Save Missouri's Wild Turkeys! Reverse All Day Hunting Back to 1:00 P.M. Close!



The Missouri Dept. of Conservation is going to ruin the Turkey population that’s already in a decline! It’s not necessarily the number of kills that will decline the population but you have to think about a mother hen tending to her nest! Any Turkey hunter with commonsense knows a hen leaves mid day to go lay on there nest! Allowing hunters to hunt all day will give them the potential to bust hens off of there nest which will then decline in the number of poults we will have! More than likely a few times of doing that and those eggs will not be hatched! It happens already hunting until just 1pm!

Derrick Todd (Trenton, 2024-03-26)


The wild turkey is declining rapidly. Would like to see out of state draws

Cole Daugherity (Sumner , 2024-03-26)


An all day season is the last thing the wild turkey of Missouri needs at this time. We need a year round coon season and year round thermal season before that ever happens.

Trey Ream (Eagleville , 2024-03-26)


Cause this is a bad idea the turkey population is already hurting from all the coons. This needs to end asap

Adam Cooksey (LAREDO, 2024-03-27)


I don’t not agree with all day hunting because our neighboring states are struggling with Turkey numbers and have reduced bag limits and started draw systems for non resident hunters.
It makes absolutely no sense for Missouri to open the season up all day when 90% of missouri turkeys hunters know the numbers are down in our state as well.

Cody Sadler (Joplin , 2024-03-27)


Our wild turkey population needs all the help it can get and extending the shooting hours will most definitely result in more birds being killed. Also more people in the woods busting broody hens off the nest and reducing hatch rates.

Clint Burnett (Ludlow, 2024-03-27)


I care about the future of the wild turkey in all states and habitats.

Kip Strickland (Bondurant , 2024-03-27)


I care about the turkey population in our state

Joseph Weimer (Salisbury MO, 2024-03-27)


I feel like the whole Midwest. Including us. Are struggling with our turkey numbers.

Ira McCauley (Defiance, 2024-03-27)


I don’t want to ruin our turkey population

Kale Mccubbins (Salisbury , 2024-03-27)


Our Turkey population is on the decline and clearly MDC can’t see that. They must think that our population is great to not follow suit (enlisting non resident draws, lowering tag number, and lowering tag quota) to every state that touches us.

Adam Gorka (Saint Charles, 2024-03-27)


Turkey population is crap and this will definitely not help and will provoke more out of staters!

Caleb Ireland (Trenton, 2024-03-27)


All these years we didn't hut past 1pm to keep from bothering nesting hens. Our turkey are on the decline, and some jackwagon decides we should open it up. Ok..
So people get more opportunities to hunt? It's the same people deer hunting. They make sure they get time for that! What a joke. MDC is a joke!

Michael Overton (Brookfield , 2024-03-27)


I want turkey populations to increase not decrease.

Tanner Lent (Chillicothe , 2024-03-27)


Saves turkeys for the future!

Jordan Summitt (West Monroe, 2024-03-27)


Turkeys numbers are down already and then MDC decides to make the hunting day longer on them. Typical MDC being clueless to what is actually good for Missouri Hunters just as long as their pockets are full.

Garrett Zahner (Brookfield, 2024-03-27)


Hunting after 1pm increases the stress on hens and their nesting habits. These afternoons are crucial for hens to be at their best taking care of future poults. The less time hens spend on their nest, the higher the chance for predetor's to attack the nests. On my farm, I care about my turkey population more than anything else. I have already set rules in place on my farm for all hunters that we will not be just hunting past 1pm. This new law, among others, is another example of how the MDC has very little knowledge on how to manage wildlife and their habitats.

Nick Shelton (Troy, 2024-03-27)


Turkey numbers are low I don't think it's a good idea to put more pressure on them in the later day as they go to roost

Mccormick Campbell (Chula , 2024-03-27)


If anything needs to change it needs to be taking away fall hunting and the harvest of ANY female turkeys.

Treavor Adkison (Norborne, 2024-03-27)


Missouri Conservation is doing the wrong thing. It’s all about the money to them and not our turkey population.

How about limit non resident tags or go to a draw.
Stop hunting at 1:00 pm
Go down to 1 bird per person. Or at least non residents 1 bird and residents keep at the 2 bird limit.
Bounty on predators!!!
Millions of dollars are set aside to improve the habitat for turkeys. How about set some of that aside and put a bounty on predators until the money is gone.

So many options out there to help the population but what Mo Conservation did will NOT help!!

Patrick McGinnis (Richmond , 2024-03-27)


Wildlife is ti admired and adored. Yes there is reasons for hunting which I totally get but also we are destroying another animals way of life not just the turkeys. It’s all about the eco system and checks and balances.

Burke Smith (Ballwin, 2024-03-28)


I’m signing this petition because I think the all day hunting will adversely affect our Turkey population and will also create more conflict between mushroom hunters and Turkey hunters. It will also make the Conservation Agent’s job a lot harder, longer and require more hours in the field, which is already in short supply. If you talk to out of state hunters, they come to Missouri to hunt turkeys because of the conservatively managed population, not because of increased hunting opportunity.

Jeff Berti (Trenton, 2024-03-28)


Love turkey hunting but don’t like where population is heading. Then MDC does this

James Langley (Clarksdale , 2024-03-30)


I’m signing because I’m strongly against all day turkey hunting in MO!

Clint Roby (Brookfield , 2024-04-03)


The wild turkey is in a severe decline and now with more turkey hunters than ever if Missouri goes to all day hunting the Decline will grow tremendously! Missouri is one of the only states left that closes at 1 and with that the birds get a rest in afternoon and with this they seem to gobble all 3 weeks of season. Goin to all day hunting with shut the gobbling up quicker in the season due to pressure like Arkansas and Mississippi!!

John Porter (Campbell , 2024-04-09)

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