URGENT! Petition against the construction of SHPP (small hydro-electric power plant) at the Rupska River (also known as Kozaracka), in the area of the village of Dadince

Please sign a petition against the construction of a small hydro-electric power plant on the Rupska River in the village of Dadince (at the foot of the Mountain Cemernik in southeastern Serbia)! We need your urgent help to prevent further damage in this valuable natural resource, one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia. The inhabitants of Dadince and its surroundings depend on this river! It is used for drinking, bathing, irrigation, gardening and  livestock. The river is rich in common carp, trout and stone crayfish. It is full of minerals that make it medicinal. Please, help the people who are endangered by someone's insolent and arrogant idea! The inhabitants of Dadince and the surrounding villages truly appreciate your help.

Unfortunately, Serbia has started building small hydroelectric power plants in different natural sites in the country. The plants proved to be threatening to the environment, since they do not respect the regulations considering the smallest amount of water necessary for sustainability (The Rupska River has insufficient amount of water during the summer season!) The construction of the small power plant and putting the waterway into the pipeline would leave little or no water in the river bed and cause adverse effects not only to the biodiversity (fish habitat, vegetation and wildlife) but also to the people who live in the nearby (mountain) villages, including the nearby town of Grdelica, since the river supplies the town with potable water.Ultimately, this will cause a damage to the whole country since its springs of drinkable water are definitely in danger (according to the international organization BANKWATCH Network). In this insane plants project, Serbia would lose 100% of mountain rivers, to get less than 1% of electricity !!!

If you want to contact the authors of the petition with suggestions and ideas, or to share your experience, write to us at: grupagradjanarupskareka@gmail.com