Support Healthcare Heroes Who Witness The Truth of Vaxx Harm & Underwhelmed Hospitals

Our Healthcare Workers, our first responders, have witnessed firsthand what is really going on in the medical and hospital arenas, yet they are being censored. They know the truth about the serious side effects and adverse reactions and events caused by the mRNA vaccinations/treatments used to combat the Sars-CoV2, Covid-19 infections/disease.

They’ve seen that the hospitals are not overwhelmed with covid-19 patients, but rather reports leave out pertinent explanatory data or are highly exaggerated and inflated. For example, a hospital may have 10 beds and only 5 covid-19 patients or they may be understaffed, so the report might be that the hospital is at capacity. They have also witnessed that many of the covid-19 patients are vaccinated patients.

Most of those who have entered the healthcare field have done so because they care about people- especially their clients’ health. Anytime censorship is employed, it should be seen as a red flag that points toward falsehood. When there is only one narrative, there is only propaganda and indoctrination.

Our Healthcare Heroes should be given a platform, voice and serious attention- their testimony has weight and will allow people to make the best decisions regarding their own health.

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