Stop Dogs Left In Freezing Cold


Dogs are Being Caged and Left out in the Cold, in Mississauga
                                   Peta USA is Involved
One Mississauga, Canada house in particular is currently leaving 3 dogs locked and caged, all day, all night, and they are never removed; not for even 15 minutes a day.  This is legal right now. The current laws say an owner can do this cruel thing to a dog.  You can have your say against this at Mississauga City Hall, this January 22, 9 am.  On this date, City Councillors are considering to open the existing By-law, to prohibit such a cruel practice; ONLY if enough people show-up and voice their outrage.

Say no to this cruel practice.  Sign this petition if you want to make a change, and have people required to take indoors their dogs; in freezing-cold temperatures, and in the extreme hot.