Including Antisemitism Awareness Training in Freshman Orientation



I believe this training is extremely important for those entering the Tulane community

Josie Yeager (New Orleans , 2023-03-01)


Hate is unacceptable.

Taylor Julien (New Orleans, 2023-03-01)


I had a safe experience and Tulane and want that for others

Jillian Greenberg (Dallas, 2023-03-01)


Antisemitic bigotry has no place on Tulane’s campus. I want to see a positive change in my community and I want to see the institution utilize it’s resources to make this happen.

Bacilio Benelalija (New Orleans, 2023-03-01)


I’m a Jewish Tulane grad, NC ‘04. I read this girl’s article and it really sucks that we’re at a place as a society where someone is holding such misguided and tranquilly hateful beliefs so tightly early in their college career. I grew up in an area with a high Jewish population and Tulane was my first experience meeting people who’d never met any Jews, and really seeing how most antisemitism comes from ignorance. A program like the one proposed could help these kids learn what antisemitism actually is, especially more subtle complex varieties.

Abigail Isaacoff (New Orleans, 2023-03-01)


I’m concerned with rising antisemitism and hate in general. Tulane needs this!

Ealom Allen (Monroe, 2023-03-01)


I’m a Jewish student at Tulane that wants to make antisemitism awareness part of Tulane’s orientation.

Ben Greenbaum (New Orleans, 2023-03-01)


This is completely unacceptable to have antisemitism and especially when the campus is about 40% Jewish.

George Bach (Pensacola, 2023-03-01)


Every student deserves to be respected for who they are.

Zalmy Kudan (Goleta, 2023-03-01)


To dismantle antisemitism

Kathy Kates (Brookline, 2023-03-01)


Anti semitism is a problem on campuses. It’s not included nearly enough in activism across the country, when there are just as many, if not more, acts of hate against Jews. Include us in your outrage.

Mitchell Spector (New Orleans, 2023-03-01)


My son is Jewish and he is a student at Tulane. And because we are all the same race. Acceptance and tolerance of others comes from acceptance, intolerance of yourself.

Lailee Foroutan (Los Angeles , 2023-03-01)


Antisemitism needs to be talked about more on such a Jewish campus.

Mira Dixon (New Orleans, 2023-03-01)


To stand up against antisemitism and help make campuses safe for Jewish people

Ariella Katz (Atlanta, 2023-03-01)


Student at Tulane, need more awareness

Zoey Frenchman (Rye, 2023-03-01)


I have many Jewish friends who have been hurt by others’ ignorance. Tulane has a heavily Jewish population , however worldwide the percentage of Jewish people is about .2%. Outside our community there is not a lot of exposure, so teaching Tulane students about antisemitism is not only good for them but key to helping us all stop antisemitic injustices and agressions in other communities

Morgan Norquist (Irvington, 2023-03-01)


We need to bring awareness to how out of control this has gotten and the louder we get the more people will listen

beth wilensky (La Jolla , 2023-03-01)


I believe antisemitism awareness training is important for the Tulane community and should be included as part of Tulane’s freshman orientation programming.

Hannah Keohane (New Orleans, 2023-03-01)


This is vital to freshman curricular.

Isabelle Longert (New york, 2023-03-01)


I am Jewish and have seen the intense increase in antisemitism that my own children have been subjected to.

Amy Bodkin (Navarre, 2023-03-01)


I know people affected by antisemitism

Lorelei Bailey (Seaside , 2023-03-01)


I want my friends to feel safe in their community, no matter their religious beliefs.

Alyssa Hendren (Hixson, 2023-03-01)


I believe strongly that this training is necessary and warranted. I was very disturbed to see the article written endorsing Kanye West’s antisemitic views.

Andrea Weinstein (Dublin, 2023-03-01)


Tulane should provide antisemitism education to all new and returning students.

Lydia Berger (Manchester , 2023-03-01)


To fight antisemitism on all levels

Mack Mackovich (Pittsburgh , 2023-03-02)


Antisemitism is surging and as a jewish student it is important to me that the campus is aware because hate speech and action against the jewish population deserves to end.

Hannah Cukierman (New Orleans , 2023-03-02)


I think it is imperative that we move this effort along and get this important training put into place.

Yasmeen Ohebsion (Beverly Hills, 2023-03-03)


I'm signing because the jewish people need to be respected and loved. we are still human beings living in this world, and our faith shouldn't be a reason to treat us any differently

Kendall Keshen (Santa Barbara, 2023-03-05)


Hate is wrong

Nathalie Ward (Metairie , 2023-03-05)


I want to increase awareness to antisemitism

Spencer Linn (Nashville, 2023-03-05)


I believe in a Jewish future, and the only was to ensure that is to educate about and advocate against the hate in our world.

Nora Feinberg (Scottsdale, 2023-03-05)


I’m signing because antisemitism has no place on a college campus!

Orly Ohebsion (Beverly Hills, 2023-03-05)


I am very worry about how dangerous is the antisemitism right now in the States.

Janice Fischman (Lima, 2023-03-06)


Anti-semitism needs to end through education

Alix Rabinowitz (Santa Barbara, 2023-03-06)

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