Petition for Resignation of Wausau Supt. Kathleen Williams

We the people of the Wausau School District call for the resignation of Dr. Kathleen Williams, Superintendent of the Wausau School District.  We feel that Dr. Williams is not an asset to our school system.  Allowing her to remain in this position will do irreparable damage to the district. Her actions have harmed the reputation of our schools, affected our ability to attract and retain the best possible teachers as well as new families to the district, weakened the quality of education in the district and compromised the support of the Wausau School Foundation.

We need a leader who is an engaged, connected and dedicated member of our community, not one who is merely a commuter. We do not believe it is appropriate nor is it acceptable for Dr. Williams to collect a $183,042 pension from the taxpayers of the state of Illinois, while also collecting a $157,994 salary from Wisconsin taxpayers and accumulating a pension in our state.

Under her direction, there was a severe breakdown of communication between the district and the community, a perceived lack of attentiveness to a situation in which she was directly responsible, a breach of conduct regarding the notification of the school board in seeking legal services and an apparent unwillingness to grasp the seriousness of her actions.  Dr. Williams has lost the confidence and trust of parents, students, teachers, district staff and taxpaying citizens.  In the interest of swiftly restoring the exceptional reputation of the Wausau School District, Dr. Williams should resign without delay so the board can immediately begin the process to search for her replacement.