Stop the wedding venue at 100 Raptor Point

To: Dare County

From: Swan View Shores Homeowners Association (SVS HOA)

Topic: Preventing a large event venue in a residential neighborhood (Swan View Shores)

100 Raptor Point Drive on Colington Island was recently purchased by Tony Joseph of I Do Obx Weddings, LLC. Tony plans to convert the residential property into a wedding event home that can handle 125 guests plus staff. Weddings would occur three days a week during the six-to-seven-month wedding season according to Tony. He plans to build a wedding pavilion along with a large, tented area, for receptions and a bathhouse with multiple bathrooms for guests. 100 Raptor point is located just south of the Swan View Shores community and is not part of Swan View Shores HOA.  

The signers of this petition are strongly against having 100 Raptor Point become an event site for three key reasons:

Traffic – The volume of traffic into Swan View Shores via Swan View Drive (25mph) would drastically increase impacting all residents along that street. Other prime concerns with this traffic increase are speeding and drunk driving. There are lots of families along Swan View Drive with children and pets.

Noise – The amount of noise flooding the community from announcers, bands, DJs, etc. will be a nuisance and constantly violate Dare County’s noise ordinance. Most wedding events will last until 10pm. Many folks in the community are trying to sleep by then especially if the next day is a workday.

Decreased Property Values – Imagine trying to show a house for sale while a wedding reception is happening a few lots away. More than likely, those buyers will look elsewhere.  

We are calling on Dare County to prevent 100 Raptor Point from becoming a large wedding venue. Almost all of the homes within Swan View Shores have local, permanent residents. This is quite different than the large rental homes along the beachfront where you will rarely find a permanent resident. The proposed event site at 100 Raptor Point will have a lasting negative impact on the community.

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