The Hughenden swimming pool facilities


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I have had a breif meeting with the council on this regard, I would like to see a community meeting held to discuss what is going to happen and how the new system will work. The pool is predicted to open in September, so they have alot to work out and publicise in that short amount of time. 



On behalf of the Hughenden community, I (Olivia Price) write this petition to the Hughenden Shire Council to ask to re-evaluate your decision to keep the Swimming pool an unmanned site. This is not only a dangerous decision, but it is also taking away from the community and not to mention tourism in our town. As a town that is planning for the future it sure seems like the town pool has been left to the side and has been forgotten about.  


As a mother and community member I would like to see the Hughenden swimming pool back up and running to how it was in the past if not with more features that accommodate our weather out here (i.e., Put in more walls for privacy and screening from the winds or have a heated pool for the cooler months). The Swimming pool should run enough hours to supply the need of the towns school sports and functions, learn how to swim schools for family’s and their children (Learning to swim is a “LIFE SAVING SKILL” that should not be taken lightly.) Running classes for the elderly or activities for the town. Managers or swim instructors that hold all relevant certificates in order to safely conduct these lessons should be appointed to the job (even if they were sourced from out of town or managers to be provided adequate training to do it themselves. For the number of children in the town there should be at least two days available for swimming lessons each week and also more for the school aged children.  

Renovate the building that is there and reopen the Gym. Having these facilities in a town of this size is a must, we have waited to long for it to reopen and now is under a pathetic token system that is monitored by cameras! This needs to be a fully operational pool facility!  

Something like the town pool could be used as an asset for the town as water always attracts people! use it to your advantage, look at your neighbouring towns and grab a leaf out of their book! This town is trying hard to “BE NOTICED” well look at the things that are being neglected and fixed them problems up first. A town of this size should have enough people to warrant a full-time pool manager/s. The pool was not only good for children to learn how to swim and gain confidence in and around water, but it also has its benefits for the elderly, people with physiotherapy needs, people of the community just getting together and being able to connect with each other, school swimming classes and competitions to be run again. So many benefits that are all just taken for granted and not even worried about by the council. This town needs this service provided to the community and is taking a big step back in time if it isnt.   


Please sign this petition if you are in agreeance that there needs to be new contractors appointed to the day-to-day running’s of the Hughenden Swimming pool. The pool needs to be a manned site. Council needs to put out a tender for this position to help our town's pool get back up and running how it should be.  


Thanks for your support,   Olivia