Water Pollution: increase the budget for water protection and ban the plastic products

Hello all! We are young leaders who decided to take the initiative and start this petition to overcome this challenge. There are two steps to this solution, which are:

  1. We want a legally enforceable convention that creates a circular economy for plastic, with as little environmental damage as possible throughout manufacture and use. This will necessitate global restrictions on damaging items and acts, as well as product design standards and steps to minimize the production and use of virgin (never-used) plastic. We also want the vital role of millions of waste pickers in the informal waste sector, who account for more than half of all worldwide plastic recycling, to be recognized.
  2. The Government must reverse years of funding cuts to the Agency, boost polluter fees, and free the Agency from unduly business-friendly Government policies and instructions so it may pursue and achieve its main statutory goal of protecting and improving water quality.

Finally, by doing such a petition, we want to reduce the damage of water pollution and make sure that people are aware of the importance of the problem.Sources-of-Water-Pollution_Q640.jpg

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