We need an Apple Store in Romania and access to Media Services like Apple One, Arcade, Apple TV+, Fitness+ and News+

This petition is an open letter to Apple to enable Media Services for all users, but also to have our own Apple Store.

This petition will be addressed to Apple Company in order to activate the following services and open an oficial Apple Store for the customers located in Romania.

1. Please add Romania in the list of countries that have Apple Media Services:

  • Apple One
  • App Store
    • Apple Arcade
  • Apple TV app
    • Apple TV+
  • Apple News
    • Apple News+
  • Apple Fitness+

2. Please open an Apple Store

3. Please add Apple Care+ option

4. Please add romanian language to Siri

In the last 5 years, the large number of users with Apple products has increased significantly, which is why we have always been in the first wave with each launch of new products.

We also want to have our own Apple store, whether it will be in Bucharest, Cluj or Timisoara. We want services, we want to pay subscriptions but we can't because they are not available.

Countries such as Hungary, Slovenia, Moldova, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, etc. benefit from these services, and Romania, which is a much larger country with even more users of Apple products, cannot benefit from them.

Our Apple Community is growing day by day. Here you can find our Facebook Group. We are over 55k members:

Please join: https://facebook.com/groups/apple.romania


Sign & share this petition! We can do great things together. Stay safe.

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