Wattpad Mature Writers

I have put this petition together for all of us who are mature writers on Wattpad. I know that there have been other 
petitions, but Wattpad still hasn't made any changes. When I contacted them they said they were looking into making
changes. But I, and many others feel that looking into and actually making changes are two very different things!

We love to use Wattpad, and for many of us it's not just about the writing, it's about making friends as well. So we don't
want to use any other site, but we do feel singled out.

Rated R is not being recognised on Wattpad as it should. There is a high demand for a mature section and not all Rated R
stories are erotica, although there is also a very high demand for it! Erotica is one of the largest growing genres of this

Almost every other genre can be entered into the Watty Awards and have their own category but Rated-R stories dont
even come up on a search. Yet if someone under the age of 18 was to fan someone who wrote mature stories, they can
easily see everything! So this is not helping to protect underage readers at all! Something needs to be done.

Wattpad knows the age's of individuals so they should make it so even if you fan someone you can't see their Rated R if
you are under the age of 18. Or they should have another rating. To include all those stories that aren't hardcore enough
to be Rated R but do have some bits that would be more suitable for a 16+ audience.

I am writing a story that isn't completley Rated R but I rated it so, because of my concern for younger readers. I thought
(perhaps vainly) that it had potential and wanted to enter it into the Watty Awarrds and could not of course due to it's
rating being R.

This petition is for all those who are mature writers and readers who would like to see more positive recognition for
mature content. And also for all those who would like more safety for young people.

So please sign this petition and add any other points you think I have missed!



*R Rated work is 'Not searchable or public'.
*Tagging work using sexual references to warn users as to the content is prohibited
*Chapters are marked as 'private' by Wattpad not the writer even though the writer has already marked it restricted.
*A chapter containing more than three swear words will be marked 'Private' by Wattpad until the writer changes it.
*The writer then has to request each private chapter be reassessed. They will have to edit the chapter to Wattpad's specification
to have it released, however, if they edit at a later date even to correct a spelling error it will automatically revert to 'private and they must
request it is made public...again.
*Writers have to personally provide a link to each 'private' chapter so the reader can continue.
*Readers are forced to become a fan of the writer in order to read 'private' chapters. Surely you become a fan after you read the book!
*Reads and votes don't count for anything as there are no awards for R Rated material.
*Links to work marked 'private' by Wattpad are blocked by Wattpad, it will come up 'story unavailable' when you post the link on FB ect.
*The only way work can be found is via word of mouth and the reader must know the username and title of the book.
*Wattpad have recently disabled the function to search by username or title whilst carrying out work. This has effectivley closed the only
door open to R Rated readers and writers.