Petition to save the Barn Cats in the First State National Historic Park of Delaware



I'm signing because the group making this ruling has zero clue on the requirements of running a farm effectively.

Rebecca Jones (West Chester, 2023-04-24)


In all the years at any of the barns I have frequented I have never seen a mouse where there were cats. Conversely, at one barn in particular where there were no cats the rats were huge and plentiful. Cats are the answer not poison. Poison can kill birds, fox, deer and any animal that eats the rat that has been poisoned.

JoAnn Tingle (Wilmington, 2023-04-24)


I believe that these cats will be euthanized of trapped. The cats help keep the rodent population under control.

Stacy Kerns (Magnolia, 2023-04-24)


We love the cats! And they actually work at the barns! We rescued them and gave them homes. They love it here.

Michael Caroselli (Wilmington, 2023-04-24)


As a farmer, I know the huge benefits barn cats bring in rodent control. This ban is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. If the cats are spayed/neutered, inoculated, and fed, they should be allowed to do their job.

Cindy Walls (Conway, 2023-04-24)


Please continue to take care of these barn cats and keep them from harm.

Donna Shar (Avondale, 2023-04-24)


Cats are a vital part of farm life and part of the family.

Michelle Fadgen (Morton, 2023-04-24)


The cats serve an important purpose & deserve a good life doing it. They are well maintained, taken care of & loved.

Cindy Kerr (Wilmington, 2023-04-24)


It’s cruelty to animals to take these beings from the home where they are loved and taken care of. It’s beyond shameful and disgusting.

Lois West (Seaford , 2023-04-24)


I have been at multiple barns in the valley and have never seen a barn cat go after a bird.
Using poison to kill the mice and rats greatly endangers the birds, especially the raptors, that eat the rodents. Not to mention the bikers who fly down the hills at breakneck speed disturbing the wildlife!

Linda Shupp (Elkton, 2023-04-24)


These cats are family to many! They are vetted, fed well taken care of and help with the mouse and rat population at these barns. This is their home and has been for year's! It is completely wrong of National Park! There are bigger issues that need tending in all locations of this park!

Bryn Taylor (West chester, 2023-04-24)


Those cat are not hurting anything and they are well cared for and loved

Dawn Davis (Linwood , 2023-04-24)


I am a cat lover and know firsthand how beneficial these cats are to the community.

Cindy Decker Gill (white, 2023-04-24)


This is absolutely ridiculous !!!

Stephanie Dzedzy (Wilmington, 2023-04-24)


Don’t agree with the cat policy

Christine Marshall (Garnet Valley , 2023-04-25)


I’m signing this petition because my sister and friends work and or board at these facilities. These cats are well taken care of. Also, These cats are essential for pest control and are a safer more effective way to keep pests under control. Also, as an animal professional rat bait or traps can be a hazard for other animals including birds, horses and other pets/animals if they are to get snared and or ingest poison and is unsafe for a public/state park. There are many different species in the park that can hurt birds such as foxes, bobcats, and other predatory birds.

Kaitlyn Farhoud (Drexel Hill, 2023-04-25)


This will be death sentence to the cats.

Kris Manners (Wilmington, 2023-04-25)


These cats are harmless and deserve to live their productive and peaceful lives!

John Cheng (Wilmington, 2023-04-25)


The cats are a safer alternative to anything the park service could try. They are a proven commodity and have been doing their jobs already for years. What a ridiculously rigid application of a rule.

Eileen Cheng (Wilmington , 2023-04-25)


Barn cats should not be kicked out of their home!!!!

Kathy Diemer (Middletown , 2023-04-25)


I believe all the information in this petition to be true. I do not think pesticides are a healthy replacement for barn cats. Let's give these felines credit for what they do for families, friends, and barn owners. Rats and mice carry deadly diseases and will over run what the are cats protect. I have had my horse at a barn with no cats and there was no controlling the rodents, not even with rat poison which is harmful to the environment, people and domestic pets.

Candace McGee (Wilmington, 2023-04-25)


I have gone to this park for 25 years and board horses. The proposed banning of cats due to a federal law makes sense in many situations but in this case is simply stupid and totally inappropriate to the situation. NO WAY can they control mice/rats any other way. Probably want to use chemicals - just what wildlife and humans do not need in their environment.

Judith Ochs (Chadds Ford, 2023-04-25)


Most of these cats have lived in the barn their entire lives and rarely kill birds. They don’t deserve to be taken away and likely euthanized. They keep the rodent population under control.

Jaime Reimer (Royersford, 2023-04-25)


I was a longtime boarder, 13 years at a stable which is part of the park. Never had any problems with rodents due to having cats on the property. The cats know this is there home and don’t wander off of the property. They are well cared for. Some of the cats were re-homed there from Philadelphia rescues, so that they could have a chance at a safe and decent life. And now the park wants to trap them, which will scare them, then take them from their home and place them in shelters where they will probably be euthanized.

Karlene Henrich (Newtown Square , 2023-04-25)


The cats are sweet, help keep rodents away. No real threat to the birds

Michelle Rigby (Media, 2023-04-25)


Cats are important one a farm to keep the rodents population down and these cats are also pets.

Jodi Martone (Nottingham, 2023-04-25)


The Federal Govt has not shown cause that these spayed / neutered/ and vaccinated cats are negatively impacted the native bird population. They have neither offered concrete alternatives to rodent control. Longwood gardens use resident cats as rodent control. Our First State Nationsl park is UNIQUE in the country. What is standard in other parks is not appropriate in our leased land. Address the issue of pet owners abandoning their pets within the parks. Address the litter and horrific parking along the roads.

Julia Emerson (Wilmington , 2023-04-25)


There are humans deliberately ruining state property! Why worry about harmless cats!!?

Baker Laura (Hockessin, 2023-04-25)


Love cats

Deanna Moody (Wilmington. , 2023-04-25)


The government is doing a little too much

Michelle Switzeree (Sarasota, 2023-04-25)


I feel that barn and indoor/ outdoor cats are essential on farms. These cats have been on these farms long before this National Park has existed. The very fact that there are working farms within the park makes this situation unique. The cats keep the rodent population down, and are loved by their owners, barn staff, riders and even other animals on the farms.

Eva Glick (Wilmington, 2023-04-25)


I’m signing because it is unethical to remove those cats. What other way is there to cull the rodent population? Traps and poison? That would hurt even more wildlife. This decision needs to be rescinded.

Jacqueline Moriniere (Bear, 2023-04-26)


The state of Delaware politicians need to continue to move forward with the protection of cats not backward. I am signing this petition in support of saving the barn cats and allowing them to remain at the First State National Historic Park in Delaware.



I am a barn manager in the area and understand that cats are essential for rodent control in horse farms. Not only they, but they become valued members of the barn family. There needs to be an exception in the cat rules for areas in the parks where there are functioning horse facilities.

Emily Dugan (Glen Mills, 2023-04-26)


As a rescue volunteer I can confirm these cats aren’t hurting anyone and aren’t reproducing. Yet will be euthanized if removed from this location as feral cats are not adoptable and don’t do well if relocated.

Danielle Adams (Charlotte Hall, 2023-04-26)


Cats belong in barns & on farms. They are part of the history of this land! They are WORKING ANIMALS

Rose Smolka (West Chester, 2023-04-26)


It would be cruel to ask these people to rehome their cats. These cat's serve a purpose on each farm. They have been doing their job for years with no problems, and no complaints. Please let the cats stay.

Lorraine Bytheway (GLEN MILLS, 2023-04-26)


They deserve 2 stay at their home instead of moving them 2a place they don't know & will be terrified!!

Tracy Dougherty (Wilmington , 2023-04-26)


It’s the right thing to do. The cats are being cared for so leave them alone!

Karen Horn (Wilmington , 2023-04-26)


I want to!!!

Theresa Stipe (Norwood , 2023-04-26)


You shouldn't kill the cats!!!

Tracy Stover (Lewes, 2023-04-26)


These cats pose no harm to anyone. They are neutered/spayed. In fact, they are helpful in keeping the rodent population down. There is no viable reason to harm or relocate them.

Amy McCartan (Wilmington , 2023-04-26)


It’s important to not disrupt the habit but to spay and neuter so they don’t keep procreating

Christine Briganti (Maple Glen, 2023-04-26)


I believe in barn cats ❣️

Megan Leigh (Christina , 2023-04-26)


Barns need cats.. and cats need barns

Janis Jefferson (Denmark, 2023-04-26)


Removing the cats will cause significant problems for the cats, the shelters, and the farms. Additionally, the cats were there before the land was park property so this retroactive application of the law is unjust.

Rachel Blumenfeld (Wilmington, 2023-04-26)


I'm signing because I believe these cats are a natural source of rodent control without the use of any chemicals. They are using their instincts and not hurting anyone doing it!

Paula Kasun (New Castle , 2023-04-27)


The cats need to stay! Many of the barns rely on cats for mouse and rat removal. If they are taken away, the mice and rats will need to be poisoned which will kill other animals such as BALD EAGLES!!!

Christen Milligan (Media, 2023-04-27)


I believe in this matter

Ashley Gjino (Upper Chichester, 2023-04-27)


I am a cat rescuer and understand there are no shelters that accept these cats and no other safe living arrangements. They will be killed if you take them. There are no other alternatives than barn placement. They hunt rodents primarily and keep areas clear of pests. There is no SAFE chemical free way to do this.

Elizabeth Allen (Wilmington, 2023-04-27)


Barn cats are doing their job, they have been a part of farm life for ages. Leave them alone and let them do what they are suppose to be doing!!

Kim Bleiler (Marcus Hook , 2023-04-27)


Barn cats are essential to barns for the sake of the cats as well as the barn, they provide help to each other. I'm a volunteer at a rescue and care for 4 colonies in Delaware which is over 50+ cats I feed nightly. I've tnred all of them plus any new cats that show up which is pretty regular. Some cats need to live in barn homes, for their own safety. They provide assistance in rodent control so they earn their keep. Please if you have any compassion for animals and any respect for the many rescuers in Delaware alone, please save these barn cats and let them live the life they know

Patricia Penland (New Castle, 2023-04-27)


These cats are native to the park. Are you going to kill all of the other animals there? Cat colonies provide a great service in limiting unwanted pests. If the trapping is for trap/neuter/release, ok. If it is kill them, absolutely not.

Janelle KreinSilvers (Wilmington, 2023-04-27)


Barn cats are essential to people with barns and they consider these cats their outdoor pets. Some cats are more appropriate for barn homes that for regular homes but they are not appropriate for life as a feral on the streets.

Mary Ann Emely (Glen Mills, 2023-04-27)


Save the cats!!!!

Elizabeth Lockhart (Wilmington , 2023-04-27)


I believe in this cause.

Margaret Hoey (Oxford, 2023-04-28)


These cats are providing a service keeping the rodents under control. They are feral and not suitable for adoption. If you trap the cats, you will be signing their death warrant.

M Catherine Cohee (Milford, 2023-04-28)


These cats are necessary for rodant control!!! What dose the aprl service plan to do. Poison the rodents? So the wildlife eats the rodents and die? Hawks for example!! The park service needs to remember who saved that land!! It was the people that have used it and cared for it for the last 40 years!! These boarding stables have been renting there for over 30 years plus. Mr Bancroft didn't want this!!

andrea weiss (Aston , 2023-04-28)


Leave the barn cats alone!!!

Kim Best (New Castle, 2023-04-28)


I support the farming community and the rights of all involved to have the freedom to live pesticide free to control the mice/rat populations that are always an issue on farms . Do poisoned rats / mice not present a deathly threat to wild birds that live on the mouse/rat populations?? Cats, well fed , working barn cats are not destroying the bird populations.This is a ridiculous and unfounded claim.

Barbara A Fifer (Harrington, 2023-04-28)


Barn cats are very important to the farming ecosystem. Not just pets, but keep the rodent population in check. It’s a natural option as poisoning rats, mice or other rodents could kill owls and other bird of prey that eat them. These cats have been in the barns for years and the bird population has not suffered prior to this. An exception should be made when farms are involved.

Kristin Zumar (Historic New Castle, 2023-04-28)


That barn used to be owned by Woodlawn trustees and the barn was separated from the house. The house is for sale, or was.
Barn cats serve a real purpose in a barn by controlling rodents which carry dangerous diseases, some being zoonotic. Please see the value of them, if not for being community cats, or owned cats, then for being on the job disease controllers.

Pamela Palmer (Claymont, 2023-04-28)


It is incumbent upon humanity to be responsible stewards of the living beings that we share the planet with, and not merely dispose of them for our convenience.

Erica Sorkin (Mount Holly , 2023-04-28)


Community Cats are an important part of any environment's diverse population. WIthout cats, the rodent population in the area would need to be controlled by non-selective traps or chemicals.
And, removing these healthy, "fixed" cats will only cause a vacuum effect, where other local cats will move into the territory shortly after it is cleared. These cats will likely not be used to humans, and cause more problems than the current "working" cats that at least recognize and avoid humans.
Additionally, DE Code Title 11 Chapter 5 Section 1325 states:
"(b) A person is guilty of cruelty to animals when the person intentionally or recklessly:
(5) Captures, detains, transports, removes or delivers any animal known to be a pet or owned or unowned companion animal, or any other animal of scientific, environmental, economic or cultural value, under false pretenses to any public or private animal shelter, veterinary clinic or other facility, or otherwise causes the same through acts of deception or misrepresentation of the circumstances and disposition of any such animal."

Clearly by "capturing {and} transporting any animal known to be a pet or owned", any person who intentionally engages in this activity on May 10 will be guilty of a class F Felony.

Perhaps there needs to be some more discussion before any potentially criminal action is taken.

James Cayz (Smyrna, 2023-04-29)


I like animals

Robert Fields (Glenolden, 2023-04-29)


Neuter them but let them stay.

Julia Jackson (Wilmington, 2023-04-29)


These cats deserve a life. They are maintained and in good health. They have a place there as positive rodent control, all are spayed/neutered and will not create more. A human failed them at some point in their or their mothers lives, it's up to us as humans to recognize someone failed them and step up to keep them safe & healthy. They do not present expense to the state of Delaware & in actuality save money by keeping barns & homesteads pest free. Leave them be. Look at them as another attraction to the parks, create a marketing campaign to come see the 200 year long dedication these cats have contracted with DE. Mkae them part of the experience and not something that someone got a loose hair about & thinks they are pests.

Jeannette Murray (York, 2023-04-29)


Barn cats are vital to their surrounding ecosystem. Often times, they are better fee and cared for than house cats. Barn owners have responsibly taken on providing vet care and neutering/spaying barn cats. Barn cats love their way of life. They have shelter, food, and enrichment. When one comes by that seems to prefer a more inside-style life, barn owners will taken on rehoming themselves. There is no issue to be solved here. Barns and their cats should be left alone.

Regan McMinn (Garnet Valley, 2023-04-30)


Cats play an important role with mice control

Jane Ramsey (Smyrna , 2023-04-30)


Eliminating cats to protect the bird population is unrealistic. Controlling the rodent population with chemicals will have a negative impact on other wildlife on the farm, including birds. Birds and other wildlife will eat the poisoned rodents. There is no way to prevent that from happening.

Kerri Jablonski (Seattle , 2023-04-30)


It is the right thing to do to continue to use the barn cats as the means of pest control. It has worked as an efficient control of rodents for hundreds of years. If something works and it is not broken there is not a need for a “fix”. Less poison is definitely a good thing. Come on wake up !!!!! These cats deserve to stay in the only home they have known as well. Taking them and putting them in the “ shelter” to be killed is barbaric and cruel. These people obviously do not understand or have a clue

Sandy graney (Garnet Valley,PA, 2023-05-01)


cat advocate

Denise Phillips (Chester Township, 2023-05-03)


That is their home and no person or animal should be thrown out or kidnapped from their home.

Shari Wimmer (Norwood, 2023-05-04)


As a feral colony caregiver, every word in this petition referring to the positive impact barn cats offer, is true. Trapping to bring to a shelter is inhumane and definitely a death sentence for these innocent cats. Allow the current caregiver’s to do what they know best and the population will decrease over time. I am respectfully requesting no trapping be done at this historic park. Thank you.

Naomi Girke (Wilmington , 2023-05-08)


Barn cats are family, they control the rat & mice population. And keep them from returning.
I have seen barn cats, dogs, possums, raccoons die from rat poisinening.
The cats live in the office or another room in the barn. They are their own breed of cats. The trauma they would be under by being trapped could cause them to fight whomever tries handle them. Being in a cage would cause distrust & fear. Most likely fight & flight behavoir.
Deeming them unable to adopt them out. They would be euthanized, yet they were the average loving barn cat a day ago & since birth.

Cindy Teitsort (Kennett Square, 2023-05-09)


The barn cats need to stay!

Heather Floyd (Wilmington , 2023-05-09)


Cats did not ask to be homeless, these cats were rescued and given a job that benefits them and their home.

Nancy Ciappa (Galena, 2023-05-10)


Cats are safe and effective rodent control. Rodent poison is highly harmful to people and the environment.

Hanne Boekell (West Chester , 2023-05-18)

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