Staley Upper Elementary

As many parents are aware there’s been questions comments and concerns with staley since the beginning of the 2018 school year. We’ve dealt with the principal the assistant principal the superintendent ignoring everyone. They don’t bother returning no calls don’t bother to answer any questions. Only thing they have said was they can’t do anything because there’s more kids then staff. We’ve dealt with ignorance when it comes to our kids. This school and the staff don’t care about the safety of our kids. The bullying is way out of control at staley. What happen to schools being against bullying? Kids are afraid to use the bathroom because the bigger kids hang out in there picking on and bullying smaller kids. Parent pick up and drop off is also unorganized. This also has been a issue since the first day. A child is going to get hit. Everyday the kids are getting dismissed at a different time. I never know when my child is going to come out. Students are being unsupervised and walking out of the school when they want before dismissal time. We need this school to change. We need the safety of our kids to come back. I’ve myself contacted several people and received no calls back. It forced me to go higher up. We need changes. Our kids life matters. Would you want your kid going to school and being afraid to go to the bathroom? Would you want your kid coming home saying he was bullied?

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