Support the Ale House Staff

December 1, 2014


Dear Mr. Gomez;


I understand you are poised to take ownership of Pete’s Waterfront Ale House, an establishment I’ve been enjoying for nearly a decade. According to the letter Sam Barbieri distributed to employees, you intend to keep many of the Ale House’s distinguishing features, such as the name, some of the décor, and the staff. Writing on behalf of Ale House patrons, we do hope that is true, especially in the case of the latter.


I don’t remember what drew me to the Ale House the first time, but I know what brought me back: the bartender who made me feel on that initial visit as though I already belonged. The staff are why we have all kept coming back, forging friendships with them and with each other such that every visit to the Ale House feels like a happy reunion. The staff have celebrated with us on happy occasions, and shown us tremendous support and compassion in sadder times.


In this borough of rapidly changing neighborhoods, the Ale House is a rarity in its consistency and longevity, and in the duration of its high-quality and knowledgeable employees whose loyalty to the establishment is reflected by our own. We do sincerely hope that there will be a place for all – bartenders, servers, kitchen and custodial staff – who wish to stay. They are the heart and soul of the place.


Kind regards,

Monica J. Smith


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