Support the renewal of the Stone High Soccer coaches



I'm signing because it makes sense for these two individuals to be reinstated. I feel the decision is being based off of politics and not out of good judgement. Stone county needs these two people to continue the success they have brought to our county!

Christopher McGee (Perkinston , 2024-03-15)


I feel like the dismissal of the soccer coaches is a huge mistake that will have negative impacts on our kids and community that will last for many years to come not only are these coaches a big part of the school soccer they spend so much time with with recreation soccer making sure our little kids have something to enjoy and look forward to during the week .

Bryan Cuevas (Wiggins , 2024-03-15)


My son will play 9th grade ball next year and respects coach Patt , Ethan Smith will be one to carry stone high to championship games every year , we will move schools if you think Patt is not right, GOD only knows who you will vote in if you say he’s what y’all say ,, come on get it right stone do a better job

Scotty Smith (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


“Poor influence of the kids and poor reflection of Stone County” were words used, but yet you trust them in a closed door classroom, or leading a school club etc. However they are a poor influence to the High School soccer players?

Monday through Friday you will find them teaching the kids of Stone County in a classroom. Monday through Sunday you will see them sometimes with blood, sweat and tears at the Stone County soccer fields, coaching, running a rec program, helping with the Stone County travel soccer, and picking up the slack on maintaining the fields that the school district and rec department lack at.
One thing the "adults" aren't thinking about in their decision making is what's most important, which is The Kids. The kids have developed, the kids have thrived, the kids have exceeded expectations with the Harrison's leading them. As mentioned by other coaches, fans, and players. It will be hard to find a more respectful group of players than what Stone High has put on the field in recent years.
I sign this petition cause I respect what the Harrison's are doing first and foremost for the kids, but also what they are doing for the Stone County community.

Matt Ward (Perkinston , 2024-03-15)


No truth to any of accusations about being a bad influence on students. FCA has grown tremendously under their leadership. So very very unfair. Stone County should be thanking God for these Christian leaders of our children.

Debra Hatten (Perkinston, 2024-03-15)


Pat and Carissa are upstanding community members who have lead the Tomcats soccer team not only to victories on the field but off the field as well. They have integrity and a sense of purpose to teach and be a role model for these kids. In a world where things just don’t make sense anymore, Pat and Carissa define what it means to be a stable force in the lives of everyone that comes in touch with them.

Nancy Barrett (Perkinston , 2024-03-15)


They are good for the program

Andy Woodard (Perkinston , 2024-03-15)


The coaches are a blessing to the players. They’re excellent role models and set the example when away from home. They’ve done nothing but lift the children up not only in the sort they love, but life as well.

Anthony Loper (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


This is totally unfair what they did to these coaches. I started Soccer in Stone County in 1995 with Mark Long. The worst thing about this is the ENTIRE soccer program in stone county will suffer. Someone should call WLOX to investigate the origins of their dismissal.

Art Scafide (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


These coaches have poured their heart and soul into molding and shaping players as a team and better individuals.

Pamela Williamson (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


My great nephew plays soccer at Stone High and will be a senior next year. The Harrison’s have been great teachers, leaders and most of all positive influences on these kids. I work in an environment where I see young men and women that needed adults like the Harrison’s in their young lives. Maybe if they would have had this, they would not be where they are now. These people are good Christian people. Why would ANYONE want to “go in a different direction” for our kids. Christ is the direction!!

Susan Cooper (Perkinston, 2024-03-15)


They have done so much for our soccer team and not just soccer but each individual player. Just look how far they brought the soccer teams in the past few years. Good luck coaches

Fonda Morris (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


The Harrison’s have brought Stone High Soccer to a level of success that is known throughout the state. Their overall win record surpasses any other coach in the 5A District. Besides cultivating a respectful culture in players they lead SHS FCA which continues to grow with most recently 140 students in attendance!

Pam Rawls (Perkinston, 2024-03-15)


I feel like both soccer coaches have done exceptional and I feel their contracts should be renewed so they can begin to train for another exceptional year!

Krystal Maddox (Lumberton, 2024-03-15)


My friend son(s) have enjoyed this for many years and the coaches and it is heartbreaking to see them so upset about the nonrenewal

Tatiana Dillon (Cabot, 2024-03-15)


The Harrisons lead with their heart, body and soul!!! They’ve done so much for the Stone Co. soccer organization which my daughter has been a part of the rec and travel league, and will hopefully soon play for the 7th grade team. Please do not force this kind of talent out of Stone county; this kind of talent is IRREPLACEABLE.

Jenna Thames (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


I’m signing because BOTH of these coaches have had a huge impact in my brothers life.

Emily Barkan (Wiggins , 2024-03-15)


Pat and Carissa have done a phenomenal job with the kids.

Brentley Strickland (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


I'm signing because you are making a big mistake!

Stone county suffers every year for teachers, administration, and coaches! Then you end up throwing someone in that barely has time to meet the obligations. You are killing Stone county school's athletic department by doing this! You are crushing the children.

Let someone with love in their heart, and time in their schedule lead our youth!

You are making big mistakes!

Kelly Worrell (LUMBERTON, 2024-03-15)


They should not take sports away from the children. They already don’t have anything in Wiggins for them. This Keeps them focused on school and out of trouble. Those kids have to earn their spots on the teams and they work hard to stay on them. They shouldn’t be punished by taking away the sport.

Crystal Judd (Gulfport, 2024-03-15)


They have been a positive influence on so many kids and young adults! They have worked so hard for the kids of Stone County to grow not only on the field but off the field as well.
Pls reconsider the original decision, and renew both coaches contracts. It is for the better of the kids of Stone County.

Heath Maddox (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


Kids need sports

Denise McNamara (Gulfport , 2024-03-15)


Pat and Carissa are irreplaceable. They lead and mentor students both on and off the field. They are passionate about their sport and their athletes. Does the public not have a right to know why the superintendent chose to nonrenew this couple? All that was said is that they are poor influences on the students and poor representations of Stone County. Those of us who have had Pat and Carissa coach our children know this to be completely untrue of our firsthand experience. I have yet to hear anyone speak out against these coaches.

Laura Fultz (Bracey, 2024-03-15)


I use to play for the Stone High girls soccer team. It’s sad seeing that they are trying to take away a sport based off a personal opinion.

Katie Anderson (Wiggins , 2024-03-15)


I’ve had 2 boys coached under Pat Harrison, and I have nothing but respect for him!

Kerie Pearson (Perkinston, 2024-03-15)


These coaches have been successful on the field, successful in getting our kids scholarships, and successful in building character in our team.

Mike Hatten (Perkinston, 2024-03-15)


they have coached my child and I believe in them

lucretia simpson (wiggins, 2024-03-15)


I am signing because they are wonderful people who are Christian leaders at Stone High School. They love Stone County and the kids they coach!

Cyndi Hunt (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


I feel these teachers have done nothing wrong. They a very committed to their jobs and their students. They are good leaders and deserve to remain in their current positions where their leadership is needed.

Janice Moore (Wiggins, 2024-03-15)


I do not even have a child in the school system as of yet but have witnessed only positive things come from the Harrisons being at stone county schools. I went to college with Carissa and though it has been years ago, I can once again only say good things about her and her character. Stone county would definitely be losing a key asset to the community and school system letting these two go.

Meagan Prescott (Wiggins, 2024-03-16)


These coaches have made an indelible impact on the youth of stone county. To not renew their contracts would be a huge disservice to our community!

April Brand (Wiggins, 2024-03-16)


Patrick Harrison and Carissa Harrison are both EXCELLENT coaches and incredible human beings! The decision to not renew their contracts is shocking and purely driven by false thinking. Please don't allow this to happen. Our athletes deserve coaches who care and that's what they currently have!

Rhonda Aikman (Wiggins, 2024-03-16)


Both these coaches are dedicated educators and coaches that dedicated their lives to our counties young men and young ladies.

Jon Cobb (Perkinston, 2024-03-16)


I believe in standing up for what’s right and I personally know both coaches and know they have the kids’ best interest at heart

Candice Boone (Wiggins, 2024-03-16)


My grandsons have grown so much under coach Pat. They have matured, grown spiritually, and improved academically. There is no justification for not renewing his contract. The administration is being pressured for political and racial reasons.

Timothy Rabideau (Vancleave, 2024-03-16)


They are some
Of the most kind hardworking god fearing people
Our kids need more of in their life! Don’t fire them it will be a huge mistake!

Megan Hyatt (Perkinston, 2024-03-16)


Awesome coach who has influenced my son’s (Aiden Guinn) life tremendously, on the field and off the field. Such a great loss if the decision stands on removal.

Regina Schwers (Ridgeland, 2024-03-16)


Pat and Carissa have been outstanding for Stone County and have completely changed the program in a positive way and manner. They are great coaches and even better people.

Landon Perry (D’Iberville, 2024-03-16)


We moved from stone county bc of the school district. The ONE hesitation we had was not having our boys play soccer under their leadership. These two leaders are still intentional about our boys, showing they truly care about our family. The tremendous growth and success of soccer in Stone county leads straight to their leadership; not to mention the impact they have had with FCA as well. Stone County has made a big mistake and needs to reconsider and publicly apologize.

Amber Perry (Diberville, 2024-03-16)


All boys deserve to play the sport they love!!

Michael Dubuisson (Waveland , 2024-03-16)


These two coaches are amazing coaches and amazing leaders in our community! They have helped raise some great young adults, and I believe that they would continue to be great leaders for our youth in this community.

Jonathan Spears (Wiggins, 2024-03-16)


I am a family practice doctor and worked in Stone County for 5 years and witnessed how amazing Pat/Carissa have been for the community. It would be DEVASTATING to Stone County to lose these two. I am so disappointed that it has even come to this and has not been resolved by the school board yet.

Meagan Taylor (Mobile, 2024-03-17)


I'm singing this petition, bc I feel having coach Pat and Carrisa at SHS as teacher and coaches is a huge asset.

Tabatha Coulter (Lumberton, 2024-03-17)


The treatment of these coaches by administration is absolutely disgusting!

Natalie Mauffray (Perkinston , 2024-03-17)


My kids

Hannah Hodges (Wiggins , 2024-03-18)


I want to keep coach Pat and Carissa!

Bryan Griffin (Perkinston , 2024-03-19)


These coaches have made a huge impact on my kids lives. They truly care about each and every student. And on top of that, GRADES matter to them! The whole boys JV and varsity team (35 boys) all had As and Bs the whole year! That speaks volume

Heather Lizana (Mchenry, 2024-03-19)


I'm signing because they are amazing people and do not deserve to lose their jobs. They are great influences on our youth!

Kortney Robbins (Wiggins, 2024-03-20)


I play for this team

ayden lizana (Mc Henry, 2024-03-20)


The Harrisons are amazing people and have grown the Stone High Soccer programs to what they are today.

T. Paige Henske (Perkinston , 2024-03-21)


I am signing because these coaches did nothing wrong. They have done nothing but produce productive citizens of society. The superintendent is trying to get back at a group of who got her non renewed!

Zachary Breland (Perkinston , 2024-03-21)


These two are good coaches

David Taylor (Perkinston , 2024-03-22)


I believe the Harrison’s are what we need as far as leaders for our soccer program! They are great leaders and have done so much for our community, school and rec programs!

Janet Bond (Mc Henry, 2024-03-22)


Stone county needs the Harrison’s! My son doesn’t play soccer, but he plays football and is part of the FCA.

Jenni Fleming (Wiggins, 2024-03-22)


I feel that jut in bringing FCA back the Harrison’s deserve to be recognized as assets to the school system and community. In a school system that is struggling to retain teachers I don’t understand why 2 teachers who have put so much into our school system are being let go…for seeming what to be for no apparent reason.

Karrie Reed (Mc Henry, 2024-03-22)


Hello, My name is Kacey Jones and my son is Preston Tyler Jones (P-Nut). My son has played at Stone since he was a little boy growing through the different levels and leagues of soccer Stone has to offer. He has had numerous coaches and administrators throughout the years until he got to middle school. Even though he wasn’t in high school quite yet the High school coach saw something that other coaches knew he had and Coach Harrison let him try out and got to play for the high school team. To me it’s not that my son was better than anyone else but the chance to give him early learning to train like the high school team and prepare him for the upcoming years. As he has learned and trained under Coach Harrison Preston has grown to become a better team player and is Co-Captain in his junior year. Coach Harrison has built this program to become one of the best programs in the state. They CARE and They GIVE unconditionally to the children like no other. You will not find a better Couple of Coaches for Boys and Girls like you have now. Being that my Son is going into his Senior Year without a Coach that he looks up too and Respects in so many ways is heartbreaking for him that he has even told me that he doesn’t care to play next year or even finish school now because of all this mess. All you can really do is ask yourself what would God do in this????? Everyone deserves the chance to make things right and to better themselves. Don’t overlook the BIG picture here; your destroying A LOT of KIDS hearts that have worked hard and wanting that chance to play for great coaches. Politics ruin a LOT of things in this world, Do you really want to ruin these kids coming up through this program they have worked so hard to build. Can you really sleep at night knowing that you’re doing this to the kids? All I ask is to do the right thing and keep them there. God does!!!!!!

Kacey Jones (HATTIESBURG, 2024-03-22)


I am signing this because these coaches go above and beyond for our children and they should not be forced out. Our children love them and deserve to keep them as their coaches and as role models.

Leann Gonzalez (Wiggins, 2024-03-22)


I am signing because the Harrison’s deserve to keep their jobs. They have done great things to benefit the Soccer at SHS and the community rec league.

Gracie Flurry (McHenry , 2024-03-22)


I support the Harrison’s

Erica O’Neal (Wiggins , 2024-03-23)

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