Shepherd Park Plaza driveway parking restoration

For over 50 years Shepherd Park Plaza residents have not encountered any problems parking in their own driveways which are on a side street for corner lot homes. 

However, recently the city is ticketing all vehicles in these driveways claiming the vehicles are over the sidewalks. How can this be suddenly an issue? How can this be an issue especially in light of the fact the city approved the plans for this neighborhood over 50 years ago and during the past half century not given out tickets to residents parking in their own driveway?  In the 60s and 70s vehicles were larger than today and the driveways have not shrunk in length. The only thing that has changed is time and attitude. 

The Houston city council and mayor must adopt new city ordinances to grandfather our neighborhood to allow residents and their guests to use their driveways regardless of the sidewalk. Without this, our rights to park in our own driveways are stolen, our property values diminished, and the fear of a parking ticket hovers over us while we leave our vehicles in the drive during loading or unloading, or while letting the vehicle cool off before putting it in the garage (this is a safety habit which avoids a fire risk!).

The alternative is, we can no longer use our driveways, we park in the street much more often and this causes traffic jams. It forces large vehicles to slow down and potentially not get through blocking ambulance, fire, rescue and trash services. It would also cause chaos at Christmas and clog these side streets.

Please sign this petition and protect our parking. Also forward this petition to your guests, family and friends to sign as they will get a ticket if they park in your driveway. 

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