Petition to preserve the Field and Study Park



I live in the ever densifying Sandton CBD and this is the LAST Green space in ward 103 and in region E. From a town planning point of view this will annihilate property values in the area. And I need this green lung for my mental and physical wellbeing.

Heather Oosthuizen (Joburg, 2023-03-09)


Keep green spaces protected

Colin Fargher (Johannesburg , 2023-03-10)


I'm signing this petition because we need more green in the city. These are necessary for mental and physical wellbeing.

Vicky Baillie (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


I am signing because I not want the park to be developed. I would like it to remain as is in its natural state as an area of conservation.

Deena Hesp (Sandton , 2023-03-10)


I strongly support retention of the Field and Study Centre in its current form, and to preserve the area as a conservation, green park. The proposed development will destroy the current ambience of the park, and will impact adversely on the environment, which is globally at risk.

Paul Henderson (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


I love the park and use it regularly and have done since my children were toddlers. They are now 25!

Janet Harraway (Riverclub, 2023-03-10)


I would like to preserve our green areas and not replace them with large developments

Joseph Harraway (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


I enjoy the park regularly and would not want to see it developed

Margot Fourie (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


Conservation areas need to be maintained as their long term benefits far outweigh the quick buck made by short-sighted business plans.

Samantha Steele (Sandown, 2023-03-10)


We have to preserve and protect our few green lungs within the concrete jungle that is Jhb. We must not allow any commercial development to occur

Art Hammond (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


This park should remain as is. Our children need more not less open spaces in jhb.

Melissa Dobrovic (Albertville, 2023-03-10)


We have used for over 20 years and feel development will remove the joy of the park

Lynne and David Harrison (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


I understand that maintenance of the Field & Study Centre is expensive and must be funded. If our rates do not cover the cost, then other means must be found. Destroying the serenity of the park and taking a large footprint for development of sport facilities is not the way. There are many sports facilities and restaurants within walking distance, so to spoil this park because of a few residents' interests is simply wrong and may be irreversible. The park should be kept for 'recreation', as in its name. Now the community is mobilised, other solutions will surely come up.

Chris Stevens (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


I would like to preserve the small amount of open spaces we have in the city for wildlife and for the benefit of our current community and future generations of residents in our areas.

Dominique Rowberry (Johannesburg , 2023-03-10)


I live in the area and we don’t want to lose
Such a precious green space to commercial causes. It is a place for kids to play, men play cricket, picnics are held in a lovely environment (except for the squatters across the river). We walk our dogs the and the horses are used for disabled children and parties.

SHERYL P WILLIAMS (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


The proposal will destroy a large indigenous forest. It takes up a very large portion of the green open space. Far too many racket counts which are very noisy. These will destroy the peace in the park

Tony Cole (Sandton , 2023-03-10)


The park is an open space for the community and wildlife in an urban area that needs to be preserved at all cost.

Graham Johnson (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


Need to perverse the remaining open spaces we have for the whole community to enjoy

Claudia Stapleton (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


We need Nature and Nurture more than further developments to preserve the Earth and ultimately ourselves and our children, for future generations to come.

Nola Muller (Johannesburg , 2023-03-10)


It will be a travesty to loose more parklands to development. The roads, sewers and electric and water services cant handle the current volume in the area and will cost a lot of money to upgrade.

Angela Perfect (JHB, 2023-03-10)


Green spaces in the city need to be conserved

Kevin Droste (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


This development would erode bio-diversity, further reduce green belt space in the city, increase noise pollution, increase waste output, reduce space for residents and visitors.

Gavin Heron (Moodie Hill, 2023-03-10)


I believe park offers a lot to the community as it is and In preservation of natural open spaces

Michele Zuckerman (Johannesburg , 2023-03-10)


I am signing because I live in the boundary of the park and have 2 autistic adults living with me who cannot do noise. And our suburb is a quiet space for birds and wildlife .. it will destroy our living space . I’m terms of white paper 6 .. reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities needs to be adhered to .

Kim Rundle (Johannesburg , 2023-03-10)


The nature that we have needs to be preserved

Dionne Stevens (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


I do not support the developers in any of their endeavors regarding the park. As regular users of the park we want it to remain as is. I support an alternative form of adopting this park which will essentially retain it in its current state.

Glenda Buck (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


An alternative adoption whereby the current park is preserved an no development takes place is ideal. The current development proposal will destroy the peaceful tranquil nature of the park.

Steve Buck (Johannesburg , 2023-03-10)


Not enough space is given to the environmental value and importance created by such spaces

Janine Marthinusen (Johannesburg, 2023-03-10)


I have used this park for many years and have enjoyed the piece and quite walking my dog. Sunday’s watching teams playing cricket and really enjoying freedom of stress and worry.
Please protect this special place.

Margaret Cowper (Johannesburg , 2023-03-10)


There is no need to take away park space. The high rises have already impacted on the traffic.

Carol Mullany (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


We need to preserve the park as a green space No developers!

Jackie King (River Club Sandton, 2023-03-10)


Parks are SACROSANCT. Once developed they are lost to nature FOREVER. Parks benefit all citizens of Johannesburg and South Africa, not wealth seeking entities.

Clive Hooper (Sandton , 2023-03-10)


I don’t want a concrete jungle and our Park developed. It is beautiful natural as it is. Not everything needs to be urbanised. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The park isn’t broken so why mess around with nature?

Charmaine Mahlangu Zimuto (Sandton , 2023-03-10)


I am opposed to the development. There are enough padel courts that have been built in johannesburg and this will make the park a smaller place to enjoy

Matt Muller (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


I believe the building of sports facilities is unnecessary and detrimental to the eco system / wildlife which currently inhabit the Field and Study area

Cryssy Sinclair (Sandton, 2023-03-10)


We live in Parkmore and walk our dogs there please keep it as it is

Marianne Watt (Gauteng, 2023-03-11)


Preserve the Park

Laven Naidoo (Sandton , 2023-03-11)


This park is one of the few places where my kids and dogs can play in nature that is true.

Erik Terblanche (Pretoria, 2023-03-11)


I am signing because:
1. The proposed development will destroy this vital green lung, cause noise and traffic in
Sandhurst Ext and River club. Trees will be destroyed, bird life will be decimated.
2. It is a conservation area and has historical importance - with the ancient cemetery and site of where the first alluvial gold was discovered in SA.
3. Property funders agree that the market for Padel ball courts in Sandton is already saturated and therefore no are not interested in investing in Padel ball courts.
4. The River Cafe should be reopened - I believe the tender process will go forward in the next few months. There is no need for 3 more restaurants in the park.
5. The proposal from the developers is flawed, and designed to whip up baseless fears regarding the informal settlers across the river and the lack of security.

Faye Epstein (Sandton, 2023-03-11)


In its current format, I do not support a private company, capitalist approach where the community will only benefit in a simple security upgrade which will forever leave the park with a long term duty to maintain or have other investors interests at the for-front.

When the craze is over, and the revenue slows, corporate investors move on. Leaving the community to clean up the mess.

There are soon to be a large surplus number of courts from Sandton Gate to the existing Discovery courts to CCJ to Gallo Mannor to Morningside etc.

If killing off our green protected areas in the name of a form of “entertainment urbanization” and the resulting historic gentrification that ensues is not enough to persuade our small community to stick together on this issue, then I don’t know what will.

If the community were to actually financially benefit, and absorb the majority revenue split, with strict guidelines monitored and policed by the PCA, with heavily weighted opinions from the families living in the homes closest to the park… then that would be a MUCH better way to have started this “pitch”.

Simon Rosenstein (Parkmore, Sandton, 2023-03-11)


Field and Study Centre is simply amazing as the place has something for everyone to do. Because of this very reason, this park is loved by people of different ages and choices as well.

Stella Liquito (Sandton, 2023-03-11)


I don't think the development will benefit the people of Parkmore or preserve the natural environment. It seems to be purely for profit.

Christa Cameron (Parkmore , 2023-03-11)


I DO NOT support a Park Adoption or Park Development which takes up this much of the park space and threatens the integrity of this vital green

Morten Darley (Johannesburg, 2023-03-11)


I oppose the development of the park. There are too few green space in neighborhoods that can be used by kids

Virna Alexander (JHB , 2023-03-11)


I am all for preservation! Lots of other areas that developers can consider and in the process create a whole host of opportunities for the country at large.

Anesh Lowton (Sandton, 2023-03-11)


Field and Study Centre is a major area for wildlife in the area and building a commercial park will cause harm to wildlife systems in the area. The beauty of the space is due to its natural habitat.

Lisa Davison (Johannesburg, 2023-03-11)


I believe we need green space more than we need more paddel courts. There are plenty around.

Juliet Desilla (Sandton, 2023-03-11)


I want the Field and Study preserved from any and all new building and construction

Jeremy Smith (Sandton, 2023-03-11)


I am signing because I want to stop the commercialisation of our parks for monetary gain and to preserve the natural beauty of our parks and to keep a vital and important green lung for people to enjoy. Many of our people live in small apartments or in tiny RDP houses with no gardens only sand. One evening I watched how these people were enjoying braaing and sitting on the grass chatting and laughing with their families while the children had incredible fun playing on the jungle gym. It was getting dark and they just didn't want to leave.

Helene Malherbe (Johannesburg, 2023-03-12)


Multiple proposals would better suit the community. Environmental impact should be done to protect the wildlife.

Michael Blake (Johannesburg, 2023-03-12)


I oppose the commercialisation of the field and study park due to the destruction of vital
Flora and fauna present there

Cindy Smith (Sandton, 2023-03-12)


To preserve the park

Dominique Lamoer (Johannesburg , 2023-03-12)


I believe the field and study needs an upgrade

Dhiren Appalraju (Johannesburg, 2023-03-12)


This beautiful piece of green belt is the last of it's kind in the area and should be conserved as is for us and future generations to enjoy. We walk our dogs there a few times a week and thoroughly enjoy the peaceful nature, river and wildlife. In addition, it's a good place to relax and regain mental well being in a suffocated city centre. There are enough paddle courts in the nearby vicinity already. This is a ''fad-sport''...what happens to the proposed properties thereafter? There is already a restaurant, River Cafe which can be re-used/re-opened and add a deli to that- no need to build another. My vote is to keep this beautiful piece of land as it is...untouched and natural.

Hazel Hoole (Riverclub, Sandton, 2023-03-12)


This historical site has brought joy to everyone who has visited.

Denise Wegener (Sandton , 2023-03-12)


I love our park

Joe Strauss (Parkmore , 2023-03-12)


Resident of 9 Kingswood Crescent

Verghese Geove Anthony (Sandton, 2023-03-12)


Because's absolutely "Vital" that we keep our Paks + "Open" Areas "Open" ... Not only to 'Preserve' Nature + STOP the Ruthless 'Cutting Down' of All our Trees, with 'No Regard' or Respect for Nature ... knowing "Full Well" that this is One of the Main causes of "Climate Change", but also because ... 'Trees' are the "Lungs" of our Earth !! Its Also time that we All start "Acting' Responsibly +"Go Out On A Limb" to Protect 'Nature' + All Wildlife !! Open spaces are vital for 'their' Survival !! Last but Not least ... People "Need" Open Spaces to bring them Back to Nature, + Help them to de-stress + Relax in this "CRAZY" World that we live in !! It's "Time" that these '"Developer's"' STOP BEING GREEDY ... Only thinking of their "Pockets", instead of 'Thinking' about All The Harm + Destruction that they are causing ... leaving "Nothing" behind for 'Future' generation's ... Except for ... A "Concrete Jungle" !! It's 'Time' for "People" to "Stand Up" + become "Hero's" + "Fight" to Protect our Beautiful Planet + All God's Creatures Great + Small !!



We have so few parks to walk in and enjoy with our families and friends and animals. Please leave our parks alone.

Charmaine Dawson (Johannesburg. , 2023-03-12)


I want to retain the green spaces in our area

Leigh Samanek (Parkmore, 2023-03-12)


This used to be our weekend mini breakaways where it was safe for children to play, there was also an amazing restaurant on-site. There is nowhere to go with children in Johannesburg that can fit within the budget.

Natalie Dobrovic (Johannesburg , 2023-03-12)


I don’t want to see the river are lost !

Ralph Carbarns (Sandton, 2023-03-12)


It will increase the noise pollution in the suburb dramatically. With increased housing densities green lungs are becoming more and more important for both human beings and bird and wildlife.

Jillian Laschinger (Sandton , 2023-03-12)


I use the park often and would love eco friendly development! I love the park

Tamryn Mcmillan (Gauteng , 2023-03-12)


Our lovely green spaces should not be in danger of becoming development sites. The Field & Study Park has been enjoyed for its natural attributes for the past 47 years. Let's keep it at way so that future generations can enjoy the open space too.

Janis Chapman (Johannesburg, 2023-03-12)


The currently proposed massive development will severely alter the park as a local recreation place. Also just having one option proposed feeds the suspicion of usual collusion.

Wolfram Schueler (New Brighton 2196, 2023-03-12)


The facts listed as to why this objection is activated, I'm in total agreement with

Maeve Changuion (Johannesburg , 2023-03-12)


I walk in that park almost every day. The trees and open space are a bright spot in city life

Hyla Fourie (Johannesburg , 2023-03-12)


I love the park

Samira Khan (Johannesburg , 2023-03-12)


It's essentially the right thing to do, to be a voice for those that don't have one yet.

Stuart Bindon (Jhb, 2023-03-12)


We need to protect our green areas for the future.
First address the problem of the recyclers and informal settlement at the park.
We have George Lee Park which has space for development and already has a restaurant.
Leave our park alone

Carol Beaton (Johannesburg , 2023-03-13)


I don't trust this proposed development. The importance of this park from an environmental point of view cannot be overlooked.

James Oosthuizen (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


I do no support a Park development that takes up so much of the park space.

Hayley Gerard (Johannesburg , 2023-03-14)


I would like to preserve the park for community and wildlife

Conrad Brown (Sandton, 2023-03-14)


The Field & Study park is one of the last large natural green spaces remaining in Sandton. We must preserve this for future generations to enjoy and experience.

Handri Coolen (Johannesburg , 2023-03-14)


We have few enough undeveloped green areas left in Johannesburg, we need no development in the ones that are left. Developing such a park will have a detrimental effect on the Ecosystem.

Ian Puttick (Johannesburg , 2023-03-14)


I do not agree with the proposed plans and that there has been no proper engagement with the community. We need to keep our green spaces SACRED!

Hayley Liss (Duxberry, 2023-03-14)


We are over-commercializing our city and taking away the green spaces.

Saartjie van Reenen (Johannesburg, 2023-03-15)


This will totally commercialise this beautiful park enjoyed by one and all

Elaine Marock (Sandton, 2023-03-15)


We cannot keep turning the parks and nature areas into developments. Sandton is dense enough with more then enough restaurants and sports facilities all over.

Carne Reed (Sandton, 2023-03-15)


I want to keep green space in our city

Karen Castopoli (Johannesburg , 2023-03-15)


This is the only space like it in a very busy city. We need to preserve the green space that helps people get away from their hectic lives and back to nature, rather than turning it into yet another commercial venture.

John Tselchous (Johannesburg, 2023-03-15)


I am against the development of the Field and Study Park

Lorna Landsberg (Parkmore, 2023-03-15)


I want to preserve natural green spaces in our city.

Amy Garlick (Johannesburg , 2023-03-15)


There are no parks like this left in Sandton and should be preserved as a natural green space for future generations in an ever-densifying Sandton area.

Elsabe Griesel (johannesburg, 2023-03-15)


What a lovely park. Families enjoying precious time together. People with their pets. It is amazing!! All this will be lost if development takes place.

Barbara Fourie (Johannesburg, 2023-03-15)



Katherine Hamman (Randburg, 2023-03-15)


I don't support the park adoption or development.

Sibusiso Ncube (Johannesburg, 2023-03-15)


I wish to support the preservation of the natural beauty of this green space - the number of parks and open spaces is fast diminishing in the name of commercial gain, and very soon, our children will know nothing of the beauty that was once accessible and free to all.

Andrew Boltman (Randburg, 2023-03-15)


Development would ruin the park

Edward Cawood (Randburg, 2023-03-15)


I believe in green spaces

Eleanor Schweizer (Johannesburg , 2023-03-15)


I DO NOT support a Park Adoption or Park Development which takes up this much of the park space and threatens the integrity of this vital green lung.

Justin Cooper (Pretoria, 2023-03-15)


It will be a shame to get rid of a park just to develop it.

Lauren Reed (Johannesburg, 2023-03-15)


I want to preserve the green spaces in Sandton for my grand children and future generations.

David Honey (Centurion, 2023-03-15)


We have limited green spaces and there are similar facilities nearby.
This is purely a "project for profit" and I don't expect if that is the drive that the "for the community" features highly.

Shaun Hanley (Parkmore, 2023-03-15)


don't support park adoption

Mulanga Dzivhani (Johannesburg, 2023-03-15)


Sandton is critically short of open spaces for community use. The Fueld and Study center grounds must be kept and maintained for the residents of Sandton. It’s even more important as residential areas density.

Derryn Hooker (Sandton , 2023-03-15)


There are enough commercial and residential properties. Why destroy something that is beautiful?
Greed cannot always win.

Charles Hannay (0186, 2023-03-15)


We have been a vendor at this market for several years and it has been such a wonderfully meeting place for families

Ingrid Cooper (Germiston, 2023-03-15)


#save our nature for our next generation

Sibusiso Ndhlala (Johannesburg , 2023-03-15)


I love the park as it is.

Rachana Desai (edenvale, 2023-03-15)


This park is absolutely unique and must be preserved for the region. It's a major conservation area and environmental haven, not just for residents, but for the wider area. It must be preserved for future generations so they can continue to enjoy this urban wilderness in the heart of the city. Please do not let this happen to this very special area.

Vickie Bowers (Auckland, 2023-03-16)


This is a green space in Sandton, and must be preserved.

Cadian Du Plessis (Randburg, 2023-03-16)


I am signing this petition because I want to save the green space that is The Field ad Study Park. I would like this park to be protected and preserved. Thus, enabling community members, park visitors and future generations to enjoy the park’s natural attributes and wildlife.

Roxanne Mupanomunda (Johannesburg, 2023-03-16)


I feel Field and Study Park should be preserved for the beauty and nature of it

ELSA Dane (Johannesburg, 2023-03-16)


I believe that this natural green space should be preserved. There aren't many parks like field and we need to protect them as much as we can.

lauren hazell (Johannesburg, 2023-03-16)


We need to keep and protect our parks. We need to stop developing these areas - this is an amazing park used by many! Breathe of fresh air

Kate Spronk (Johannessburg, 2023-03-16)


I’m signing because the land should be protected as free access for recreational purposes

Nicolas Glossoti (Johannesburg , 2023-03-16)


I think the field and study centre is important to that community and provides many hours of family happiness

Gene Witepski (Sandton , 2023-03-16)


The environmental impact on this area in developing this park into a sports facility, which has been a longstanding feature of this community, is unacceptable. It takes away greenery and will have a detrimental impact on the ecosystem.

Pippa Tshabalala (Johannesburg, 2023-03-16)


I use the park regularly and don’t want further distraction of our wild space

Misty Du Bruyn (Johannesburg, 2023-03-16)


With the unprecedented environmental destruction taking place in and around Gauteng at the moment I’m appalled that this proposal has got even got as far as it has.
Our few remaining green spaces should not even be up for negotiation!

John Mackie (Johannesburg , 2023-03-16)


I belief that we need a green lung in Sandton and we also have to preserve the little bit of fauna and flora left in this built-up city.

Helene Scherrer (River Club Ext.1, 2023-03-16)


Sandton needs this green space for recreation

Ingrid Venth (Sandton, 2023-03-16)


Keep it natural. The natural wildlife already has to contend with the squatters

Kyle Nel (Johannesburg , 2023-03-16)


I really love the field and study Park especially the stables and the wildlife, and industrialising this area would not only have a huge impact on the flora and fauna living there but also people who go there with there pets and children, the businesses that sell at the Sunday Market and just the parkmore community as a whole. This is a lovely residential area that's been here for quite some time and the park is one of the highlights of this neighbourhood. It's not ok to destroy such an amazing landmark for the sake of making money. I really hope this petition saves Field and Study.

Luna Muller (Johannesburg , 2023-03-16)


Because we need to save what little green spaces we have

Annelee Bailey (Sandton, 2023-03-16)


It will absolutely destroy a place where you can be in sink and tranquility with nature.
It will become just another noisy, trashy place where people will behave respect the environment as what we have had and enjoyed for more than 30 years I have been going there.

Dave Rosenstein (Bryanston , 2023-03-16)

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