The National Association for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms calls on the global conscience to protect the Palestinian people The right of indigenous peoples to self-determination “the Palestinian

طوفان_الاقصي.jpg  NADRF strongly condemns the war crimes committed against the Palestinian people in the light of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip, where the number of martyrs in Gaza has reached 2,750 and injuries to 9,700 so far, 60% of them are women and children. There is information indicating that more than 1,000 are missing under the rubble of the destruction, which confirms that this is a war of extermination for this steadfast people to protect their land from the ambitions of the settlements spreading throughout the occupied territories in the complete absence of respect for the international mechanisms that criminalize these ongoing crimes without deterrence by the international system. Ironically enough, this entity finds supporters against a besieged people that commits all kinds of racism against it. NADRF praises the position of the Egyptian leadership in its full support for the Palestinian people and its permanent work to bring aid into Gaza Strip and its genuine initiatives to prevent displacement and forcing the Palestinians to leave their lands for preventing the Zionist plan to empty the Palestinian cause of its content. This was confirmed by the Palestinian side, which confirmed its adherence to the land. It is an obligation for the people who are steadfast on their land to preserve it and thwart this criminal plan. It may be time for the United Nations to align its mechanisms to have a role in protecting and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples (the Palestinians, the original owners of the land), in line with its declaration issued in 2007, where the declaration stressed the importance of preserving and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, and it came through the following articles of the declaration:   Article 7: 1.    The peoples concerned shall have the right to decide their own priorities for the process of development as it affects their lives, beliefs, institutions and spiritual wellbeing and the lands they occupy or otherwise use, and to exercise control, to the extent possible, over their own economic, social and cultural development. In addition, they shall participate in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of plans and programmes for national and regional development which may affect them directly. 2.    The improvement of the conditions of life and work and levels of health and education of the peoples concerned, with their participation and co-operation, shall be a matter of priority in plans for the overall economic development of areas they inhabit. Special projects for development of the areas in question shall also be so designed as to promote such improvement.   Article 8: 1.    In applying national laws and regulations to the peoples concerned, due regard shall be had to their customs or customary laws. 2.    These peoples shall have the right to retain their own customs and institutions, where these are not incompatible with fundamental rights defined by the national legal system and with internationally recognized human rights. Procedures shall be established, whenever necessary, to resolve conflicts which may arise in the application of this principle. 3.    The application of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article shall not prevent members of these peoples from exercising the rights granted to all citizens and from assuming the corresponding duties.   Article 10: 1.    In imposing penalties laid down by general law on members of these peoples account shall be taken of their economic, social and cultural characteristics. 2.    Preference shall be given to methods of punishment other than confinement in prison.   As stated in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which requires ratifying states to abide by its articles and to demand non-ratifying states to respect it and work with it within the framework of complete peace and security, especially in Articles (6, 7, 8, 20) and consistent with the International Covenant on Economic and Social Rights, in addition to Article (15) of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, which emphasizes granting independence to occupied countries and affirming the rights of the colonized people to demand the independence of their lands in accordance with United Nations Resolution (D-15), which is what NADRF has intended since its inception to respect international mechanisms as their intellectual reference. NADRF affirms the rights of the Palestinian people (indigenous peoples), the owners of the land and occupied by the usurping entity since 1948, through which many massacres and inhuman crimes were committed, disregarding all international conventions and mechanisms that always emphasize the protection of indigenous peoples and their rights. NADRF affirms that the indigenous peoples whose land has been usurped have the right to resist in order to regain their land, which is what the Palestinian factions have done over the past years, especially since all the resolutions issued by the United Nations and its mechanisms are not implemented, specifically regarding building settlements on Palestinian lands. Security Council Resolutions in this regard No. 2334, issued in 2016, in which it demanded Israel (the usurping entity) to stop settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, and 14 members of the Security Council voted in favor of the resolution, while the United States abstained from voting, but after the issuance of the resolution the usurping entity continued to build settlements and confiscate the lands of the Palestinians on Gaza border, which is now called the cover of Gaza, which witnessed the events of October 7, 2023 leading to inflaming the feelings of anger of the indigenous Palestinian population towards the usurpation of their lands and summoning settlers from all over the world to harass the Palestinian people and besiege them with a separation wall to prevent them from life which confirms that the absence of international justice and the continuation of double standard measures will lead to more human massacres under the eyes of the entire world. NADRF calls on the international community to bear its responsibility and listen to their consciences before the rights of the defenseless Palestinian people in the face of the war of genocide pursued by the usurping Zionist entity with the unjustified blessing of the United States of America and some of its allies in the West. Therefore, NADRF decided to launch Her campaign #Palestine_the_right_to_life, with which it will address the consciences of the free world to stand up to the war of extermination of the oldest indigenous peoples, whose children blood are shed every day since the beginning of a war led by the entity usurping the Palestinian lands.   NADRF calls on the United Nations to: -      Issuing decisions to immediately stop military operations in Gaza Strip and restore basic rights (water, electricity, gas). -      Establishing safe corridors for relief convoys entering the Palestinian people from the Egyptian Rafah crossing to central Gaza. -      Stop the plan of forced displacement of the indigenous population in Gaza to neighboring countries or anywhere else -      Holding an international conference under the umbrella of the United Nations to develop a radical solution to the Palestinian issue that includes the right to return the land to the Palestinian people (indigenous peoples) and approve the necessary compensation for the damages that occurred to the Palestinian people from the year of its occupation until now. -      Move a call to the International Criminal Court for war crimes and genocide that are occurring against the Palestinian people, and for the International Criminal Court to take its role in holding the leaders of the usurping entity accountable for the crimes that occur against the Palestinian people on their land.   NADRF also calls on the Arab countries and the world to: -      Adopting the Egyptian initiative to send humanitarian aid to Al-Arish Airport and continuing its entry without interruption and emphasizing the importance of supporting the Palestinian people in their ordeal. -      Continuous pressure on the government of the usurping entity to stop the war on the Palestinian people. -      Pressure on the United States of America and its allies from the West to stop their military supplies to the usurping entity, which are used to kill civilians from the Palestinian people. -      Stopping the media campaigns directed by countries that support the usurping entity and spreading misleading news about the Palestinian people. -      The National Society for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms also calls on civil society organizations to: -      The association calls on civil society to be aware of its role in documenting the crimes against humanity that are occurring against the Palestinian people on their soil and to work to internationalize these massacres before the United Nations in line with its international mechanisms. -      Calling on all relief organizations to contribute effectively to establishing camps within the Palestinian territories to provide health and other logistical services.   Finally, NADRF invites everyone to join its campaign #Palestine_the_right_to_life

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