Better Choices for Mercer County Development



I believe citizens should have control of the land within the county.

Tony Wheatley (Salvisa, 2023-04-16)


I want my son to grow up in farmland. This should be up to the people who live here not unknown entities.

Alyssa Bryant (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-16)


I want to keep prime ag land availble

Wanda Waldridge (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-17)


Keeping decisions local

David Waldridge (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-17)


I'm signing because it's wrong to take beautiful farm land and de-value adjacent homes by adding solar panels.

Cece Lynch (Nicholasville, 2023-04-17)


I am a property owner in Mercer County and I'm very familiar with how these solar "farms" destroy landscape, cause erosion, and affect wildlife. Also, my understanding is this was not taken thru the proper zoning changes (?) If that is the case, where is the accountability and transparency? There are so many other ways to generate revenue and tax dollars, as well as jobs. These solar "farms" will not!
We are the Bluegrass State not the blue glass state.
Thank you,
Larissa Taylor

Larissa Taylor (Salvisa , 2023-04-18)


I am against solar panel development!!!!

Morgan Peavler (Burgin, 2023-04-18)


I don’t want solar farms in Mercer County.

Sky Maddox (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-18)


This is the state known for the beautiful countryside and bluegrass that's only seen here. Why cover it up with more screens that shield us from the natural beauty. There are plenty of other non-usable land that these could be placed on to help those local economies.

Michael Richardson (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-18)


i oppose solar in mercer county.

jeff harrod (Salvisa, 2023-04-18)


We don't want solar fields in Mercer county.
Please do not allow this to happen.
Let the residents decide of what they want on the farmland.

dana mullins (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-18)


Farm land should stay farm land.

Courtney Dennison (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


I DO live here and plan to continue calling this home. I also have children and Grandchildren who love the feeling of having this beautiful land to call THEIR OWN and would like to make a living right here at home. Solar farming is NOT our idea of farming! (Btw-solar is beyond irrelevant! We have free energy already in the ground and above. Get ready to celebrate!)

Cindy Allen (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


Solar farms are unsightly and a wasteful use of land.

Matthew Olmstead (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


I do not agree with what’s happening in our county in regards to LG&E/KU placing solar farms on prime farm/industrial property. I believe we as residents of Mercer County should have a say in what goes on inside of our county and not be strong armed into something we have no say so in and don’t agree with.

Mason Cocanougher (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-18)


This will be directly behind my neighborhood and will be able to see this out my back door. I do not agree with having solar panels on farmland.

Cynthia Shewmaker (Harrodbsurg, 2023-04-18)


I am against solar panels being put right beside my farm!

Tonya Horn (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


I’m against control being taken out of the hands of local government and against solar being placed on land that is prime for agricultural opportunity.

Season Prewitt (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-18)


This won’t help our community.

Eli Maddox (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


I want to not only preserve income for Mercer County, but make sure that whatever is done on the land is beneficial to those that have to live with the repercussions of it. If I have to get approval from the County and all surrounding neighbors to have a business that benefits our town, there’s no reason why a Solar Farm shouldn’t be held to the same standards.

Kristyna Lewis (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-18)


I want to keep our beautiful farms! I believe we need land for livestock or food. Let's not lose our landmarks! Green pastures and rolling hills!

Stephanie Abner (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-18)


I live in Harrodsburg

Matt Bensinger (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


I do NOT want a solar farm in Mercer County

Paul Abner (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


Mercer County does not need their farmlands taken over by solar panels!

Rebecca Patterson (Danville, 2023-04-18)


I feel the farmland is more important for growth that will supply jobs

Lesa Gritton (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-18)


I would hate to see farm land dissolve

Ashley Hartley (Nicholasville, 2023-04-19)


I don’t want solar panels ion farm land in Mercer county

Tori Harris (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


Here’s a solution, put the solar panels on top of prisons, public schools, factories, Main Street businesses, homes ect and put the money back into the community.

Katharyn Peavler (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-19)


I live in one of the neighborhoods nearby the area which will be effected by the solar panels. I love the views from my front porch in the evening and I don’t want that to be ruined by the sight of solar panels.

Daniel Moore (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-19)


I don’t believe Solar is the best use for the land in Mercer County. It will not benefit our community, only hurt it.

Sarah Hill (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


No solar

Lynn Martinez (Burgin, 2023-04-19)


This will not help our communities nor our farm land

Emily Auvil (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


I’m against solar farms

Nathan Ellis (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-19)


We need the jobs in or community.

G.anthony Horton (Salvisa, 2023-04-19)


As a business owner, homeowner, and farm owner here in Mercer County, I completely oppose solar arrays.

Kari Pollack (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


Not for the solar panels

Marla Seraji (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


Do not want solar fields in mercer county. We, the people of mercer co, ky should have a say in the matter!!!!!

Brad Gilvin (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-19)


A solar farm should not take over the beautiful land in Burgin , KY. It will ruin views for all the residents that live around that property

Cali Hurlburt (Lawrenceburg, 2023-04-19)


I don’t like seeing farm land get wasted in this way. I’m an employee for KU and know the company well, they aren’t wanting to build this solar farm because they believe in solar but just so they can make themselves look like by showing they are trying to go green.

Josh Herrington (Georgetown, 2023-04-19)


I do not want to ruin the farmland in Mercer Co!

Susan Murphy (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


Agriculture > solar panels.
This land was given to us by God to produce food and to connect with .. he said nothing about solar panels. 🥴

Megan Kettles (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-19)


I am against solar panels in Mercer County.

Taylor Bustle (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


I believe that first and foremost, these choices should be made by locals. This is prime farm land and should be left as such.

Shiann Cochran (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


Our local government is elected for a reason. If they vote something down that should be it, unless they decide to re-vote on a matter. It should never be over thrown by another organization who doesn't live in or work in this community.

Margaret Cocanougher (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


I don't want the solar farm in my back yard.

Ty Holiday (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


Overdevelopment is already an issue and we definitely do not need this. Just another eye sore. STOP THE BUILDING!!!

Phillip Bruner (Danville, 2023-04-19)


I don't find this proposed solar field to be beneficial to Mercer county residents.

Tara Lester (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-19)


I am sighing this because we need to keep farm land farm land and not solar

Katie Hall (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


The people of Mercer County have already voted against solar farms twice. This is not the future of our county!

Ashley Pegher (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-19)


I am an adjoining property owner concerned about how agricultural zoned districts can have large scale solar next to homes and farms, with no thought of highest and best use for the property or property values and adverse affects on neighboring property.

John Lyons (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-19)


I will be moving to Mercer County in June, and I care about my new community.

Jennifer Maxwell (Nicholasville, 2023-04-19)


I am signing as a Mercer county resident who is starkly opposed to turning our farmland into a solar panel field. I have seen what it has done in other states. We cannot afford to you lose this valuable land and tax revenue generated from it. I also am not satisfied with the handling of the solar panels, associated components, and longterm costs to the region.

Larkspur Carroll (Salvisa, 2023-04-20)


Long term jobs are essential to the development and well being of small communities such as Harrodsburg of Mercer County. Solar panels provide temporary jobs during development but after that only diminish the value of surrounding communities and homes and are an eye sore to our rather beautiful ecosystem and farmland.

Robert Martin (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-20)


I’m signing this petition because this project will provide zero jobs, and it will take away our farms.

Heidi Foutch (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


I don't want this project to go forward

Carl Russell (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-20)


People will lose jobs, why do we need 900 acres of solar panels? It’s ridiculous. NO

Haley Brown (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-20)


This eyesore will ruin the beauty of the Kentucky landscape. It also pads the pockets of others while the citizens reap NO benefits!

Joseph Allen (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-20)


I think the solar panels are going to do more harm than good. Let’s keep the power plant going, save the jobs for the people!

Delaney Perkins (Lancaster , 2023-04-20)


It is perfect farm land and no one wants them junk things around here anyway

Shaun Coots (Burgin, 2023-04-20)


I don’t want our county ruined with solar panels.

Brian Thompson (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


Because it will not do anything beneficial for our county and is taking our farm lands.

Amanda Massie (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


This does not benefit our town.

Katie Carmickle (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


This issue is about the economic impact & potential for a community versus the narrow benefits availed to a large, disconnected corporate entity. The land in question should be assessed in terms of “best use” for those that live and pay taxes in the community, and the decision for use it’s use should remain with the community.

David Ransdell IV (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


I’m signing because Mercer Co is my home. Our county is in desperate need of local, sustainable growth. Things for locals and tourists to enjoy. Bringing in solar that would NOT even be used by us is the most idiotic, inconsiderate, and disrespectful use of our towns beautiful property and heritage. Brining in solar does not create jobs it creates headaches, eyesores, and people just passing by because they would think we are becoming just a “normal” bought out town. Don’t let Mercer County be bought out by eyesores and clutter makers. Let Mercer continue to be beautiful, natural, raw, and local friendly. Let us show these people how a real town can thrive on community and local businesses.

Chelsey Jenkins (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


I dont think Solar energy is the answer.

Linda Wilson (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


I am a citizen of Mercer County and I am against the solar panels. The locations chosen are some of the best farmland in Mercer County. There will not be enough farmland one day to feed everyone if this continues. Do not use our good farmland for this.

Kelly McGinnis (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-20)


I don’t want to see solar panels ruin farmlands, crop should be planted

Angela Stewart (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-20)


To preserve the beauty of Mercer County farmland...

Robert Black (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-21)


No jobs, no benefit for our community. Taking away our beautiful farms. No, no, no!

Crystal Arnett (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-21)


I’m signing because I think the proposed location of the solar farms is wrong for several reasons. Mainly, I believe the best land in our county has been chosen without consideration for Mercer residents. The panels will line the road from Burgin and McAfee into Harrodsburg without thought to what it will do to businesses in the area. Also, no taxes will be made from the land. No one has proposed who and how these solar panels will be removed when their usefulness is over. And lastly, with the roads to Harrodsburg from McAfee and Burgin crowded with solar panels, I believe that faster roads will be built to get around Harrodsburg, which has been surrounded by metal panels. Our county will be a slowly dying solar farm.

Linda Murray (Salvisa, 2023-04-21)


The people who will be effected by this should decide!!

Victoria Donovan (Salvisa, 2023-04-21)


It is environmentally destructive. It is oppressive to the landowners and citizens in that it overpowers the esthetics that we currently enjoy as we pass these locations or live next to them. It depresses property values. It depresses job growth. It depresses tax revenue. How can this industry be allowed to do so much damage to our way of life in Mercer Co? This surely is not lawful!!!!

Mary K Mayo (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-21)


I went to keep Mercer a rural community not developed by this “green energy” crud this admins pushing for its no good it’s more harmful than fossil fuels.

Brandon Akerman (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-21)


You could put a solar farm anywhere but you want to put it on some of the nicest land in the county? A solar farm which brings in zero jobs, zero tax revenue and remains an eye sore for eternity is terrible for the county. Go buy some useless land somewhere else and put your solar farm there. I don’t want to see that on my way to the lake every weekend

Matthew Gammon (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-21)


They are environmentally dangerous and occupy too much space for the amount of electricity generated.



We need BETTER for our county! We need to provide jobs!

Britney Smith (Burgin , 2023-04-21)


I do not want solar panels, a solar farm. I want to drive through my hometown and take in all the views of horse, cattle, the smell of fresh cut hay. I want my grandchildren to see, smell and have the same pride in their hometown for years to come. If I want solar I will put them on my house, that is my choice. But I will do that. So to force the solar farm on me, I will move.

Carolyn Adams (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-21)


I DO NOT support the solar farm.

Nikki Mattingly (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-21)


It’s a waste of farm land.

Abby Olmstead (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-22)


the choice should be the citizens

Ricky Peyton (Salvisa, 2023-04-22)


I care about Mercer county and don’t want the eye site of solar
My parents live in Brentwood subdivision so this hits close to home

Corey Milburn (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-22)


I don’t believe it will help Mercer,Burgin, or the citizens.

Jeffrey Herring (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-22)


Destruction of country side

PIETER FRANKEN (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-23)


Solar farms I Mercer County is a terrible idea. The beautiful farm land should stay as it is. Also, we don’t know how much this will affect our environment.

Veda Combs (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-23)


I am against solar development in Mercer county.

Hugh Phillips (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-23)


No solar

Jordan Goodpaster (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-23)


I do not support the loss of more farm land to any kind of development! Especially anything that ruins our beautiful views and is not good for the environment.

April VanNorstrand (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-23)


This is my home and I will protect it from Eminent Domain.

Joanah Loomer (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-23)


Save the land

Kathy Whittaker (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-24)


I'm farmed for around 55 years
I don't want farm land destroyed by solar power

Loren Kaenzig (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-24)


I do not wish to see them

Adam Hartman (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-24)


Against solar fields

Debbie Elliott (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-24)


I do not want solar farms in Mercer co Ky.

Rebecca Stratton (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-24)


I believe solar power is a great source or renewable energy. I have solar panels on my home. I also believe that putting solar panels on beautiful farm land is not acceptable!

Reama Khalaf (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-25)


Our county is a beautiful part of rural America. Solar farms will destroy the views & eliminate tax dollars that support our county.

Emily Steer (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-25)


Against solar farms on Harrodsburg farm land

Heather Dugger (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-26)


I oppose use of farmland for this purpose

Barbara Alexander (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-26)


Against using prime farmland for solar that will not help the community at all

Carolyn Leitenberger (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-26)


I don’t want solar fields in my back yard!

Cliff Prewitt (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-27)


I do not want the solar panels in Mercer County

Caleb Grider (Harrodsburg , 2023-04-27)


I live really close to land they are trying to use for the solar panels.

Caroline Farthing (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-27)


I do not believe this to be good for our community. And if not approved by the local authorities and residents should not continue. The solar farm is no benefit to mercer county in any way.

Kenneth sallee (Harrodsburg, 2023-04-29)


No Solar panels on the beautiful farm!!!

Brooklyn Adams (Lancaster, 2023-04-30)


Once land is gone, it is gone and this is in no way beneficial to Mercer county

Cretia Lewis (Salvisa, 2023-05-01)


Don’t want solar fields in Merced county.

Caleb Lawson (Harrodsburg, 2023-05-05)


Do not want a private company to take over our land.

Mike Steele (Harrodsburg, 2023-05-11)


Investors of renewable energy need to be good stewards of the land and install solar and wind powered electrical facilities on land that has little development possibility and spend the eatra capatal to do so.

Terry Dunne (Harrodsburg, KY, 2023-05-11)

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