Stop the Tyranny in Pima County!

Supervisor Heinz has yet again petitioned the Board of Supervisors to have a mask mandate. 

From his memo:

Discussion/Direction/Action: Directing the County Administrator and County staff to implement a mask mandate for all students, staff and visitors at all K-12 public and private schools within Pima County, effective immediately, as an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the peace, health or safety of Pima County.

The rest of his request here. 

In addition, looking at the rest of the addendum, they are continuing to intimidate and harass county employees who do not want the vaccine. 

Sign the petition telling Supervisor Heinz, and the rest of the board, we demand NO mask mandate in Pima County for anyone, especially our children. We also demand they allow every employee to decide for themselves whether or not they want the vaccine.

Shelley Kais, Chairman Pima County Republican Party    Contact the author of the petition