The Resignation of Missoula Public Library Director Slaven Lee

On Sunday September 17, 2023 Taylor Marston (Missoula Public Library Makerspace Specialist) turned in his letter of resignation with a two weeks notice to Library Director Slaven Lee and her Management Staff. Here is that letter: 


On Wednesday September 20, 2023 Taylor arrived at the Library to start the first of his last days, beginning with responding to emails after his two scheduled days off. Taylor did recieve acknowledgment of his resignation and a thank you for his work with the public from Director Slaven Lee.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. on the same day, Taylor met with his immediate supervisor, Allen Seelye (IT Director), who proceeded to tell Taylor that Library management would prefer he leave immediately. Taylor is a member of the Montana Federation of Public Employees, and there was no offer for a Union Represenetive to be present at this meeting. In fact nearly all of the Library's Union Represenetives were conveniently out for the day. He was then given a few minutes to collect his personals and then escorted from the building all while crying.

If you have worked with Taylor at the Library, then you know how incredibly hard working, dedicated and patient he is with the citizens of Missoula. For his first several months in the space he never recieved coverage to take a break and thus was often unable to even use the restroom during that time. He still remained positive and helped our community. Taylor has presented this and several other needs to both Allen and Slaven periodically in his year and a quarter at the Library. Both were aware of many situations before Taylor sought other employment. 

These actions taken against a valued staff and member of our community are not only deplorable but they are HIGHLY unethical. The current staff of the Library now has precedent set that any issues can not be presented to the Management staff for fear of being disciplined. Slaven Lee and her team had an amazing oppurtunity to show empathy, growth and applied change. Instead she chose to act with laziness and cowardice. Our county employees all deserve better. Our tax payers deserve better. 


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