State Department will not provide help Inoccent American Citizen

We the undersigned hereby affirm feel that  United States, Stated Department, should get involed in this case.

My name is Timothy Williams, I am a retired US Army Veteran,
and am currently work a Civilian Contractor in Afghanistan. I am writing you on
behalf of Denise Smith, she is my daughter. Denise is a Military dependant who took
a job with an American Contract Company, ITT Exelis, who is a subcontract
company for Fluor on the Log Cap IV project in Afghanistan.  Denise was going over to Afghanistan to support
the US mission for her country. She was assigned to the Log Cap project back in
September 2012, and fly out of Greenville, SC on October 1 along with other
coworkers, coming to Dubai enroute to Afghanistan. Fluor had Human resources
representative to pick her and the other personnel up once they arrival at
Dubai Airport. They were pick up and drive to the Hotel that the company had
pick out. She was put in shared rooms, where she only took a shower. The Airplane
from the United States went to Paris, and then to Dubai at where time landing
around 1030 PM. Which mean that Denise bags went through customs at least 4
time prior to arrival at Dubai and been pick up by the FLUOR Human Resources
representative at approximate 1115 PM, she arrival at the Star Metro Hotel in
Dubai, and sign in around 1250 AM the morning of the 3 October, she was then
loaded back on the bus at approximate 0315 am the morning of October 3. Sir
there is no way she could have brought ammo round from the United States to
Dubai. But she was told when she can back through Dubai on the 15 January 2013 they
have a case again her. she was detained and had her passport taken by the Dubai
Police and was not told anytime for over 4 hours. She was then told that a bag
of ammo round was found in the kitchen cabinet in the room that was assign to
her and another person back in October 2012. this is very unlikely that Denise
could have brought any ammo rounds and left in that room. Now the Dubai police
is try to say that her finger print was on the bag of rounds. This is very
untruth, what is the motive for her to bring rounds here, she was on her way to
a good job, have a great husband who is serving in the US Army, and currently
deploy to Afghanistan himself. Why do an Innocent American citizen have to go through
something like this by themselves, without any help from the Prime Company on
LOGCAP 4 (FLUOR)? FLUOR knew about the situation back in the month of October,
and did not notify Denise or the other American lady that was in the room. Nether
Fluor or the Dubai Police will tell us what day the rounds was find on, or who
find them...Especially since this was a shared room, and no one really know who
was in the room prior of after the two ladies left. Now
Dubai Police is tell us they found her finger print on the bag of rounds, which
is impossible cause she never seen the round before.  It is a shame that we have American company
bring us citizen through a country and will not raise a hand to help. These
company is winning major contract worth a lot of money, and do not want to get
involve when there the one who put this person in this situation, not matter
what an American citizen should not be left at the mercy of another country
without any help.  A case like should
have been handle through the Prime Company, and never should have got this far,
as of today, Denise and myself have been stuck in Dubai since the 15 January
2013. You assistance would be greatly appreciated. There approximate over
million American fly to or through Dubai any giving year. Denise is still been
detain in Dubai, UAE. If you feel that the United State  Department should get involve please sign



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