U-46 bring our librarians back full time!

UPDATE- I brought the petition along with quite a few supporters (thank you!) to the board meeting on Feb. 28th. It was also in the Examiner on 3/2. Keep forwarding and signing if you haven't already in case we need to present it again.

Thank you all!

Please only signatures from people who reside or work within U-46. If you are staff, please identify yourself as such. I want this to be completely legit. Your information is not given to anyone else.

At a time when the district is focusing heavily raising the literacy and comprehension of its students, it is ironic that the one place within the schools where our children have the opportunity to explore and grow in their love of reading, the libraries, have suffered the cutbacks in staff and funding that is critical in assisting the district to reach its goals.  Many librarians have been cut forcing the ones who are left to split their time between schools leaving our libraries to sit idle for half the year. Their jobs have become more hectic in that they are forced to focus solely on the detail aspects of what they need to get done rather than allowing them the ample time needed to spend time with students reading them stories and furthering their interest in a love for reading.

This petition is being respectfully submitted in an effort to ask the school board to consider the consequences of library and librarian cut backs in the district budget and to ask that funding be found to bring our libraries and librarians back to our schools full time.

U-46 hagan nuestros bibliotecarios tiempo entero!
Por favor solo firmas de personas que viven o trabajan adentro de los limites del Distrito Escolar U-46.  Quiero que este documento sea totalmente legal.  Su información no se le dará a nadie mas. 
Durante un tiempo en cual el distrito se enfoca en levantar el nivel literario y la comprensión del estudiante, es irónico que las bibliotecas de nuestras escuelas (donde nuestros estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de explorar y crecer en su pasión para leer) han sufrido por la reducción en personal y fondos.  Nuestras bibliotecas y bibliotecarios  son critico para asistir al distrito en cumplir esta meta.  Recortes de bibliotecarios ha forzado que esos que siguen en la posición, trabajen entre dos escuelas cual causa que nuestras bibliotecas se usen solo la mitad del tiempo.  El trabajo de los bibliotecarios se ha convertido mas agobiado y no les ofrece el tiempo necesario para leerles a los estudiantes y  ayudarles a cultivar  su amor por la lectura.
Esta petición es respetuosamente sometida con el intento de pedirle a el Comité Educativo que considere las consecuencias del recorte de bibliotecarios y para pedirles que encuentren los fondos para hacer a nuestros bibliotecarios tiempo entero y mantener nuestras bibliotecas abiertas todos los días del año escolar.

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