Smaller classes for grade K at CPP

To: Newfoundland & Labrador English School District
Re: Petition for Additional Kindergarten Class at Coleys Point Primary
Date: Sept 13, 2019

As stated on the Government of Newfoundland Department of Education website ( "There is a class size limit of 20 students for Kindergarten" in this province. As the Board is aware this is a hard cap with the understanding that it is in the best interest of both students and staff to have smaller classes to transition these young children into all day schooling and strive for the best possible education.

Currently at Coleys Point Primary (CPP) there are 4 classes of kindergarten and all are past the Gov of NL stated hard cap of 20 children per class.
Mrs Butler's Class- 21 children, Mrs.Dawe’s Class- 22 children
Mr.Lawlor's Class- 20 children, Mrs.Loder's Class- 22 Children.

This over crowding of the classes puts added stress on parents, staff and students. Cramped classrooms are counter productive; lend to a poorer quality of education and less learning opportunities which is vital to the students future success. This needs to be rectified now to have as little stress and disruption to the students and staff as possible.
We the undersigned request that an additional teacher/class be created to rectify this wrong doing. With the addition of this class all kindergarten classes at CPP will be below the stated hard cap of twenty students per kindergarten class with recommended class sizes being 17-17-17-17-17. We anticipate the board to rectify this over crowding of classes and work with the best interest of the children in mind to have the new classroom fully staffed and functioning as soon as possible.

CPP Kindergarten Class of 2019-2020 Guardians and Supporters


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