Please Keep the Classic Ticket to Ride Servers Open



Like so many, I thoroughly enjoy playing your digital version of Ticket to Ride. It is far superior to the new Marmalade version and many individuals will be so saddened to see the online play go.
Please keep the servers active, as at the rate things are going with the Marmalade version, it will never compare and we love to play it on the go, on PC and console.
I for one, like many others, have bought it in console and mobile, collectively for about £50. I don't want this money to go to waste with it being a game I love so much.

Sam McAlpin

Sam McAlpin (Plymouth , 2024-03-07)


I’m signing because I am fed up with the Marmalade version. I cannot even play it. The colours in the old game are much easier to see as a visually impaired person.

Christiana Cunha (Toronto , 2024-03-07)


I have played over 4000 games on this server. It is the only way I play ticket to ride, and the best way is to play with others from around the world. Please don’t take the server down!

Erin Jones (Boise, 2024-03-07)


I play the classic TTR/Europe game every night. I play in my iPad, and my opponent (my cousin) plays on her iPhone. The new game is very hard to play on the tablet and virtually impossible to play on the phone. When classic TTR goes away, we will have to quit playing TTR entirely. We are heartbroken at the thought.

Linda Tate (Shepherdstown, 2024-03-07)


The Asmodee version of Ticket To Ride is far superior to the Marmalade version

Nick Royle (Holmfirth, 2024-03-07)


I'm signing because I like the current version!

Rebecca Hepner (Rochester, 2024-03-07)


I'm signing this as I love the game but Marmalade hasn't even bothered releasing their version to PS yet so if the older servers get shut down I can't play

Narelle Dare (Sebastopol, 2024-03-07)


I’m in the final year of my PhD and this app has sustained me all the way through thus far. Help me get my PhD?

Elizabeth Cu (Melbourne, 2024-03-07)


As much as I have been looking forward to using the new Marmalade TTR game it has several issues affecting game playing. Until more of the issues are resolved my sincerest hope is that the servers for TTR classic remain up and running.

Alyssa Muller (Mansfield , 2024-03-08)


I use this app and like the old app much better

Katie Gerber (Blaxland, 2024-03-08)


The asmodee version reflects the game itself. It has made the game to take a step forward and the music is iconic. How doesn’t like the music from Switzerland map? The marmalade version is moving to an unnecessary complex commercialised version with characters and weird graphics that feel like a patchwork, placing the game as a second priority. Please do not close the asmodee version, for all of us the everyday players who support it.

Angie Vervainioti (Athens, 2024-03-08)


Because I paid for this game & it's not right to take my money & then stop the game.

Melanie Schnur (La plata , 2024-03-08)


I support the request to keep the servers open so people can continue to enjoy a digital version of a wonderful game.

Sherry Bevins-Castillo (437, 2024-03-08)


The new version is terrible and the asmodee version is the best way to play online

Joshua Aird (Newcastle, 2024-03-08)


I have almost all the content and enjoy playing with friends.

Ben Allen (Perry, 2024-03-08)


You can be like the coding monkeys of the superior Carcassonne app and keep your server running! I pay CM $0.49/mo to help them out. Do what they do to keep their loyal users happy. Take pride in your superior Ticket to Ride app and keep online support going! Users will be willing to pay you with their kind support just like we pay the Coding Monkeys! $0.49/mo, $0.99/mo, $1.99/mo…make these some available IAPs!

Scott Alexander (Farmville, 2024-03-08)


I love TtR and the Asmodee online version is the best! I've purchased all the maps and play regularly with family and friends. I've tried the BGA version, but Asmodee steam version is just better.

Layne Lanpher (Waxhaw , 2024-03-08)


I’ve paid money for the app believing I could use it for more than 1 year!

Louise Kuhlmann Asferg (Skørping, 2024-03-08)


I bought the game & don’t want to lose it.

Amy Ross (Edmond, 2024-03-08)


This is how I’ve long played games with my siblings!

Leah Romero-Klein (Arvada, 2024-03-08)


I enjoy the game alot.

Michael Rand (Boone, 2024-03-09)


I'm signing because I love TTR and play the online asmodee app regularly. It helped keep me playing with a close friend of mine during lockdown as well.

Stephanie Jones (Eastleigh, 2024-03-10)


I have payed for the Asmodee version and now feels like a theft. The coding from marmalade seem like a patchwork of various materials, non-relevant to the game. Simply I can't play there! I want to be able to get back on my regular routine on playing online with the platform I prefer and looks like the actual board game.

Panagiota Armoni (Tripoli, 2024-03-11)


I have played Asmodee TTR online since 2011. Almost all the expansions (Pennsylvania is the best!). Now I understand that there are legitimate reasons (economic and technical) to update a 13-year old game, and I would be happy to pay again for this updated game. Or pay some monthly fee to keep the servers running (like they do for Carcassonne app). But as long as the updated game is so much WORSE than the 13-year old game it is replacing I am not happy. I have purchased the new game and do not appreciate the game board interface, the excessive animations and focus on “bling-bling”. The Asmodee version feels much more like a board game, and plays so much smoother. Maybe it’s not flashy enough for today’s kids - fine, but why not offer 2 modes: flashy and classic ? The score board at the end was awful, and where is the ranking system? How do you chat with other players? What is the point of the extra paid characters and wagons?
Maybe Marmalade will eventually get there, but after April 3 server shutdown Board Game Arena (bga) seems a better choice to play TTR online.

Kaspar Stromme (Bergen, 2024-03-12)


This game has provided myself and my family so much enjoyment. It is a way to connect people, Even if you can't be in the same room. I hope you reconsider.

Elsa Lankford (Baltimore , 2024-03-12)


We can watch ads but please keep online playing!

Justyna M (Wrocław, 2024-03-12)


I really enjoyed playing. The new version of the app is terrible and really hard to play.

Catherine Burke (Wilts, 2024-03-17)


I am signing because my mother in law loves this game and is so disappointed to have it leaving. She plays it everyday.

Sara Quinn (Lexington Park , 2024-03-18)


The new game is just a sad mess. Map itself seems harder to read. CPU usage on my MacBook Pro is 120%. Not even a Big Cities expansion yet, which seems pretty minor. Hard to hit routes when placing cars.

William Mitchell (Tucson, 2024-03-18)


Please keep the old servers open to play a ticket to ride

Wendy Callagan (Birmingham, 2024-03-21)


You should make a better version of the game before cancelling the current game. The new game is more difficult, there are less boards available. Why do we have to pay that much money for a game that's not as well?

Emma Goossens (Zupthen, 2024-03-25)


I am deeply saddened by the fact that I will no longer be able to play with family members living outside of my city.

Sarah Jane Dutil (Quebec, 2024-03-27)


I just love tracking. And I don't want to lose my rank score.

Sarah Clayton (Oxford, 2024-04-02)


I want the servers back, and to Play ticket to ride.

Tanja Haraldsborg (Valby, 2024-04-04)


Please adjust the new app so that you can play against your friends online and on the same wifi. Than I will download it.

P. Marianne Bouman (Utrecht, 2024-04-05)

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