Stop the removal angle parking from businesses fronting Meninya Street, Moama, N.S.W.

Murray River Council Planning Proposal intends to remove angle parking in Meninya Street between Blair street and Echuca street cross roads. The purpose of this is to facilitate a transition to a Commerical precinct harmonious with a STOP and STAY principle, expressed in the guidance for the proposal.

What the Council will not be able to address is the negative long term financial impact upon businesses that rely on STOP and GO trade. For some this will require either relocation or closer or loss of substantive revenue as the impacts are felt. 

This petition assumes you're consulted with the Council and found that the proposal will not be able to address your business concerns regarding the removal of Angle Parking.

The purpose of this Petition is to send a clear message to the current Council, that the proposal has inadequately evaluated the impacts to businesses and therefore property values and livelihoods.

1. Do not REMOVE angle parking a vital part of businesses trading.

2. Look for other means to address issues related to safety and attracting customers to our business precinct. (i.e. TRAFFIC LIGHTS, MOAMA LIGHTS ).

3. All respondents will be invited to help present the concerns to council. 





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