New bus stop in boatstrand on local link route 667



I agree that a bus stop would be beneficial to the community of Boatstrand

Ciara Sorensen (Tramore, 2023-09-09)


It’s for a good cause 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Becca Mason (Waterford, 2023-09-09)


I live in boatstrand

Saoirse Bonnar (Waterford, 2023-09-09)


I think there should be a stop in Boatstrand

Ailbhe Walsh (Waterford, 2023-09-09)


It would be a great addition to the local community

Clodagh Veale (Dunhill, 2023-09-09)


I signing this because people living in Boatstrand have no public transport

Mary O Loughlin (Waterford, 2023-09-09)


I originally from Boatstrand and I visit home often, local link stop would be beneficial to a lot of locals & visitors alike

Colette O Brien (Waterford , 2023-09-09)


As a local from Boatstrand I support the essential requirement for this service for my area. Not only would it support locals but encourage increased tourism due to improved accessibility.

Gerri O'Brien (Waterford, 2023-09-09)


I live in boatstrand and would use the facility if available..

Anne Murphy (Waterford , 2023-09-09)


This service is needed in this area to enhance the area.

David J Veale (Dunhill, 2023-09-09)


I’m signing because I live in Boatstrand and a local link in to the city is an essential service which is currently sorely lacking for all who live here.

Elaine O’Brien (Waterford , 2023-09-09)


It would be a great service for the area.

Alice Hartery (Waterford, 2023-09-09)


With a national imperative to reduce our carbon footprint, and increase the numbers of those using public transport, it’s really important to make rural Ireland as accessible as possible. Additionally, Boatstrand is a very popular spot during the summer. If it was on a bus route, dangerous summer parking would be alleviated.

Anne Veale (Dunhill, 2023-09-09)


As a local resident in Boatstrand I feel a local link stop in Boatstrand would serve two main purposes;
1) The local residents (Youth, Older Adults, OAP, People with disabilities, non- car owners & indeed drivers, and visiting holiday-makers & campsite residents) who would like to visit Dungarvan or Tramore, or any of the stop-offs along either route like Bonnmahon or Fenor fir shopping or socialising.
2) Outsiders (families, children & youth who want to learn to swim & life-save, visitors, beach-goers, sea-swimmers, day-trippers, holiday makers, young people) who wish to visit the popular pier. A bus stop would alleviate the dangerous traffic congestion & lack of car-parking facilities which is a major problem particularly during the summertime. A local link bus stop would make Boatstrand a much safer place to visit & live in.

Rosie Murphy (Waterford, 2023-09-09)


mup the bonnar

Katie Dunphy (Dunhill, 2023-09-09)


Boatstrand needs it.

Mary HARTERY (WATERFORD, 2023-09-09)


This would be of great benefit to the people of Boatstrand.

Ailis Barry Dwan (Waterford , 2023-09-09)


i’m signing because i strongly believe that the local link should stop in boatstrand because it would be extremely handy.

freyja barry (waterford , 2023-09-09)


Rural development is important and needs more attention

Jack Shanahan (Kilmeaden, 2023-09-10)


I think that the local link should stop in boatstrand

Sean McKinley (Waterford, 2023-09-10)


We love Boatstrand

Carmel Power (Waterford , 2023-09-10)


I live in Boatstrand and a local link bus is badly needed.

Tommy Cooke (Boatstrand , 2023-09-10)


The traffic in Boatstrand on a sunny day is very dangerous going around the bend as people park on both sides, a bus route would alleviate this

Aleta Cooke (Boatstrand , 2023-09-10)


I live in Boatstrand and i think a bus stop here is vital for linking up this community to the town for people that don't drive... Boatstrand pier is a key local point for people meeting up. So a bus stop would have so many advantages.

Elaine Cookeu (Waterford , 2023-09-10)


I agree that the local link should stop at boatstrand and I would also use it

Tara Colfer (Waterford , 2023-09-11)


I live in boatstrand and I understand the struggle it is to get to either annestown or dunhill to get to the bus stop. I need local link to get to work, without this stop I have to take less shifts in work

Roisin Murphy (Waterford , 2023-09-11)


I live in Boatstrand, and I think the bus would be a great asset for the area.

Eileen Cooke (Waterford, 2023-09-11)


I swim in Boatstrand alot and the local link would be massive addition to the area and the people.

Yvonne Stapleton (Tramore, 2023-09-11)


This would be very beneficial to everyone in the Boatstrand/Annestown area... badly needed

Robert Power (Waterford, 2023-09-11)


I live on the coppercoast

Patricia Power (Waterford , 2023-09-11)


Great idea. In fact, think the bus could travel the length of Copper Coast on summer weekends as a shuttle service to the many small beaches, thus reducing car traffic on a beautiful stretch of coastal landscape and at tiny coves not suitable for car crowds.

Marie Power (Waterford, 2023-09-11)


I live in Boatstrand and our nearest stop is in Annestown, my family will be able to avail of this service .

Pauline Lowe (Waterford, 2023-09-12)


I live within walking distance of boatstrand and would use this service

Lisa Cooke (Kilmurrin, Ireland, 2023-09-13)


Living in the area. Surprised that there is not already a Bus stop there. Much needed

Mark Doran (Bunmahon, 2023-09-13)


This is a great service and I agree that people would benefit from a stop there. I have friends who have to walk to Dunhill to use the service.

Paula McCarthy (Waterford , 2023-09-13)


I think a stop at boatstrand would be very beneficial.

Aoife Mcmahon (Waterford, 2023-09-13)


It would be so handy to get a bus rather than drive an try park..

Niamh Whelan (Waterford , 2023-09-13)


I’m signing this because aishling bonnar told me too

Emma Bonnar (Cashel, 2023-09-15)


I live in Dunabrattin/ Boatstrand. Bringing the route to Boatstrand will ensure that all residents on the Copper Coast have the option to use public transport and support collective efforts to address climate change

Sarah OBrien (Waterford , 2023-09-18)


In this aea a rural bus route is essential.
We have huge waiting list s for Driver license s, and a non existent taxi service, our young people need a mode of transport, as does the general public.

Anne Marie Queally (Fenor, 2023-09-18)


The Buss should stop in Boatstrand as it is a coastal area in the Copper Coast with young and older retired population who could benefit from it

Catherine O'Brien (Waterford , 2023-09-19)


I use Boatstrand all through the year for swimming and catching up with friends. A beautiful place.

Mary O'Reilly (Waterford, 2023-09-19)


I live in the area and would use the service. My husband and I are OAP

Maura Cleary (Boatstrand, 2023-09-19)


I live in the Dunhill area and avail of the Local Link service. I find it to be an excellent service which should be extended for the benefit of as many people as possible.

Mary Power (Waterford, 2023-09-19)


I live in boatstrand and I am a senior citizen,I would be very happy to be able to access the local Link bus

. Mary Murray (Waterford , 2023-09-19)


It would be a fantastic addition to have local link stop in Boatstrand

Marcella Murphy (Waterford, 2023-09-22)


The bus route needs to go along the coast, thru Boatstrand, maybe twice a day. As well as making the bus accessible to more of copper coast residents and give more people car free access to beaches. This has the potential to address the overcrowding of parking during the summer and lowering overall emissions and thus air quality on the coast. I speak as a long-term resident of Kilmurren, which has suffered from traffic congestion in last 3 years

bruce macdonald (annestown tramore, 2023-10-15)

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