An annual holiday that celebrates the stars in the sky by having ten minutes of the night on April 19 for all of the lights in the U.S. to be shut off. This would be amazing as who knows what the night sky could look like for everyone in the United States even those who never get to truly see the amazing galaxies and stars that are around us. (let me know if you have any ideas for this new soon to be holiday). This contribution is not only my petition but will become your petition as well so spreading the word helps. The more people that get behind and support it the more likely it will actually happen. Thank you!  Just sending a text or post to let people know about this petition can then become your petition. The only way this petition will work if more people take on the role of promoting and supporting this mission that seems to me like a very possible holiday. As the word spreads and people learn and continue to take this on a personal goal as well as a national goal, it could grow. Media and top level officials could help with the cause and help inform more people. So add this to your own personal goals and have a chance to see the night sky like never before. Just think of all the people who live in cites who have never seen the night sky as it was meant to be seen(including myself).... Who wouldn't want this to happen? 


 I just started this petition on 1/11/21 so sorry if it sounds wordy... 

Let me know what you think! 


Just remember this isn't my petition, this is your petition as well and you are the one that is going to have to make the difference too. 

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