To stop McGarrell Reilly removing the planned crèche in Lusk and replacing it with housing


It has come to the attention of Lusk Action Group that McGarrell Reilly has made a submission to Fingal County Council to remove the planned crèche in Rahenny Park and replace it with housing.

There has not been a crèche built or granted permission in the Lusk area since 2008 (when even then there was a chronic shortage) while the population of Lusk has grown from 8,814 in 2011 to 10,646 in 2022. There is planning granted for a further 700 houses in Lusk who's population consists primarily of young families.

A Planned crèche at  Skerries Road, Lusk By Charles Reilly as part of the Lusk Village development was never built and the site is currently being used for construction stoarge for equipment and materials redressing Pyrite issues. 

A planned crèche at The Forge Development by O’Dwyer Nolan Developments Limited under F06/0608 for the construction of a 2-storey crèche of 280m² as part of “The Forge” development has not been built by the developer with the site remaining derelict and for sale since November 2021.

Both these developers are responsible for the majority of homes built in Lusk which has resulted in a population density that has the least amount of services and facilities of any town in Ireland with similar and lower populations. They both have a moral and social responsibility to provide these much needed services to the town they have built and profitted hugely from, something they have not done to date.

Currently all of the existing crèches located in Lusk have, for the most part, recently had to close their waiting lists as the demand would significantly surpass their capacity for a number of years. This chronic shortage has resulted in families having to use facilities in neighbouring towns which is completly at odds with Fingals Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029 to make Lusk a self sustaining town.

In order to prevent this happening again, we need to stand together as a town and let Fingal Co Council know that we do not want this to happen. 

Please support this Lusk Action Group campaign to retain a crèche within the existing planning permission and implore Fingal County Council to reject the application and support the local community in the provision of adequate childcare spaces to an already depleted childcare landscape.

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