Zeekee's Law



Because I have two of these beautiful souls that I have adopted and waiting on a third to join our family. The unimaginable cruelty that is ALLOWED to happen in Spain to these beautiful creatures is beyond imaginable. They must be included in Animal Humane Welfare laws and to hide behind a completely false statement that the are not Sentient beings is ludicrous

Jody Duffy (Cranbrook, 2024-03-16)


Charlotte and her family and every other rescue work relentlessly to save the Sighthounds of Spain yet laws fail. Laws for all sentient beings are needed. We urge you to listen. It's with great love that we ask. We are their voice. Thank you

Michelle Chatrand (Mississauga, 2024-03-16)


I feel very strongly that the Animal Welfare Bill needs to be changed to include hunting dogs. The hunters need be to be responsible for the care and welfare of their dogs and accountable when they inflict cruel acts of any kind upon them.
The cruelty to these beautiful creatures needs to stop. Its barbaric.
That is no place in a civilized society for this type of cruelty.

Diane Harris (Edinburgh, 2024-03-16)


I have a dog rescued from hunters by 112 Carlota Galgos and have seen first hand the wicked cruelty these dogs are subject to

Ann Savage-Lewis (Caerphilly, 2024-03-16)


These beautiful, gentle, affectionate dogs are sentient beings and should be recognised as such. The Spanish Government should hang their heads in shame at passing a law to exclude them from welfare laws.

Carol Cox (Baschurch, 2024-03-16)


My daughter has two beautiful Spanish Galgos, it’s absolutely disgusting the way these beautiful dogs are treated

Gwenda Findlay (Perth, 2024-03-16)


The treatment of these poor dogs is inhuman. The Spanish government should be ashamed.

Jennifer Laidler (GUISBOROUGH , 2024-03-16)


The recent law that was passed was an abomination

Dillian Maas (Ilminster, 2024-03-16)


It is far from okay what is happening in Spain with the hunting dogs. It has to stop! It is 2024!!

Inge Rademaker (Katwijk Zh, 2024-03-16)


No dog deserves the cruelty and total lack of care and compassion. Where is the humanity in these people and what gives them the right to do this.

Teresa Coomer (Cardiff, 2024-03-16)


I am signing this to be a voice for the galgo Espanol that cannot speak for themselves in the hopes their government will recognise them as sentient beings and end the awful cruelty they endure at the hands of their galgueros.

Amanda Graham (Oldham, 2024-03-16)


Spanish Government: STOP this cruelty!

Yves Franceschi (Mulhouse, 2024-03-16)


I'm signing in bc i believe ALL dogs are equal so the hunting dogs in Spain HAVE to be protected by law, NOW. NO MORE ABUSE OF THE HUNTING DOGS IN SPAIN. PLEASE‼️‼️

Helle Andersen (Kalundborg , 2024-03-16)


There is no place for such atrocities against innocent animals in a civilized society. Enough is enough. Protect these dogs!!

Mary Stewart (Longwood, 2024-03-16)


This needs a change in laws to protect all hunting dogs in Spain

Carol Foster (Southend-on-sea, 2024-03-16)


Galgos deserve the same sentient designation as other animals & pets in Spain, the abuse the Galgo endures from humans is cruel and sadistic.

Andrew Bulloch (Toronto, 2024-03-16)


This is barbaric behaviour. Spain considers itself modern but this attitude against hunting dogs is ridiculous.
Spain is still in the middle ages.

Laura Savill (Tourouzelle, 2024-03-16)


I'm signing because we believe strongly that hiding brutal, unacceptable treatment of animals, and in particular hunting dogs and bulls behind the "excuse" of tradition must end. And it must end now! Please be brave, step out from behind the curtain of politics, take the risk of losing some votes, and pass effective laws to end these inhumane behaviours. Enough is enough!

Bruce Pearson (Stittsville, 2024-03-16)


I strongly believe Galgos should be treated with kindness and respect.

Janet Shaffer (Nepean, 2024-03-16)


I´m signing because this is Cruelty beyond Belief and the laws on Hunting Dogs HAS to change!!! Galgueros as with ALL dog owners need to respect and care for their animals and be held responsible. Lack of basic education that should be taught in schools...these Monsters who do what they do to poor animals like Zeekee need to be hauled into court and face the consequences!

Henrietta Whitney (Campo Mijas, 2024-03-16)


This barbaric treatment of Galgos must end! Each life has a right to live without abuse. Galgos are thinking, feeling, loving souls that are suffering at the hands of the hunters. It’s inhumane and has no place in civilized society.

Debra Hogan (Cottonwood, 2024-03-16)


I’m signing because the way in which these beautiful galgos, who make wonderful pets, are used is absolutely disgusting, as is the fact that when they are no longer ‘of any use’, they are left to die … many in horrific circumstances.

Susan Mitchell (Dunfermline , 2024-03-16)


I am appalled by the cruelty these beautiful dogs suffer. Animals welfare laws should absolutely cover these animals and I call on the Spanish government to change their animal welfare bill to include these dogs and to look into their plight.

Sarah ZALUCKYJ (Lyonshall, Kington, 2024-03-16)


No dog, regardless of breed, deserves to be neglected and beaten. They are sentient, even though the Spanish government thinks they aren't.

Bonnie Brown (Macomb, 2024-03-16)


The cruelty and abuse these beautiful dogs endure is horrific and Spain should be ashamed of itself for allowing it to happen.

Bernice Happs (BRIGHTON, 2024-03-16)


How can anyone not sign this? I’m ashamed to be a human sometimes. Absolutely vile behaviour.

Lynne Harvey (Welshpool, 2024-03-16)


I have seen the result of the cruelty shown to these animals as they struggle to survive with the dedicated love and care of the Del Rio family who rescue, do everything in their power to heal them and find them forever homes. As a dog lover it is heart breaking to see the condition of the dogs when rescued. How a government can deem that a living loving animal is not a sentient being is beyond my comprehension.

Margaret Burgess (Oldham, 2024-03-16)


I believe such cruelty cannot be allowed to

Judith Hamilton (Gateshead, 2024-03-16)


They deserve protection, too!

Janet Stoefen (Davenport , 2024-03-16)


This is to stop this barbaric cruelty of this beautiful dogs

jeanne Lowe (Wakefield, 2024-03-16)


This is the most discussing thing I have ever seen. They are living beings with a heart and a soul. Nothing should be made to suffer at the hands of such cruel people.

Victoria Smith (Blue Ridge, 2024-03-16)


No animal should be abused and perpetrators need to be held accountable to the fullest extent.

Debbie Toro (Troutman, 2024-03-16)


I am signing because all living creatures deserve to be treated with care and dignity. To use an animal for a person's enjoyment and then discard them is Wrong! The person is the one that should be hung. Dumped in a well, break limbs and dump in desert. The cruelty is beyond belief

Teresa Wright (Dallas, 2024-03-16)


The galgos in spain should be dogs and saved by the law

Ernst Binnekamp (Enschede , 2024-03-16)


Any civilized country should have animal welfare laws that protect all animals
Especially the national dog of Spain, the galgo. You should be proud and protective of this historic breed of Spain

Colleen Conine (Punta Gorda, 2024-03-16)


I'm signing because it is morally wrong to continue to allow these gentle, sensitive living beings to suffer the cruelties that continue to be inflicted on them by hunters. The government of Spain must acknowledge that the cruelty inflicted on hunting dogs is unacceptable, and prevent it from continuing – anything less is immoral, and as deliberate a cruelty as the blow that broke Zeekee's jaw and condemned her to a painful death.

Kim Duhaime (Mille-Isles, 2024-03-16)


I’m the proud owner of a rescue Galgo who is the sweetest soul

Lisa Coles (Keith, 2024-03-16)


Galgos deserve a home and to be treated as a member of your family... stop living in the middle ages and act now

Cynthia Mans (Grimbergen , 2024-03-16)


I'm signing this, for my love of animals! 💕

Jen Lowe (Memra , 2024-03-16)


Having shared my life with two of these magnificent dogs, I can say without a doubt that galgos are sweet, wonderful, intelligent, sentient beings. They deserve to be viewed as such, and they deserve to be protected by law.

Caroline Halliday (Bedford, 2024-03-16)


I'm signing this petition to protest against such barbaric and inhumane treatment of these beautiful dogs and want lawmakers in Spain to change their legislation to stop such cruelty!

Julie Sluz (Cranbrook , 2024-03-16)


In this day and time, I can't believe a country will permit such Barbaric Abuse to go on. It doesn't say much for a country and it's people. I won't spend my money vacationing there until the country and the horrible hunters become more Humane!!

Sherri Crisman (Palm Coast, 2024-03-16)


It is past time the Spanish Government raises the national consciousness and treat these sentient creatures with kindness and respect. Civilized nations are judged by the way they take care of their animals.

Patricia Berger (Cincinnati, 2024-03-16)


Its animal cruelty

Jill Cameron (Moncton, 2024-03-16)


I’m signing because I want to see the abuse of the galgo end.

Marlene Davis (Halifax, 2024-03-16)


It is unthinkable in 2024 that a European Govt can be allowed to pass a law that legalises animal abuse

Sandy Taylor (Woodbridge, 2024-03-16)


Cruelty to animals is never acceptable. This is not only cruel, it is barbaric.

Philomena McVarnock (Belfast, 2024-03-16)


This is barbaric and shameful! Spain relies heavily upon the tourism industry, we should all boycott this country until they stop this appalling cruelty! My heart aches for the cruelty inflicted on defenceless animals by the worst species of all, the ‘human’ race!!

Sheila Henderson (Sunderland , 2024-03-16)


This has to stop!

Christiaan Beumer (Arnhem, 2024-03-16)


The current animal welfare laws in Spain do nothing to protect the hunting dogs. Disgusting!!

Helen Lobb (Wadebridge, 2024-03-16)


This is unhumane...there finally needs to be a law to protect galgos and podencos

Elke Stellemans (Middelkerke , 2024-03-16)


Galgos are sentient beings and deserve to be included in the Animal welfare bill.

Jo Mitchell (London, 2024-03-16)


These dogs are such wonderful beings, that need to be protected by us.

Ariane Febres-Cordero (Burgwedel, 2024-03-16)


Signing is the right thing to do. What is swing done to these beautiful animals is horrifying!!! It needs to stop!!!

Shannon Rutherford (Second North River, 2024-03-16)


It is digusting that Spain does not respect the rights for hunting dogs and other animals. The abuse of the galgos and podencos are extremely cruel.

Kajsa Olsson Gustaver (NykÖping, 2024-03-16)



Bonnie Van Kooten (Gouda, 06.06, 2024-03-16)


The cruelty this poor girl suffered was beyond horrific. I loved her to the moon and back the minute I saw her 'on the screen'. Her passing just broke me...and still does. The laws regarding animals in this Country HAVE to be changed to protect ALL of them.....

Ani Hart (Brisbane, 2024-03-16)


The treatment of these innocent dogs is inhumane and horrendous. It is beyond understanding that civilized human beings perpetuate such cruel behaviour towards these dogs.

Patricia MacDonald (Dartmouth, 2024-03-16)


These gentle beings are being beaten, kicked, dragged behind cars, starved and neglected by their owners, the Galgueros of Spain. The violence inflicted on these sentient beings must stop. No living being should be treated in this way. STOP the cruelty and protect these beings.

Susan Leslie (Marco Island, 2024-03-16)


I'm signing this because this cruel and inhumane treatment of hunting dogs in Spain needs to stop. It is barbaric and antiquated.

Cheryl Bondank (LENEXA, 2024-03-16)


No dog should ever be treated like this. They should be loved and respected. Anyone who does this to a dog is a sub-human evil piece of crap.

Kristina Gagne (Valley Center, 2024-03-17)


Animal cruelty is disgusting. Anyone who mistreats an animal needs prosecuting.

Galgueros do not treat their dogs as living beings, they are a thing. The way Galgos are treated is appalling!!!!

Claire Langridge (Leighton Buzzard , 2024-03-17)


Hunting dogs ARE sentient beings and deserve to be protected by law! This cruelty is unacceptable and should be considered a crime.

Lydia Norder (St Catharines, 2024-03-17)


Because I care. I see the cruelty & I see those who fight to restore these precious, gentle dogs. They are sentient beings & the law should value & protect them!!

Anita Morse (Brentwood, 2024-03-17)


I’m sick of the cruelty inflicted on these poor animals. We need to be a voice.

River Galgo LKZ (Hailsham, 2024-03-17)


Stop the mulder of galgo s

Cristel daniels (Heteren , 2024-03-17)


This abject cruelty must end. Spain MUST take responsibility and acknowledge that the financial rights of hunters and the hunting industry DOES NOT outweigh the rights of these sentient beings to be ignored while the rest of Spanish dogs are protected.

Louise Walters (North Vancouver, 2024-03-17)


I adopted a Galgo. How they are treated is beyond appalling and must be stopped

Andrea Finch (Addingham, 2024-03-17)


For my Chica.

Michele Wright (Delta, 2024-03-17)


What happens to tens of thousands of hunting dogs each year in Spain is beyond words. I cannot believe they have been excluded from the new law. This is a disgrace and shows how far behind Spain is as a country and a people. I would feel ashamed to be Spanish.

Iris Feisst (Bad Homburg, 2024-03-17)


I cannot abide this cruelty or understand why the Spanish government have excluded hunting dogs from their animal welfare bill - I would have hoped that they had more heart and integrity

Jennifer Poel (Chelmsford, 2024-03-17)

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