Gatvol of potholes in AbaQulusi



I am gatvol of all the potholes and nothing being done about it.

Yolandie Van Oudtshoorn (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)



Gouws Nico (Vryheid , 2022-05-24)


Pot holes

Roland De bruyn (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)


I am gatvol driving on the other side of the road because of potholes taking over!

Nicolene VAN DER WESTHUIZEN (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)


I'm tired of the state of the town of Vryheid

Rashek Ravi (Vryheid , 2022-05-24)


I am GATVOL of our tax money going into private pockets!!!!

Sue Dewar (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)


Gatvol of potholes.

Swanepoel Mari (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)



Amanda Coetzer (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)


I'm signing this because I have spend alot of money on rim repairs and replacing tyres because of these potholes. People are forced to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid these holes. It is dangerous not only for that driver but for oncoming traffic as well. It's so bad in some areas that you can't even dodge the potholes you have to decide which holes are the smallest and go that way,being forced to drive through the holes.

Liezel Lombaard (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)


I am signing this because I am gatvol of the condition of our roads. For years Mark and President streets have been budgeted for, and nothing has been dond. All roads are deteriorating, and our rulers are dead quiet. 😡😡

Linda De Jager (Vryheid , 2022-05-24)


Damagebttonrims and its a dangerous situation for the Community

Tracey Moolman (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)



Yolene Odendaal (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)


I am tired off pothiles, its not good for your kar.

Engela Palmer (Vryheid.k.z.n , 2022-05-24)


I am so tired of having to negotiate around potholes on all of our roads as well as the damage that could happen to my car when I can not avoid the potholes. They are endangering our lives.

Dianne Jonsson (Vryheid, 2022-05-24)


There are actually no words to describe my disgust in and about the current situation we find ourselves in!
The corrupt nature of those in Office is Satanic and absolutely deplorable! But talking and requesting makes no impact as these individuals are without consciousness and Character!

They are effective in only one area, that is collecting money!
Accountability does not exist because they are and cannot be believers in a righteous God Almighty! Would they claim to be believers, their Actions and Destructive Governance, if one could call it that, proofs the opposite!

There would be only one solution, remove all of them! They are simply not fit to hold office!
It is simply Kader deployment and a self enrichment scheme!

Vryheid, once a Jewel and peaceful Town has turned into a Trash Heap!
One cannot walk on Pavement, one cannot drink the Water, the roads and infrastructure is falling apart! Electricity infrastructure is collapsing!
There exists no Planning , just Plunder! No order , just Chaos!
No Justice , only Crime!

I , and my Family have had enough! As a community, I do not care how few, let us stand up and confront these useless Individuals! Remove them , get proper Skilled Individuals employed and drop the previous disadvantage strategy, that is to say the least not the problem!
The problem is to will and to do!

So yes , a thousand times, remove these useless Parasites, they will never evolve to do anything! They had 28 years to prove themselves, that they did!
The evidence is clear!

Hundreds of millions missing, and nobody is accountable, so yes, let the Action begin!

We are not going anywhere, so things have to change ! We are not of this World because we have a Devine calling , but as long as we are here, we will not keep quiet!

Thank You
God Bless!

Eckart Meyer (Vryheid , 2022-05-25)


The roads are pathetic. Those voted into power bt the people need ti get up off their backsides and do what they were put in power for.

Mari Warden (Vryheid, 2022-05-25)


Roads need to be fixed. Potholes are damaging vehicles

Gary Cronk (Vryheid, 2022-05-25)


Gatvol of incomponent munis

Chris marais (Vryheid, 2022-05-25)


I too am fed up with the amount of potholes in our beautiful town. I have lost at least 4 tyres and 3 rims so far with hitting potholes in town... Sometimes you can't dodge the potholes because of on coming traffic or because the sun is obstructing your view, it's becoming so difficult to mis the potholes. You end up having to swerve all over the road to try and not damage your tyres and rims. I know of many other people in town who have fallen victim to losing their tyres or damaging their cars because of hitting potholes in town, and then there are many people who end up in car accidents from these potholes too. Enough is enough... Our cars are road worthy, but are our roads car worthy???? NO.

Patricia Rudolph (Vryheid, 2022-05-25)


Potholes in vryheid

Jacobus Roberts (Vryheid, 2022-05-25)


My vehicle and tyres have sustained enough damage from the unavoidable potholes. The roads are now hazardous to drive on.

Debbie Comins (Vryheid, 2022-05-25)


I am gatvol of the poor maintenance of the roads in Vryheid and the maintenance of the general water snd electricity infrastructure. There is millions of Rands to employ friends and family, that is why Vryheid is called Khumalo City, but no money to pay for the maintenance. The municipality is grossly overstaffed. 7 persons gets paid overtime to do 2 peoples work. That is BS.

Hercules Beetge (Vryheid, 2022-05-26)


I am gatvol

John Kitching (Vryheid, 2022-05-26)


Gatvol for potholes not being fixed. Taxes paid - what for?

Adri Ferreira (Vryheid, 2022-05-26)


It's pointless having a department of works getting paid every month but no work get done, get rid of them and use the money to pay private contractors to do the job

Wynand Harmse (Vryheid , 2022-05-27)


Cause we are all gatvol. Everyday to work and back home I have to take a longer route as I am not willing to mess up my vehicle in President street....

Werner Prinsloo (Vryheid, 2022-05-28)


The roads are in a terrible condition im driving president street home everyday and there is just no way of my car not getting damaged

Monica Stander (Vryheid, 2022-05-28)


I am shocked and disgusted at the state of our roads, to name just 1 problem - at present, one can write a book!!!!!!
. It is time for a new government and it has NOTHING to do with racism!!!!!

Graz Kruger (Vryheid, 2022-05-28)


The bad situation of potholes costs life of people, damages our vehicles and is a great concern for every one of us. We also paid to have the benefits forsafe driving

Johanna Hagen (Vryheid, 2022-05-28)


We need to keep on making the responsible powers accountable.

Peter Mattheyse (Vryheid , 2022-05-28)


Our roads are a desgrace we pay rates and taxes every month but there no improvement in our town. Enough is enough now

Sthembile Gabela (Vryheid, 2022-05-28)


We want the potholes to be fix. Even Hird str at new bridge is full of potholes and water laying on the road in the potholes. It also damage the vehicles if you hit a pothole and wasnt able to drive around it.

Andre Hills (Vryheid, 2022-05-28)


Roads in very bad state and nothing done after numerous complains.

Johan Pienaar (Vryheid, 2022-05-28)


I am Gatvol

Faizal Shaik (Vryheid , 2022-05-28)


I'm gatvol of swerving left and right because of potholes. My car gets damaged and tires are expensive. It's unsafe

Estelle Ayres (Vryheid , 2022-05-29)


Potholes sometimes cause extreme damage to our vehicles, at times, by avoiding a pothole, can also cause an accident. The citizens are not to blame. Large trucks constantly pass through streets not designated for heavy duty vehicles and there should be more attention brought to the condition of our roads.

Suzaan Maree (Vryheid, 2022-05-29)


I'm gatvol for the damages to our vehicles

Carin Lombard (Vryheid, 2022-05-29)


I live in Predident street and my xar is getting damaged due to the potholes

Anushka Luckraj (Vryheid, 2022-05-29)


Gatvol vir potholes🙏

Elize Malan (Vryheid, 2022-05-30)


I'm signing because I am just 1 of the ratepayers (and contributing towards your salaries), that are gatvol!!
There is not a single road in town that is not ridden with potholes!!
I've lost 2 tyres because of POTHOLES!! 😞

Christa Janse van Rensburg (Vryheid, 2022-05-30)


The state of our road is terrible. We repair tyres now and again and windscreen

MATHE MZ (VRYHEID, 2022-05-31)


I am a resident of Vryheid. And our house is in Mark street. Near Spar.

Esmarie Grobler (Vryheid , 2022-05-31)


Gatvol of potholes in Abaqulusi area

Joey van der linde (Vryheid , 2022-05-31)


Our roads are terrible even the street lights that are just been installed in old Lakeside are not working. What puzzled me, the one's that were installed ten years back are still working 24/7

Themba Mathe (Vrhyeid, 2022-05-31)


The upkeep is horrendous

George Weber (Vryheid , 2022-06-01)


I grew up in Vryheid, often visit there and it's heartbreaking to see the once beautiful town's streets in such horrible condition!

Gerty Corbitt (Pretoria, 2022-06-02)


#Gatvol of potholes in Abaqulusi

Carle Senekal (Vryheid, 2022-06-07)


The potholes are dangerous to everyone

Katinka Fraser (Vryheid, 2022-06-11)



Henry mortimer Fraser (Vryheid, 2022-06-11)


I am gatvol of the horrible state our town un general is in. What a disgrace to say we pay for services and our town and streets look the way they do. We need proper a tion to be taken and proper people to drive and make it a success.

Phillip Wessels (Vryheid , 2022-06-11)


I'm signing because of the total disrepair of our towns roads, continual breakdowns of our water and electrical infrastructure.

Glenda Viljoen (Vryheid, 2022-06-12)


The terrible state of our town and roads

Quentin Brown (Vryheid , 2022-06-12)


I want to see the change in our town!

Qwabe Aza (Vryheid , 2022-06-13)


Our streets never use to look like this.

S.M. Cronje Ctonje (Vryheid, 2022-06-13)


I lost 2 tyres, in 6 months time.

A. C. Nel (Vryheid, 2022-06-13)


Die potholes verniel ons voertuie. Ons verloor nie net bande nie, maar ons kry skade aan ons voertuie. Daar is geen straat sonder potholes nie.
Ons wil graag trots wees op ons dorp.

Marianne Le Toux (Vryheid, 2022-06-14)


I'm signing because corner of Brecher and Republic streets is an accident zone

Rina Rafferty (Vryheid, 2022-06-29)

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