UK Law Change For Innocent Abused Animals

In the UK alone there is hundreds of thousands of Animals suffering at the hands of irresponsible Yobs who think it’s acceptable to steal and torture animals for fun.

In recent News just this week a gang of four youthes stole a Rabbit, tortured it, then set it on fire and threw it out of a Window. Just today there’s someone who hung a dog near a primary School. And not so long ago someone stole a Labrador, tied a brick to its neck and threw it in a canal.

Hung DogA lot of these idiots are doing it because of being under the influence of drug taking or alcohol which  is a separate issue that needs addressing, but the maximum jail sentence that is issued for such cruel crimes is 6 Months, released in 3 with good behaviour.

Most get probation, fined and banned from keeping animals which does not make any sense.

This is unacceptable and the Law needs to change to allow these people the same punishment for  crimes like assault, rape and murder.

The Government is already heading backwards, and the voices of the people need to be heard.

We the people (myself Included), would love to dish out our  own punishment on those involved and if it meant i wouldnt get arrested I would do the same to them they did to the Animal. These Idiots don't deserve to be walking the streets and breathing the same air as the civilized people in the Country.

Their freedom should be taken away and their life ruined forever for their crimes. A minimum sentance for any barbaric act on an innocent Animal should be 5 Years with no early release, and Psycological help while in Prison.

Psychologist already have linked the cruelty and murder of animals as a stepping stone for criminals to act these crimes out on Children and Women. It’s already devastating these Animals have to suffer along with their families, but with no true punishment these criminals are free to act out more sinister crimes further down the line.

Don’t let this happen, it could one day be your pet, grandkids, or even daughter that is victim to these Idiots.

This petition will be sent to the Government in hope the Law can be changed in the UK. Every Signature will count, and every Facebook share will eventually make this happen. It may even reach some of these sick immature cowards and make them realise that their days are numbered.


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