daughter loves to swim, and we miss having a pool in White Salmon.

Margaret Stanley (White Salmon, 2022-02-14)


I'm signing because I believe that this is a very worthy project and one that the entire region will benefit from.

Shari Bosler (White Salmon, 2022-02-14)


I live in white salmon and I would love to have a pool. It would be a wonderful resource for the whole community.

Sharon Miller (White Salmon, 2022-02-14)


My family and I love the White Salmon pool!!

Brynion Berkey (White Salmon , 2022-02-14)


The Pool has always been an asset to White Salmon, as a focal point, an accessible/affordable healthy activity, and a point of pride. Kids learned the critical skills of swimming and water safety and had a healthy, supportive place to be during the summer. We need to rebuild this pool.

Laurie Stanton (White Salmon, 2022-02-14)


A new pool in White Salmon provides recreational, social and safety benefits at modest expense to the entire western Klickitat community.

Rexford Clements (White Salmon, 2022-02-14)


I believe the pool contributes to the wellbeing of my community. I grew up here and learned to swim in the old pool. I want my grandchildren to have that same opportunity.

Adrian Palmer (White Salmon , 2022-02-14)


A public pool is a vital community resource.

Brian Griffin (Lyle, 2022-02-14)


I'm signing for all the reasons listed in this petition. I believe in this project and all the good it will bring to the community. So much work has already gone into it to be where it is but we need help!

Lorrie DeKay (White Salmon, 2022-02-14)


I'm signing because this would bring our community closer together, white, Hispanic, and Native American. And it would help our older folks maintain flexibility, strength, and balance. And it would help decrease childhood obesity. I am a Family Physician.

Paul Pennington (White Salmon, 2022-02-15)


To support the health and recreation for our communities.

Candace Didier (Bingen Washington, 2022-02-15)


I have been a water aerobics instructor at the former White Salmon Community Pool. This exercise helps many members keep their fitness level strong, assist with joint replacement, lower blood pressure, and enjoy fitness time with friends and neighbors. I still have members stop me in local stores while I am shopping reminding me that they miss the exercise and hope a new pool will be built soon. We have a wonderful, close community and a pool would keep our citizens fit, learning to swim, and enjoying water in a safe environment.

Geraldine Dennis (White Salmon, 2022-02-15)


This would create a healthy recreation opportunity and increase a sense of community for all ages in White Salmon.

Barbara Dworschak (White Salmon, 2022-02-15)


A pool would be a great resource for families in the community as well as the large and growing community of white water enthusiasts. The pool would promote health and wellness and be a place for families to have fun in the winter months. Let’s make it happen!

Daniel Cox (White Salmon, 2022-02-15)


Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch (White Salmon, 2022-02-16)


This pool is very important to the health of our community and the safety of our children. It provides healthy play and exercise for all ages and abilities and monetary scale - more than any other facility in our community. It is supported by community groups such as Rotary, Soroptimist International, Lions, Elks and others. This is a NEED in our community and others in a 25 mile radius.

Pamela Zachary Morneault (White Salmon, 2022-02-16)


This pool is needed for the WHOLE community.

Amanda Kitchings (White salmon, 2022-02-16)


A pool is a much needed amenity for our kids and community. Learning to swim saves lives and creates life long positive health benefits.

Anne Medenbach (White Salmon, 2022-02-16)


This project is sorely needed to strengthen and improve our community.

Margaret Johnson (Bingen, 2022-02-17)


I'm signing because I grew up in WS with a pool during the summer. I lived in it and it was our daytime social community activity. It was healthy clean fun for children. I prayed and asked every year after about getting a closed in pool we could have year around and do state compititions in. My friends were in state compititions in their closed in year round school pool programs. I'm also signing because I think it's time to get this done. This step should have been completed before the destruction of the pie in the sky pool promise and the destruction of the pool for the community. But now, let's get it done.

Candy Williams (Pasco, 2022-02-18)


This community needs this pool for livability and support of our children.

Leila Prestia (White Salmon, 2022-02-19)


We need a new pool for our community in order to bring people of all ages together for mental and physical health

Karen Boroughs (White Salmon, 2022-02-19)


The City of Bingen has always supported the community pool by paying for free pool passes and swim lessons for Bingen residents. We look forward to the new pool and supporting this project!

Catherine Kiewit (Bingen, 2022-02-23)


Water safety and swim lessons save lives.

Benjamin Briggs (White Salmon, WA, 2022-02-23)


Our community needs water safety training and water sport activities for everyone.

Kathleen Harris (White Salmon, 2022-02-25)


Our community needs a pool.

Donna Enz (Lyle, 2022-02-25)


I grew up in WS and the pool was a vital part of our summers - so much fun! Swim lessons, socializing, and just plain all around fun with the many, many friends. It's a great way to build friendship and community.

Susan Romes (White Salmon, 2022-02-26)


The pool has been a huge benefit to our community and with its decommissioning in 2019, we've had a huge gap in our lives. The pool provides recreation, water safety education, and health benefits to community members & visitors alike.

Lily von Mosch (White Salmon, 2022-02-28)


I support local families having the opportunity to enjoy cooling off on a hot summer day and learning the life saving skill of how to swim.

Jennifer Rowlen (White salmon, 2022-03-01)