Student/Alumni Petition In Support of Prof. Abdulkader Sinno



the suppression of speech has no place on iu's campus.

luke summers (bloomington, 2024-01-11)


What's being done to Sinno is an obvious injustice and an attempt to punish a professor for his advocacy of Palestine. This must obviously be reversed,

Bryce Greene (Indianapolis, 2024-01-11)


Sinno was not given his due process of a hearing , this authoritarian act by administration is seemingly targeting Muslim students as Sinno was the adviser for many Muslim student groups

Henry Wolfla (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


I’m signing because penalizing people who speak out against genocide is goofy af

Tayssir Aminou (Indianápolis, 2024-01-11)


IU's suspension of Professor Sinno is unacceptable. It's a clear attempt by the administration to silence discussion around Palestine. Shame on IU and President Whitten.

Anna Sowka (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


Pamela Whitten and Board of Trustees have fueled the genocide in Gaza. Supporting Israel and ignoring the harassment, prejudice, and increased xenophobia on campus. They ignore discrimination against Arabs but care so much about the Jewish discrimination.

Anna M (Indianapolis, 2024-01-11)


Reverse this suspension of Professor Abdelkader Sinno, which is clearly grounded in racism. Indiana University, your silencing of those supporting Palestinian rights equals complicity in the genocide of Palestinians.

Maeve Whelan (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


This is a clear overreaction meant to suppress advocacy for political issues IU finds inconvenient.

Charles Ault (Bloomington, Indiana, 2024-01-11)


It is unconscionable what the university has decided in regards to this situation. I'm embarrassed to be a graduate of both undergrad and grad school. I'm incredibly disappointed in this decision and I sincerely hope the university rights this egregious wrong. Do better.

Sally McSpadden (Indianapolis , 2024-01-11)


Professor Sinno was one the best professors I have had here during my time at IU, leading an engaging and highly informative course. It is a shame our own administration cannot properly and honestly uphold their own procedure.

Diana . (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


They are trying to suppress free speech.

Casey Mattingly (Indianapolis , 2024-01-11)


I’m not going to let some crafty bureaucratic goon try to silence people who stand for liberation and true equality. Professor Sinno should sue you all to hell and back. We’re watching you, IU.

Kaitlyn Henderson (South Bend, 2024-01-11)


This is such a clear act of intimidation and silencing of faculty that stand with Palestine. Complete solidarity with Professor Sinno. A suspension over a technicality? Does anyone actually believe this is anything but a way to suppress Palestinian voices on campus? The pattern is clear and we’ve seen it time and time again: with the racist video of Hailey Toch’s that went unpunished and unaddressed, the cancellation of Palestinian artist Samia Halaby’s exhibit, university statements that shamelessly ignore the suffering of Palestinians, and past incidents with pro palestine organizing when I was a student from 2018-2022. I am ashamed to call myself an alumna if this university, and will make sure that friends and family don’t give support to this university in any capacity. IU’s pattern of intimidation and anti-Palestinian racism will always be a part of IU’s legacy and can only leadership never gets a moment of peace about this.

Shems Alubaidi (Bloomington , 2024-01-11)


The suspension of Professor Sinno is illegitimate.

Faith Harrison (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


IU is biased towards Zionists

Mohamed Sayed (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


It is unacceptable that IU is using extreme measures to inappropriately harm Palestinian staff when they have done nothing to support thousands of students attending IU with families facing dire circumstances. This behavior is ignorant and demoralizing to see as a recent alumni.

Shannon Knudtson (Bloomington , 2024-01-11)


This is a clear attempt by IU administration to crack down on pro-Palestine speech, and suppress dissent to a genocide our government is unconditionally funding and arming. President Whitten and Indiana University are on the wrong side of history and we will not forget your complicity.

Jonathan Rickert (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


Solidarity forever.

Cassandra Norris (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


What an utter disgrace by Indiana University to try to silence and punish dissent on campus!!! It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that IU is using bogus excuses to punish and suspend Prof. Sinno for expressing dissent against Israel’s murder and maiming of tens of thousands of innocent Arab women and children (and civilian men, too!) in Gaza. We all know Israel has been utterly decimating an entire society (literally “wiping Gaza off the map!”), not only with crazy amounts of bombs/artillery/weapons but also the intentional starvation of the population, half of whom are children! As if IU leadership’s failure to publicly condemn Israel’s ethnic cleansing and genocide (rather than condoning Israel’s crimes as IU leadership has been doing) wasn't horrific enough, now they are punishing and suspending Prof. Sinno for not doing the same, while curtailing freedom of speech on campus at the same time!?!

I obtained my BS and MBA degrees from the Kelley School of Business, and I’m ashamed and outraged by IU leadership’s suspension of Prof. Sinno!! As an alumnus, I demand that IU immediately reinstate Prof. Sinno and begin protecting freedom of speech on campus rather than suppressing it!

Hemayatullah Shahrani (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


This is ridiculous

Giauna Neville (Indianapolis , 2024-01-11)


The treatment of various people who have spoken out against the violence in Gaza is against the principles of free speech and democracy IU pretends to stand for.

Clem Ledbetter (Bloomington , 2024-01-11)


As a Palestinian-American IU alum, I’m beyond disappointed and saddened. IU, you’re doing everyone a disservice and are censoring voices who matter. Professor Sinno should be reinstated immediately. Don’t censor people who choose to speak out against Israel’s abhorrent treatment of Palestinians. Show that you’re a reputable institution and support Palestinians.

Grace Abushalback (Nashville, 2024-01-11)


It’s unjust to silence Palestinian voices within our community

Glass Cameron (Bloomington, 2024-01-11)


As a proud IU alumni & parent of a current student & an alumni as well. I’m saddened to see the treatment of this faculty member. Would a member of Hillel group or supporter of get this same treatment? Just because you are Palestinian & supporting an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, does not make you anti semetic! You would think an institution of higher learning would know this! I am married to an American Palestinian & my children are half Palestinian. Do better IU!!!

Julie Lloyd Abushalback (Evansville , 2024-01-11)


Is this what my alma mater had become? Shame on people who are suppressing the rights of Dr. Sinno under the garb of administrative mismanagement? Are you even listening to how it sounds? Shame.

Dr. Zeeshan Sayyed (New York, 2024-01-12)


Targeted censorship of Palestinian-affiliated individuals and organizations has no place on a campus that should value academic freedom and equal rights.

William Decourt (Bloomington, 2024-01-12)


Total support of Dr. Sinno and freedom of speech in IU. The genocide in Gaza is a crime against humanity and I will be disappointed in IU if it supports it.

Rania Noffel (Murphy, 2024-01-12)


Universities and education are central to democracy.

James Hanna (Indianapolis, 2024-01-12)


I stand firmly and proudly in support of Professor Sinno. He is a principled and ethical teacher, advisor and advocate for his students and for justice!

Malkah Bird (Indianapolis, 2024-01-12)


Stop ******* up, IU

Nathaniel Ferguson (Los Angeles, 2024-01-12)


Prof. Sinno was my professor for Middle Eastern Politics and sponsor of Students for Peace in the Middle East. What he taught me was invaluable. Never have I had a professor as passionate in lectures and generous with their time and counseling as Dr. Sinno. By suspending him, IU is doing an injustice to the student experience and obstructing academic freedom on campus. Worst of all, IU is making it clear that Arab, Muslim, and pro-Palestinian voices and experiences are not welcome at the university. Administration should hang their heads in shame for this injustice and work swiftly to correct it.

Stuart Sones (Goesan , 2024-01-12)


No one should be suspended from their job for helping and supporting students trying to make a change in this world. Palestine will be free and IU is publicly choosing to be on the wrong side of history. Instead of using their voice to support the end of a genocide & US imperialism, IU is actively supporting it.

Kelly Ritter (Indianapolis, 2024-01-12)


Protect academic freedom! Prevent institutional decline!!!

Nuzrath Jahan (Bloomington , 2024-01-12)


Professor Sinno has always supported free speech, including when I was his student and IU Hillel wouldn't allow Jewish students to book a room for Palestine-related events. He is being suspended because supporters of Israel's atrocities know that free speech will undermine their cause.

Matthew Waterman (Washington, DC, 2024-01-12)


The decision to suspend Prof. Sinno and suppress Palestinian organizing on campus are gross violations of academic freedom and shared governance. Pres. Whitten and Provost Shrivastav must reverse this decision if they care about IU’s reputation as a teaching and research institution.

Anne Kavalerchik (Bloomington, 2024-01-12)


I took Dr. Sinno's classes at IU-- he was one of the best professors that I had in college and was always fair and honest in his treatment of the Israeli-palestinian relationship. He was also the most supportive (and sometimes only supportive) faculty member of students interested in pro-palestinian advocacy.

Thalia Taylor (Davis, 2024-01-12)


I am a former student of Prof. Sinno and am a better person as a result of his class. IU is violating free speech and due process, and wasting valuable time and resources that could be directed to calling for a ceasefire and an end to genocide. This action by the university makes me embarrassed to claim my alma mater. Reinstate Professor Sinno immediately and free Palestine.

Anne Tinder (Chicago, 2024-01-12)


This is overtly political and undermines the voice of Palestinians in the United States and at IU. This action has brought shame on this university, and the bare minimum means of rectifying the situation is to reinstate Professor Sinno.

Pauly Tarricone (Bloomington, 2024-01-12)


IU is attempting to censor the voices of Palestinians and Pro-Palestinians, inhibiting academic freedom, and condoning the genocide of the Palestinian people. The movement for Palestine at IU is constantly faced with roadblocks from administration, as well as relentless, clearly biased, scrutiny. Sinno has always been a very important resource for middle eastern and muslim students on campus, and it is imperative that this unjust action is reversed and he be reinstated.

Malaika Khan (bloomington , 2024-01-13)


this action damages the university and all institutions of higher learning

Patricia ODonnell (Charlotte, 2024-01-13)


Professor Sinno is an incredible, passionate, and compassionate educator. He taught my political science senior seminar and I’m grateful I had the chance to learn from him. His course challenged me to confront learned biases and develop my perspectives through critical thinking. His enthusiasm in the classroom motivated me to work hard and really engage with the material on a deep level. I’m extremely disappointed in Indiana University for unjustly suspending him and barring other students from the immense benefit of his mentorship.

Emma Coates (Minneapolis, 2024-01-13)


I’m signing because I do not support suppression of free speech nor censorship preventing access to diverse opinions

Jameela Ali (Jersey City, 2024-01-13)

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