Including Antisemitism Awareness Training in Freshman Orientation



It is an important time to learn about Jews in the US

Henry Stewart (Westfield, 2023-03-06)


It is crucial for everyone to have an environment to which they feel safe and welcomed in

Travis Bubser (New York, 2023-03-06)


Antisemitism has no place at Tulane.

Alex Shepherd (Hillsborough , 2023-03-06)


This is a worthy cause

Zoe Clowney (Charleston, 2023-03-06)


It is so important to teach acceptance and responsibility. Im surprised it’s not included already!

Molly Hayes (Stamford, 2023-03-06)


I’m signing because we need to educate students about what antisemitism means and how we can prevent it.

Chase Beeks (New Orleans, 2023-03-06)


This is important.

Gabrielle Gold-von Simson (New York, 2023-03-07)


This is important!!!

Chase Behar (Miami, 2023-03-07)


I am a Tulane student mom and am concerned. While we happened to be Jewish, I am concerned about all forms of racism, sexism, LGBTQ+ and human rights.

Linda Hill (Needham, 2023-03-07)


Anti Semitism is a major issue facing American education institutions today. I have witnessed Jewish hate and stood up for friends and peers who have been victims of this awful form of discrimination. I hope Tulane University can implement a change to create a supportive, successful future for all.

katana morris (Santa Barbara, 2023-03-07)


I am a Jewish student who has experienced antisemitism

Shelby Brass (Easton, 2023-03-07)


why wouldn’t i

Grace Hodges (Fort Pierce FL, 2023-03-07)


As a Jewish student at Tulane, I personally would feel much more comfortable and safe if this training was included. It already should be included. Literally not sure why it’s not?? Antisemitism is just as valid and prevalent as other forms of discrimination and oppression!!

Lauren Mularczyk (Easton, 2023-03-07)


i believe this cause is important

ariel Siegel (Palo Alto, 2023-03-07)


As a civil rights historian and instructor in another city I believe we need to bring awareness to all forms of racism. Antisemitism is very important and our young people need to be more aware.

Lauren Bristow (Dallas, 2023-03-07)


I went through orientation during the Sarah Ma article. Many other kinds of racism and discrimination were talked about. Antisemitism was not discussed until I brought it up.

Lily Koziol (New orleans, 2023-03-07)


Antisemitism is important to be aware of, especially at a school with demographics like Tulane has

Sophie Trexler (Los angeles, 2023-03-07)


To ensure Tulanes campus remains a safe place for Jews with a thriving Jewish commjnktyw

Natalie Cohen (New Orleans, 2023-03-07)


I am against anti semitism

Maddie Paul (Syracuse, 2023-03-07)


I want to see more Jewish representation and education being taught to college students so they are aware of the impact of antisemitism

Naomi Scholder (Northbrook, 2023-03-07)


I believe everyone should be adequately educated on the prevalence of antisemitic culture in our country.

Reese Turigliatto (Long Beach, 2023-03-07)


This is important

Gabriela Preziosi (New Orleans , 2023-03-07)


Antisemitism needs to stop

Micah Kornblum (New Orleans, 2023-03-07)


Anti-semitism is on the rise and we need to educate so history does not repeat itself!

Barbara Amoils (North Miami, 2023-03-07)


Jews should not stand alone. We need everyone's support to fight antisemitism.

dasha r (santa monica, 2023-03-07)


There is no place for antisemitism at Tulane

Kristen Courtney (New Orleans, 2023-03-07)


It’s important education

Wendy Schwartzberg (Livingston , 2023-03-07)


I’m outraged that this is not a part of the dei curriculum when Jewish students are the most targeted group on campuses.

Shirin yadegar (Los Angeles, 2023-03-07)


I’m a Jew and Zionist

Payman Danielpour (Beverly hills, 2023-03-07)


I understand that the recent rise of internal conflict within the United States has caused an increase in antisemitic sentiments. This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed by my university.

Adam Munger (Chicago, 2023-03-07)


I believe antisemitism is still an issue in not only this school but in the world. More students need to be educated about this topic.

Matthew Farkas (New Orleans, 2023-03-07)


DEI on antisemitism is part of education on inclusion and awareness

Amir Matityahu (Los Altos, 2023-03-08)


Antisemitism is on the rise and I believe that educating students on history, respect and integrity is the first line of defense to keep students and humanity as a whole safe.

Navaz Khani (Beverly Hills, 2023-03-08)


I'm signing because anti-antisemitism should not be accepted with silence.

Debra Matityahu (Los Altos, 2023-03-08)


I’m a Tulane student who stands with the Jewish community and against the spread of antisemitic hate speech. Tulane needs to expel Sarah Ma who has published several articles online spreading dangerous rhetoric about the Jewish community and is culpable in inciting violence against them.

Blair Sullivan (New Orleans, 2023-03-09)


Damn. No believe it’s real but this shit is real.

Ashira Bloom (San Francisco, 2023-03-10)


this is important for the future of tulane

Emma Matthews (New Orleans , 2023-03-13)


As someone who is Jewish I think that this is important.

Caroline Sacher (New Orleans , 2023-03-13)


Because it’s the right thing to do :)

Ella Salazar (New Orleans , 2023-03-13)


I believe in this cause.

Ellie Stein (New Orleans, 2023-03-13)


Antisemitism is terrible

Ellie White (New Orleans, 2023-03-14)


I care about preventing anti semitism.

pearl powell (Berkeley , 2023-03-14)


Because i believe that antisemitism has absolutely no place on this campus, or anywhere in this world.

Cam Saxon (New Orleans , 2023-03-14)


I think it’s a phenomenal cause

Clara Bravstein (Far Hills, 2023-03-14)


I care and want to lower the statistic and spread awareness.

Adrianna Greenup (Pasadena, 2023-03-14)


This is an important cause.

Olivia Shackelford (New Orleans, 2023-03-14)


I am Jewish

Leah Starr (Potomac, 2023-03-14)


it needs to happen

grace y (new orleans, 2023-03-14)


Antisemitism training should be required

Mary Kate Johnson (Chattanooga, 2023-03-14)


I want to

Emma Reuther (Charleston, 2023-03-14)


Antisemitism is a growing problem with real repercussions and I want to do my part to help address it.

Ben Hughes (New Orleans, 2023-03-14)


I believe in equality of all people

Ethan Boni (New orleans, 2023-03-16)


The recent antisemitist article published by a Tulane student is indication to me that this is an area that needs to be addressed by Tulane.

Kaitlyn Krushefski (New Orleans, 2023-03-20)


I care about this

Fabian Clifford (New Orleans , 2023-03-20)


People need to be more aware of their history.

Morgan Murphy (Philadelphia , 2023-03-20)


I am jewish and believe it is important to teach about antisemtism

Sophia Atkins (Houston, 2023-03-20)

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