Show your support to Billy Booze nightclub in their fight for night opening allowance

This is a digital signature collection where you can easily and quickly show your support and love for the soon to be 10-year-old bar and nightclub Billy Booze in their fight to get renewed night time opening appropriation .

A night appropriation, the club right now may not be awarded, which means Billy Booze have to close every night at midnight. That will ultimately mean the death of the club. There are many of us who will be extremely sad if this happens.

The Copenhagen Board of appropriations has denied Billy Booze a renewal due to a former executive's mistake and a simultaneous stop for the allocation of new night appropriations in the area where Billy Booze is located.

They need YOUR support and moral support with a "signature". The more people who support, the easier it will be to convince the decision makers that we are many who love Billy Booze. That we are many who want to preserve Billy Booze, a place with room for everyone, and that one should not close a successful business with over 20 employees and force the layoffs and grief of many people because a desk error has been committed.

Show that you hope Billy Booze can continue to spread joy and celebration. Show that you do not want a closure. Show your dissatisfaction with the Appropriations Board's decision.

In advance thank you

Read more about the case here:


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