Petition for Resignation of Wausau Supt. Kathleen Williams

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2013-10-14 00:44

It is not a winter holiday, we call it CHRISTmas!!!



2013-10-14 00:45

its about time.



2013-10-14 01:50

I feel that Ms Williams values do not reflect that of the community she pretends to serve.



2013-10-14 01:53

I dont feel that Ms Williams shares the same values as the community she pretends to serve.



2013-10-14 02:02

Ms Williams' lack of professionalism (asserting that people were using emotions and not logic) and disregard for proper protocol (going through the appropriate channels of authority) is extremely concerning and requires further inquiry at the very least.



2013-10-14 02:39

and Marie Northrup should be fired as well.



2013-10-14 02:41

In Wisconsin, retired East Maine 63 Superintendent Kathleen Williams just started a superintendent job in Wausau, earning $156,000 while collecting her $177,711 Illinois pension.



2013-10-14 11:13

Double dipping, Christmas hating administrators like this should be shown the door. The people are now finding out. It's time to go.



2013-10-14 12:00

This is ridiculous. She has to play devils advocate and all you people jump down her throat for trying to keep as much fairness to ALL types of people and religions in the PUBLIC school.



2013-10-14 12:34

It's time for the Superintendent of a School District to follow the wishes of the Majority, rather than cave to the fear instilled by the Minority.
Merry Christmas


2013-10-14 13:14

Looks like # 9 is in that very anti Christian 1%



2013-10-14 13:23

Dr Williams needs to understand that the spirit of Christmas is meant to be shared, not shut down.

#13 Re:

2013-10-14 14:20

#4: - A school district is about education, not about advancing your values.




2013-10-14 14:23

#9: - these people do not want fairness, they have an agenda




2013-10-14 14:49

Both Williams & Northrup need to be fired immediately.
wausau taxpayer


2013-10-14 15:04

This is an administration that is running around with a solution, looking for a problem.


#17 Not what the issue is

2013-10-14 15:44

#9: - It sounds like you were not at the public meeting so you probably are not aware of some of the bottomline issues.  Dr. Williams bypassed the bylaws and her job description and did not inform the school board of the change in policy.  It is the job of the school board to set policy and Dr. Williams' job to administrate and enforce it.  It was also very clear at last Thursday's meeting that she has lost the community's support. Regardless of your stance on church/state or type of music to be sung, it was clear she usurped the authority of the school board and at minimum should be reprimanded severely.  The public listened to the presentation last week and the board listened to the public. This is another way for the public to express their concerns.  All have a right to be heard and to stand up for their beliefs and concerns.


Merry Christmas


2013-10-14 17:00

Hey anonymous: What's your agenda? Public instruction is exactly what it says in this case the
public has spoken in majority.



2013-10-14 17:54

America was founded on godly principles and we must not forget this!
Wausau Citizen

#20 I REALLY wish this were written differently

2013-10-14 18:02

I would sign this petition in a heartbeat if it didn't include the pension issue. That was poor judgment on the part of the author of this petition. Any one of us would accept double salary if given the opportunity. Let's be honest about that. That is not Dr. Williams fault. It is a legal opportunity given to her and a secondary issue that clouds the other, more important issue at hand. I feel Dr. Williams should be fired for poor leadership and hiding an agenda from the board, as well as loss of confidence from her community, but I cannot sign a petition that also includes the pension issue.



#21 Re: I REALLY wish this were written differently

2013-10-14 19:24

#20: Wausau Citizen - I REALLY wish this were written differently 

I agree with the author of this comment.  I would gladly sign the petition as well but double dipping is not the issue.  Many individuals seek alternate employement after retirement and collect whether a public employee or not.  Her retirement is based on previous employment served not todays employment.  Plus its two different retirement systems. 

I still agree with the majority that Supt Kathleen Williams should step down. 




2013-10-14 19:24

RE: #20
I COMPLETELY agree. I could not sign for the same reason even though I do believe she has overstepped and needs to go.
Wausau Parent

#23 Dr. Williams speech - watch for yourself

2013-10-14 20:01

If you missed Thursday's meeting, here it is. All 4 hours, 21 minutes.
At particular interest is the 45 -46 minutes where Dr. Williams insults the audience with
"Sometimes logic doesn't trump emotion."



2013-10-14 20:41

What about the other four people involved.
Merry Christmas Indeed!!!

#25 Williams and Northrup need to go!

2013-10-14 20:51

We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, form a more perfect government, insure domestic tranquility and promote the gen- eral welfare, do establish this constitution.

Even our State Constitution acknowledges the Almighty God in the Preamble.

It's CHRISTMAS not a 'winter holiday'! It should be a Christmas Concert and Christmas break!

Insulting the citizens of this community by saying "Sometimes logic doesn't trump emotions" is grounds enough for her dismissal. Shame on her.