Braunton needs more Affordable, Secure Homes for Rent



I would like to see people I know who have always lived here to be able to stay living here. I don't see myself buying my own property in my life time so it is a good idea. Another concern for the whole of Braunton is to protect the banks! The road by the humpback bridge is only slightly above sea level. Also the great field is only slightly above the tide line without the banks. That was 150 years ago too so maybe more today.

Jack Phillips (Braunton, 2024-04-06)


I have two children aged 20 & 22. My eldest has just finished a 6 month rental in a flat in the village at a cost of nearly £5000.....
She is now having to move away, to North Wales in this instance to stay with her boyfriends mother, because they cannot afford to purchase locally.
I have a son who is desperate to stay in the village. Currently all living at home.

Nick Phillips (Braunton, 2024-04-06)


My daughter who is 22 and her fiance have been renting a flat in braunton. The rent was 850 per calendar month.For a 1 bedroom flat. They are now living with us and are moving to North Wales in a few weeks to live with another family member..Their hoping they can get on the the property ladder in Wales.

Ruth Phillips (Braunton, 2024-04-06)


We have been issued a section 21 and are desperate to stay within the village. Our 2 children attend school in the village and have their fiends and we all have our support network here too. What the CLT ate trying to do is greatly needed in our area.

Daniel Collins (Braunton, 2024-04-06)


I have lived in Braunton since 1984, I went to school here, worked in the vets and the gp surgery and also was special constable for 4 years in the village. I have 2 children who I wanted to bring up here, they attend school in the village. We have rented our current home for 10 years but we have been given a section 21 as landlady wants to refurb and sell. We are desperate to stay within braunton/chivenor/knowle area for our children's sake as well as our own. We are on the long list with the council but have been told we my be housed out of North devon.

Maria Collins (Braunton, 2024-04-06)


Secure affordable housing for local people is desperately needed in North Devon "tourist destinations". If families are forced out of their home areas we will not have viable communities in the long term.

Ruth Downie (Ilfracombe , 2024-04-06)


This is an important development for the future of our village

Tegan Beechey (BRAUNTON, 2024-04-06)


We need affordable rental homes. Homes are needed and local companies need staff to be able to open and provide a service to this area.
Site 1 is bounded by trees and is not farmed.

Penny Johnson (Braunton, 2024-04-06)


We need more affordable housing in the area

Emma Blackburn (Barnstaple, 2024-04-06)


I used to live rent in Braunton and know how expensive it is. We moved away, because we 'inherited' some extra children couldn't afford to rent a 4 bed property.

Rebekah Compton (Bideford, 2024-04-06)


I am a resident of Braunton and have seen how hard it is for locals to stay in the area. I would like to think that my children would be able to live here when they are older, but with prices as they are and the number of second homes and holiday rentals, I can’t see this happening.

Charlotte Baldwin (BRAUNTON, 2024-04-06)


Braunton is in dire need of affordable/ rental homes. Would acccess on site be available next to Home Hardwares warehouse?

Brian Gilbert (Braunton, 2024-04-06)


Affordable housing for local people protected from greedy speculators longterm is desperately needed in North Devon . Very best of luck with this enterprise that supports the local community.

Denise Rogers (Ilfracombe, 2024-04-06)


Because I feel this is so important, Braunton needs affordable rental houses for the local people, that are long term.

Claire Dorrell (Braunton , 2024-04-07)


Braunton, like most of North Devon needs affordable housing for all those that live and work in the area. Until proper controls are put in place for second home ownership, and buy to let investments, more affordable housing is needed.

Tim Miles (Bideford, 2024-04-07)


We need more social housing to keep our economy alive and create a better opportunity for local families and workers

karly la fontaine (Bideford, 2024-04-07)


I was forced out of the village I grew up and worked in because there was no affordable housing for locals.

Fay Snook (Bideford, 2024-04-07)


On an average income, I am lucky to be able to rent in Braunton and be here for my nearest and dearest. But this shouldn't be a case of good luck! Anyone who needs to live here should be able to do so without fear of being forced out by wealthier people.
It's ridiculous and tragic to see so many new houses being built, yet locals are forced to leave family and friends because they can't afford these new properties. The CLT proposed sites would give a lifeline to so many people, and in the process nurture a happier community in Braunton. Tesco and NDC: are your objections really vaild, or is this all merely based on money? If it's the latter, please think again. In the long run, community cohesion pays greater dividends. Please see the bigger picture, and look at the long term.

Anthony Glynn (Chivenor, Braunton, Barnstaple, UK, 2024-04-07)


We desperately need more affordable housing for local people, too many houses are sold for far too much, way out of anything we could ever afford & I am fed up of seeing houses being knocked flat then a glass black box appearing in it's place only for it to be rented out for holiday's AGAIN way out of any price we could afford down here unless your one of the 'privileged'.

Jane French (West Down, 2024-04-07)


I’m signing this because there is a desperate shortage of affordable decent housing in the area for local people to live in. There’s way too many vastly overpriced developments and rentals.

catherine lewis (barnstaple , 2024-04-07)


There is not enough affordable housing in Braunton

Ashford Hannah (Barnstaple, 2024-04-07)


Braunton just like the whole of north Devon desperately needs more affordable homes. I am genuinely scared for my child’s future in north devon if affordable homes are not available or truly affordable for the average wage of this area

Tracey Hill (Barnstaple, 2024-04-07)


The area needs social housing desperately

Linda Upton (Bideford, 2024-04-07)


There is a desperate shortage of affordable rental homes here. The lack of basic housing provision for those on local salaries is virtually nil, as the housing association properties rarely become available.

For single people like my 36 year old daughter, there is no hope of getting her own home, sadly.

Morag Parker (Barnstaple, 2024-04-07)


This area more than most with holiday let's and over inflated house prices need proper social housing so everyone has the chance of secure long term housing

Donna Lavercombe (Barnstaple, 2024-04-07)


we are desperate for afffordable housing.

Carolyn Baker (Braunton, 2024-04-07)


Affordable homes are vital

Clair Clair (Corsham, 2024-04-07)


I have never been in a position to buy a house and have been renting in and around Braunton for the last 26 years. I know how difficult it is to find somewhere. I also worry that my children would not be able to carry on living in the area when they are adults and that fewer young families will be in the village.

Anita McIntyre (Braunton , 2024-04-07)


More affordable housing is needed. Not another tescos!

Lisa Vincent (Holsworthy, 2024-04-07)


I am one of the local people who is struggling to find someone to live for myself and my 2 children. Currently having to live with my mother as unable to find us a home

Courtney Cherrier (Braunton, 2024-04-07)


Because too many private homes have been snapped up by companies for holiday homes and local people are being forced out of the area due to extortionate prices compared to the average wage in the area!!

linda ackroyd (Wrafton , 2024-04-07)


Braunton needs homes for everyone, we need local families and single people to be able to live where they may well have been brought up and not priced out.
It's all about community....

Helen Gill (Braunton , 2024-04-07)


I feel strongly about the current crisis, especially for young people like myself who are concerned for our futures in Devon. I think this is a very positive plan!

Cassius Lay (braunton, 2024-04-08)


There is so much building going on around Braunton and Chivenor at the moment, which is far too expensive for local people, I was caught up in potentially being homeless, it is a very scary and frightening prospect at the age of 65, I once owned my own home but was priced out of the market eventually because it is so expensive here, so I am all for building houses for local people and keeping it that way, like the old fashioned council house used to be, a home for life.
I currently private rent and the cost is colossal, I’m worried incase I have to move again soon and I am far too old to keep moving around and being unsettled, I fully support this build, only for local people though!!!!

Maria Simms (Braunton, 2024-04-08)


I'm signing because in the 20 years that I have lived here I have continuously faced the fear of becoming homeless. Second houses are not more important than first homes.

Alexandra Dahl (Woolacombe, 2024-04-08)


I'm signing this petition as like so many, having lived in Braunton for many years I was forced to leave due to high rents and house prices. The community of Braunton will fall apart if it is left to holiday accommodation.

Phil Saunders (Bideford, 2024-04-08)


Its important for local communities to be able to try and find solutions to our chronic lack of housing It is in Tescos interest to support, or they will be boycotted

Alexandra Richards (Bideford, 2024-04-08)


I’m concerned that so many people are homeless, or are in poor housing or are in insecure rentals

Elizabeth Wood (Braunton, 2024-04-08)


More houses are needed that people can afford and stay where they have family and social networks

Kelly Jewell (Barnstaple, 2024-04-08)


A complete lack of affordable accommodation in Braunton is a massive problem for local people and I understand that there are significant issues with developers in Braunton and the wider area failing to stick to their promises regarding the provision of affordable housing within other developments.

Stuart Young (Braunton , 2024-04-08)


Rental is too expensive in this area for a minimum wage earner like myself

Caro Zaliskyj (Braunton, 2024-04-09)


There is an obvious and urgent need for affordable, secure social housing in Braunton.

Bridget Oliver (Braunton, 2024-04-09)


we need the housing for rent for local people, badly.

keith hillier (braunton devon, 2024-04-09)


Homes desperately needed

Patricia Adams (Braunton, 2024-04-09)


There are not enough affordable housing for local people nor are any of the new builds cheap enough for local residents to be able to afford

Philip Taylor (Ilfracombe, 2024-04-10)


i feel we need to create this housing need

Roger Byrom (Braunton, 2024-04-10)


There is a fundamental need for housing of this nature to support the infrastructure of the local community for a variety of reasons.

Richard Bond (Braunton, 2024-04-12)


There is such a great need for affordable housing to buy and affordably long term rental properties.

Andrew Cork (Braunton, 2024-04-12)


I’ve lived in Braunton all my life I’m now 43, my eldest daughter couldn’t afford to buy in Braunton she had
To leave the area to be able to get on the property ladder

Marie Buckingham (Barnstaple, 2024-04-12)


We need affordable housing. Far too much housing going up which is not. Not fair on local communities.

Sarah Bleach (Barnstaple, 2024-04-12)


There is a housing crisis, solutions need to be found to provide affordable homes

Tracy Reed (Exeter, 2024-04-12)

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