Justice for Melanie and Beau



I'm signing because injustice was done to two of the most beautiful and gentle people in this world.

Dia Huizinga (Amsterdam, 2022-09-27)


I detest the agression, used by the Police towards a guest in this country. I feel ashamed for what happend. Justitie should be done in one way or other!

Wilma van Gend (Lexmond, 2022-09-27)


I never agree with handling a situation with disrespectful and ill-treatment of anyone. The explanation provided indicates the police in this matter were uncompromising and allowed no compassion to leak into their behavior. Also, the hotel manager was heavy handed when the food was not to the satisfaction of the customers. Why would someone be thrown out for requesting the cooking of their food to be revisited?

Carol Bye-MacLeod (Newbury, 2022-09-27)


Melanie and Beau are very nice, peaceful people who didn't deserve to be injured by police.

Tahney Huiet (Gettysburg, 2022-09-27)


I am signing because I think we should exhibit our hospitality and we should behave decently towards our guests.

Lammert Huizinga (Amersfoort, 2022-09-27)


You cannot treat people like that, it’s a shame!

Lidi Kleijn (Amsterdam, 2022-09-27)


This is absolute rubbish that this has happened to two of the kindest people I’ve ever met. The manager should be reprimanded for causing harm to these two. Unbelievable! Unacceptable! Unnecessary! Draconian in nature at all levels!

Sarah Burckhard (Hill City , 2022-09-27)


attention Bastion in Arnhem.

Mickey Garza (Minneapolis, 2022-09-27)


Melanie and Beau were wrongly accused and unnecessary force was used to arrest Beau and threatened Melanie to leave the room in five minutes

Jo Ann RUsso (Glen Cove, 2022-09-27)


I feel ashamed that the treated Melanie and Beau in a awful way!!!!

Audrey Kowallik (Brummen , 2022-09-27)


This is crazy!!! That womanbitch of the hotel should be punished and the police too!!
Poot Melanie and Beau 😢

Monique Stuut (Zierikzee, 2022-09-27)


This is not normal. How can they this in this way. Melanie is 75 years!

Alberto Schreutelkamp (Netherlands, 2022-09-27)


Their treatment was outrageous!

Antonia Francis (Morrisville, 2022-09-27)


The arrest and behavior is excessive and unwarranted. Such a lack of respect and unnecessary. Poor Beau. I can't WAIT to hear the song Melanie will write about this injustice.

Randy Morrison (Canton, CT, 2022-09-27)


Onbestaanbaar dat je zo wordt behandeld vanwege een meningsverschil over de kwaliteit van het eten. En onbestaanbaar dat Melanie en Beau dit overkomt. Beautiful people!
Schande voor Bastion Hotel Arnhem en de Arnhemse politie.

Henk Bouwmeester (AMERSFOORT, 2022-09-27)


Disgraceful treatment.

Paul Amato (Andover , 2022-09-27)


Melanie and Beau are such a beautiful people! I was in Tilburg and she told me during the show the story about what happened in the hotel. I first could not believe! Beau is such a very soft nice person, and Melanie is such a warm person! This is so wrong what happened! We love you Melanie!

Joke van Leeuwen (Amersfoort , 2022-09-27)


Dit een belachelijke situatie is Deze vrouw en haar zoon zijn de vrede zelf. Schandalig hoe ze behandeld zijn. Ik hoop dat het recht zegeviert

Ria Potter (Purmerend, 2022-09-27)


How can anyone be required to speak to the police just because they complained about a meal. The subsequent treatment is completely unacceptable. Is Arnhem the new Moscow

Mike Gilligan (Liverpool, 2022-09-27)


This is beyond uncalled for treatment to an innocent American citizen. Period!

Jeordie Schekeryk (Scottsdale, 2022-09-27)


I've know Melanie and Beau for years, and I know they'd not have done anything to justify this abuse from the police. Please don't sweep it under the rug, and investigate fairly.

glenn mire (phoenix, 2022-09-27)


This is abuse and there is zero-tolerance for abuse!

ERIC STAPLES (Ancaster, 2022-09-27)


Ridiculous unfair treatment of beau and melanie safka

William Gechoff (Jackson heights, 2022-09-27)


This is an outrage- have the decency to apologize for what obviously was a terrible wrong

Michael Jovovich (Milford , 2022-09-27)


That's terrible that Melanie and her son were treated so badly.

Charles Crawford (Zanesville , 2022-09-27)


I am signing this because of the complete lack of regard for The situation which occurred in regards to a steak that was served to them that was not properly cooked, much less the disrespect by the officers involved of the elderly and or the son who was trying to protect her and explain the situation and at no point was there a need for use of force!! I'm appalled at both the restaurant / hotel that would publicly humiliate someone for not accepting that which they did wrong and not fix it immediately or expect them to pay for something that they were not accepting as cooked properly! Everyone involved in this ridiculous debacle needs to rectify the situation immediately and do what is necessary to resolve this peacefully!
Those officers obviously need to be retrained in matters such as this and actually learn take time to listen to people first, and if they really needed to bring them somewhere, there was no need to cuff them for such a ridiculous incident, especially if they are willing to go peacefully and discuss it with them and management! Wow 🤨

Greg B (Chandler, AZ, 2022-09-28)


I'm signing because this is just wrong. You must treat people with respect especially kind hearted people like Melanie and Beau.

MARY LYNN KAZYAKA (Milo, 2022-09-28)


This was TOTALLY irrational and an infringement on 2 people’s rights. These police must be investigated and suspended for what they did. And the hotel manager? SHAME ON YOU SIR. I really hope this will have a serious impact on your business and you can be sure this incident will be plastered ALL OVER social media.

Maria Esposito (Flagstaff Arizona, 2022-09-28)


Young men who excel with a guitar in their hands tend to intimidate little blue men w guns & in theirs...



Melanie and Beau were treated unfairly. I hope they have a good lawyer and are well compensated.

Andrew Jason (Coconut Creek, 2022-09-28)


What the hell? You are forced to pay for a shitty meal that was not cooked properly?
This is how you treat people?

Carl Miller (Peoria , 2022-09-28)


This is insane and needs full attention

Tom de Jong (Amsterdam, 2022-09-28)


This was an extremely heavy-handed and unacceptably unprofessional way to treat anyone.

Mark Sumner (Kennington, 2022-09-28)


Je zet om deze reden Melanie en Beau niet op straat. Ieder mens heeft recht om feedback te geven.
Te absurd voor woorden.
Dit zijn super goede mensen en verdienen dit zeker niet.
Dorie Janzen

Dorie Janzen (Almelo, 2022-09-28)


All the obvious reasons, this is not the way people can be treated anywhere in the world. What a rediculously hard way to end a dispute over a steak

Ingmar de Nobel (Kwadijk , 2022-09-28)


This is outrageous behaviour from the manager and the police.

Bijlmer Tom (Amsterdam, 2022-09-28)


Melanie and her son Beau are not treated well. It is unjust. This is violence to non violent People. The manager and the Police have done wrong.

Gerda Timmermans (Rotterdam , 2022-09-28)


Ahmed Marcouch doe hier wat aan. Onbehoorlijk gedrag van een hotelmanager.

Jet Valk (Rotterdam, 2022-09-28)


Heavy handed to say the least.

kenneth skelton (Newtownabbey, 2022-09-28)


Het is zeer onrechtvaardig dat een hotelmanager, die kennelijk geen steaks kan bakken, na kritiek hierover zo reageert en de politie erbij roept die vervolgens veel te hardhandig optreedt.

A. Blees (Wijk bij Duurstede, 2022-09-28)


It does not matter who the person is, whether they be famous of no, a person complaining about a hotel's services should at least be given respect and their complaints listened to. The hotel manager treated this couple very badly and the police aggravated the situation with their heavy-handed tactics.

Keith Salter (Southampton, 2022-09-28)


Hotel staff and police created an inexcusable situation that should be looked into and not only corrected, but compensation given to Melanie and Beau. This situation may have permanently injured Beau's wrist, which would affect his ability to be Melanie's accompanist, and that in itself is a lawsuit for disability. This situation has many aspects to it, all of which need to be addressed, remedied and compensated for!

Hudson Hill (Orlando, 2022-09-28)


What happened was wrong. Another example of police over-reach and dangerous behavior that needs to stop.

Jordy Mark (NYC, 2022-09-28)


I want justice for these two beautiful souls. This is shocking behavior on the part of the hotel. We need this wrong to be made right.

Richard Ross (Brookhaven, 2022-09-28)


This is outrageous, I hope Melanie and Beau will get justice!

Jacqueline Sieben (Amsterdam, 2022-09-29)


It’s an outrage.

Nicolas Engel (Le pré saint gervais, 2022-09-29)


Melanie has contributed so much to the world in many ways and there has been unacceptable and unjustifiable treatment by the hotel and police officers of a person of her age.

Rafael Salguero (Coventry, 2022-09-29)


I love Melanie and her son and especially all her songs. Am a big fan and this is just not allowed, this is abuse. The report of the Hotel and the tough action of the police is so wrong. That you can't even tell your side of the story. That you can't even talk to the police and then be handcuffed to the floor. And stuck in a cell, really hard to talk about. That gives so much impact on your well-being, while they do not mean any harm. They came here for us to give concerts these are Beautiful People they give us joy. Melanie and Beau good luck.

Corry Brouw Smetsers (Tilburg, 2022-09-29)


this is very bad they should have fired the cook

Tom Schutte (Smilde, 2022-09-29)


Wat een absurd slechte behandeling. Ik heb last van plaatsvervangende schaamte. Wat erg voor Beau ook. Verschrikkelijk.

Mathilde Santing (Amsterdam , 2022-09-29)


I am angry as hell that this very wellknown musician is treated this way by the pigs in the Bastion Hotel. I am ashamed to be Dutch.

Mélanie Jansen (GROESBEEK, 2022-09-29)


Melanie and Beau are gentle wonderful people and should never be treated like this.

Michał Morayne (Wrocław, 2022-09-29)


I think this is unbelievable. A sheer coincedence that I also had a similar experience in the restaurant of this hotel. It was awful and never experienced this clumsiness in a restaurant.
I say: boycot Bastion Arnhem!!

Nies Rijnders (Tilburg, 2022-09-30)


Melanie is a music legend! I have loved her music from the early 1970's! I strongly oppose the unjust treatment of her son, Beau Jared and of Melanie, herself! I wish to make my statement known to the responsible, INCOMPETENT police actions executed against Melanie and her son, Beau!

Bruce HOLROYD (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2022-10-01)


This is outrageous.

Jim Mckelvie (Glasgow, 2022-10-05)


These two beautiful people are harmless, wouldn't hurt anyone and certainly weren't doing anything wrong. If any they make the world a better place. Please investigate this situation.

Rosalie Zandbergen (Tilburg, 2022-10-09)


I'm signing because for one Melanie or anyone should be able to say if something is wrong with their food or any services that one is paying for. There is no excuse for that kind of treatment especially for anyone who was put here on this earth to spread love and joy in these crazy times.

Arthur Acosta (San Antonio, 2022-10-09)


Melanie is the sweetest soul on the planet, and Beau Jarred is cut from the same cloth. The Netherlands is suffering from the same authoritarian overreach syndrome as many other nations with leftist elements in it's leadership. The hotel manager should be fired, the hotel forced to apologize and reimburse the full cost of Melanie's stay, and the police officers involved immediately reprimanded and their credentials permanently revoked. This is an outrage, and I hope Melanie is considering all available legal action against the fools involved in this miscarriage of justice.

Mark Gerhard (Michigan, 2022-10-09)


They clearly were treated unfairly!

Michael Testa (Coral Gables, 2022-10-09)


This was wrong to treat Melanie and Beau like common criminals...Melanie is a famous person and deserves better than this...

Will Evans (Spring, 2022-10-09)


I want justice for Melanie and Beau.

Jim Dover (Sacramento , 2022-10-09)


What a way to treat an elderly harmless pea e pioneering celebrity. Shame on the hotel management and overbearing police officers. Let justice be shown to be done.

Alan Whittle (St Helens, 2022-10-09)


Unbelievable, Unnecessary, and Unreal….The treatment of Melanie and Beau was so unreasonable…My gosh! How would they have treated actual criminals?!?! Melanie has given so much to the Netherlands and their people…Peace

Michael Richardson (Kihei, 2022-10-09)


I am horrified by the treatment of this legendary American singer and her s o n by this hotel and the police in this city!

Dennis Miller (Toledo, 2022-10-10)


Its rediculess that the hotel and Police act on persons, Who always there for peace and love..
I cannot believe that this happens to Melanie and her son Beau Jarred

Miranda Vestjens (Roosteren, 2022-10-10)


I’m signing this because Melanie and Beaujarred are my friends, and I can’t imagine ANY situation that could warrant this kind of treatment!

Glen Roethel (Tarrytown, 2022-10-10)


No one should be treated in this way!! Melanie and Beau deserve better! Can this really happen in Holland? I’m of Dutch heritage and am deeply ashamed of this type of behaviour. The hotel manager and the police involved need to be held accountable!! How dare they treat a beautiful woman and her son this way. Shame!!! Love you Melanie and Beau. From John in Australia.

John Vanderhorst (Stirling , 2022-10-10)


It's a shame that one of the world's best singers is treated this way at her age! I really am horrified by the story. I hope this hotelmanager was fired right away... how did this person get that job in the first place? And I can't believe the policemen acted the way they did?! Even if there'd be a fight between the hotelmanager and the artists, they could have resolved the situation in another pacific way!
I also hope that Beau recovers soon and that he gets an indemnification for the harm that was caused to his hand, which is so important to him as a guitarist.

Nele Vandeneynde (Veracruz , 2022-10-10)


Abusive treatment should never be allowed in situations like this.

Randy Kiel (Des Moines, 2022-10-10)


I'm sure Melanie and Beau Jarred did nothing to deserve being treated so hard handed. I wonder what Beau did that was deserving of arrest? Picking on a 75 year old great grandmother and her devoted son is pure evil. Maybe Melanie can sue the motel and the police department? I thought the Netherlands 🇳🇱 was a laid back kind of country, I guess I was wrong. A beautiful person should have just given Melanie another meal instead of creating such an issue about a bad meal. Stay in America where you are truly appreciated Melanie. I'm sure putting Beau in jail upset you greatly, it sure upsets this American. I always wanted to visit the Netherlands but I've changed my mind. To hell with the Netherlands.

James Baldwin (Spokane WA, 2022-10-10)


The 75-year-old singer Melanie Safka and her son, who has spent her career singing peace songs, were treated roughly by police, merely for complaining about the poor meal they had received at the hotel Bastion. Her son was painfully handcuffed causing nerve damage to his hand and put in solitary confinement at the police station after they were ejected from the hotel. Certainly not the welcome that would be given to visitors of the Netherlands.

Paul Stygal (WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA, 2022-10-10)


So sad to hear of police abuse of these peaceful artists.

Kellyann Conway (Hoedspruit, 2022-10-10)


I'm very close friends with Melanie and Beau Jarred, and I am completely appalled and horrified as to their treatment by the hotel manager and the police to the point where Beau Jarred's hand has been severely injured. He needs his hand to make a living as a musician. These are not only the most peace-loving people on the face of the earth, but they have been loved by the wonderful people of The Netherlands for many years. The hotel manager and the police need to offer at least a public apology for their gross mistreatment.

Cary Kozlov (Encino, California , 2022-10-10)


Everybody’s have the right to be treated with respect and Melanie and son more than all other. With her age, seventy five years old, Melanie continue to give the her message of peace all over the world with all the pains she have in her body for all of her fans.
It’s a real shame to ear that she was treated so bad… A SHAME.

Berthet Laurent (Confignon , 2022-10-10)


This is wrong. There must be a better conversation between people.

José Huisman (Blokker, 2022-10-10)


Two gentle people being treated so badly is very worrying. The over reaction of the police is proof that they lack the necessary skills to deal with the public. Beau's ongoing injury will effect his career and unknown damage from his incarceration.

Hilary Turner (HASTINGS, 2022-10-10)


Melanie and Beau Jarred are peaceful gentle loving souls, this is an outrage!
Speak up if you agree, stand with them…don’t ever be afraid!

Jacqueline Vitehomme (Amsterdam, 2022-10-10)


Injustice must be stamped out.

Eileen Mackey (Calverton, 2022-10-10)


This is an outrage and a gross abuse of power.

Michael Bradley (Cairns, 2022-10-10)


I have been a fan since I was 9 years old.
Loved her then & Love her now!

Wayne morin (thunder bay, 2022-10-10)


I'm signing bccause I am shocked about the scandalous treatment of Melanie and her son at the Bastion hotel at Arnheim and the equally exagerated action of the police.
Dieter Straub

Dieter Straub (Almada, 2022-10-10)


people shouldn't be allowed to hurt other people

Brett Lowden (North Greece, 2022-10-10)


Because this is both unjust, unprofessional, and an overreaction by the police.

Trevor Smith (Perth, 2022-10-10)


Melanie Safka and her son Beau have spent their entire lives promoting peace and love for mankind. Melanie is 75 years old and has been on the public eye since the 1960's. For them to be treated this way by hotel management and the local law enforcement officials is a disgrace . On top of that to injure the hand of a musician when there was reportedly not even physical resistance is more than reprehensible. Bring the perpetrators to account.

Andrew Nagy (Haverhill, 2022-10-10)


I know Melanie and Beau personally, and know that they are the personification of fine moral character. They don’t believe in violence of any kind. They would never do something that would warrant the cruel and harsh treatment inflicted upon them!

Laura Williams (Westfield, 2022-10-10)


This is so unfair that Melanie and Beau had to experience this injustice!!! What a terrible way to treat them for no reason! The manager is the one that should be jailed!

Joan Guisto (Waterbury, 2022-10-10)


How dare you do this to peace-loving people. Hotel management and the police should be ashamed of themselves

Veekens I. (Soest, 2022-10-10)


What this world urgently needs is more respect for the individual. Quite obviously also in the Netherlands.

Rolf Mueller (Hamburg, 2022-10-10)


I love them so much! I am fight cancer right now and they make my journey so much brighter and they here with me threw my path a whole lot easier. You go Melanie! You fight we fight my amazing friend and idol my muse my inspiration! We love you so much! Love always, Angela Rogers Pettit ❤️😊✌️🎶❤️

Angela Rogers Pettit (North Vernon, 2022-10-10)


You don’t touch the beautiful Melanie!!

Stefan vermeire (Genk, 2022-10-10)


The manager of the hotel and the police officers involved in the disgusting treatment of Melanie and here son should be brought to account. This is a very sad state of affairs. Melanie and Beau Jarred are entitled to a full apology from the hotel management and the Arnehem Police.

John Smith (Kingston upon Hull , 2022-10-10)


This is so ridiculous and certainly doesn't put your wonderful country in a good light. The adverse publicity will probably make tourists and other visitors think twice if they were planning to spend some time in your lovely city. From what I understand it's a case of the police acting first then thinking later and hopefully the officers who attended will be formally reprimanded and be made to undergo a retraining course. On top of that Beau, who earns his living by musically entertaining so wonderfully, was injured the on top of that again, harassing a 75 year old lady is totally unwarranted, she didn't even break the law and quite rightly negatively commented about her meal, something we have all done at some point, perhaps the manager has done the same in the past. Your officers should be ashamed of themselves.

Ian Ramsay (Derby, 2022-10-10)


I cannot believe that Melanie or het son are so unrespectfull . The are beutyfull peaple.
And i my self had the same situation once. Sometimes food is really yeti le in hotels a specialy.

Ingrid Hulleman (Alkmaar, 2022-10-10)


Melanie and her son Beau Jarred embody the highest ideals of humanity: love, kindness, peace, and generosity.
Melanie is known worldwide for her songs of peace. I’ve attended her concerts several times in recent years and she is known for talking to each and every one of her fans. She signs her autographs and gives generously of her kindness and time - never making anyone feel rushed. And her son, Beau Jarred is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.
These two wonderful people were treated abusively and unfairly. At the very least, they are owed a public apology, and I would suggest a financial settlement for being put through the horrible and unnecessary trauma that they were forced to endure.
Sincerely yours,
John McCarthy

John McCarthy (Santa Monica, 2022-10-10)


This was so wrong

Deborah Denham (Charlottetown , 2022-10-10)


I sent the Hotel an email berating them of their bad behaviour towards Melanie and her son Beau.

Johnny Jensen (Salmon Arm, 2022-10-10)


I'm HORRIFIED at the treatment a hotel guest received and especially a peace loving activist who is also a wold renown singer/songwriter, known for her pacifist views.

mat Fancy (Toronto, 2022-10-10)


Having met Melanie and Beau several times, I know they are Beautiful People who would not cause any problems.

John Richeson (Indianapolis, 2022-10-10)


I sign because sometimes a story has more sides. I can imagine that Mrs. de Veer still has after-effects from the setback in the purchase of a property. She is also still young and misses a bit of musical education. And oh, her catering / hospitality experience doesn't seem optimal either

John vanderHeijden (Koog aan de Zaan, 2022-10-10)


This incident is very concerning involving Melanie and son, Beau. Anyone knows history of world-renowned singer with Beau are very passive entertainers. I feel the police action was NOT necessary and out of context with performers outastnding behavior of past performances. She is always beautiful...

Ronnie Hull (Palm Harbor, 2022-10-10)


Shame on you, horrible hotel Bastion manager. Shame on you, thuggish police assaulting guests in your country. You all need to reflect on your actions and consider whether you are competent for your jobs.

Melanie ONeill (Adelaide , 2022-10-11)


I am à longtime fan of Melanie and she deserves help.

Dottie Salyer (Stockbridge , 2022-10-11)


I am outraged at the treatment Melanie and her son Beau received, from the hotel manager, and especially the police. Something like this must never happen again.

Robert Kane (San Jose, 2022-10-12)


She is a huge part of history and every young man’s secret crush. Let’s add to that beautifully talented with a song that has skated through the years. There should be a space saying why not, cause the why is evident!!!

Craig Leonard (Marysville, Washington , 2022-10-12)


Such barbaric tactics due to a poorly cooked meal don't fare well for any hotel. Especially when dealing with people as well known as Melanie and Beau. They should be made to apologize publicly.

Wendy Noll (Bradenton, Fl, 2022-10-15)


Beautiful people never should be alone. They were treated with so much disrespect, when these to incredible people should have been treat like royalty

Mick Warren (Blackburn, 2022-10-17)


I deplore the unfair treatment of Melanie and Beau.

Pat Swayne (Lawrenceville, 2022-10-18)


Melanie is a legend and should be treated as such. Evidently it's not a very free country if you can't voice your opinion. Handuffing and jailing Beau.. Are we going back in time. Unnaccceptable behavior for Melanie and Beau. They should have never had to experience this. They are just touring sharing their gift..

Smokestack Dotson (PARKERSBURG, 2022-10-23)


This treatment was cruel and needs to be addressed.

Mark Miller (East Stroudsburg, 2022-12-12)


These are two of the most gentle souls I’ve ever met. How could anyone let this happen to them? I’m so sorry to hear this and sending green healings to Beau.

Terri Voge (Springfield, 2022-12-16)

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