Indict Fauci - Release Dutschke

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Indict Fauci-Release Dutschke

2021-08-06 14:42:10

-Fact--- In 2013, James Everett Dutschke was smeared, prosecuted and convicted by the Obama administration of Developing a Biological Weapon in violation of an international treaty ratified by a hundred nations. The Obama administration, Holder/Mueller/Comey at the helm of the DOJ, invoked a very rare national security presidential power (called a SAM order) to falsely imprison into extreme, no communication solitary confinement upon Mr Dutschke while they used the media to smear him and weaponized the DOJ (FBI) to unconstitutionally guarantee the wrongful conviction of the silenced and innocent Dutschke.

-Fact--- In this 2013 "ricin" case (the KC letters case), NO ONE was harmed by the alleged product, which the DOJ and complicit press called "a deadly biological poison with no known antidote".

-Fact--- Ricin is specifically (and therefore legally) designated as a CHEMICAL weapon (NOT biological). Yet the Obama administration's special prosecution team explicitly used the WRONG "treaty-enforcement statute" to prosecute Dutschke. They used the BIOLOGICAL weapons treaty (& statute) to 'enforce' for an alleged CHAMICAL treaty violation (ricin). Those are separate treaties, with separate "enforcement statutes", and yet the legally invalid indictment was allowed without question for the special SAM prosecution of Mr Dutschke

-Fact--- The Obama admin claimed "smoking gun evidence" was the claim of a "found" dustmask that "contained traces of Dutschke's DNA AND ricin".

-Fact---The labwork analyses by the National Bioforensics Analysis Center (Ft Detrick), the CDC and other national government expert laboratories, however, confirmed that the Obama/Holder/Mueller claims (repeated by the press ad- nauseum) of the "deadly" tool of assassination ('ricin') was completely FALSE. These analyses (exculpatory information) were hidden from the media, the judge and from Dutschke. The final toxicity analysis proved that the product was but a harmless decoy (similar to the 'drill' and 'poison school' product used in CIA training), meaning it can NOT actually/legally violate either the Biological Weapons treaty OR the Chemical Weapons treaty (BWCIA or CWCIA) 'enforcement statutes'.

-Fact--- Dutschke asserted his innocence during sentencing proceedings no less that 25 times and flatly stated multiple times (on the record) that Kevin Curtis (NOT Dutschke, himself) was, in fact, the mailer. Yet the judge convicted and sentenced him to a 25 year prison sentence.

-Fact--- Mr Dutschke was then sent to the uber-secret National Security Unit (SAM unit) with other high-level spy cases in the USADX Supermax prison (continuing the SAM) into extreme solitary confinement allowed NO human communication with any person (including his own attorney of record) by direct order of President Obama, as implemented by the personal hand of AG Eric Holder and endorsed by the personal hand of FBI Directors Bob Mueller then Jim Comey.

-Fact--- The very SAME treaty (Biological Weapons Convention) for which Dutschke was sentenced for NOT violating (the alleged "deadly ricin" was simply NOT that and NOT biological) specifically and explicitly lists coronavirus (in the Select Agents list) and viruses (such as coronavirus) all DO fall under the treaty's jurisdiction. Developing a biological weapon (or conspiracy to) IS a federal crime. Dutschke was prosecuted/sentenced for it. 18 USC 175(a).

-Fact--- Conspiring to develop a biological weapon IS equally a criminal treaty violation (of that same treaty).

-Fact--- "Gain of function" research (or in this case, researching HOW to infect or cause zoonotic transfer) of a respiratory virus IS weaponization.

-Fact-- Any weaponization of viruses (such as COVID/SARS2) IS, in fact and legally, a direct violation of the very same treaty Obama/Holder/Mueller/Comey imprisoned Dutschke for. Conspiring to do so (weaponizing coronavirus) IS, legally, treated the same.

-Fact--- It is a documented, established and inarguable fact that Anthony Fauci and Peter Dazak DID intentionally and willingly scheme to pay for and enlist and commission a foreign entity (the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China) to conduct that exact and explicit research, thereby violating the international treaty against developing a biological weapon (BWC) and its 'enforcing statute'. This matter is unignorably well-documented by Dazak's own on-the-record and public comments as well as his personal records... as well as the open-source documentation of NIH funds that Fauci himself had almost exclusive access to.

-Fact--- By the United States government's very own CDC accounting, the very same research that Fauci and Dazak conspired and schemed to commission from the foreign research (using US taxpayer funds) on viral 'gain of function' research from coronavirus samples (allegedly from bats) in order to intentionally infect humans DID, in fact, cause (as both a direct and proximal cause) over 600,000 fatalities in the United States alone, two million worldwide.

-Fact--- the product developed by the Fauci/Dazak scheme has caused more than 600,000 American casualties than Dutschke has caused (which is 0). This

difference is unignorable.

-Fact--- The product developed by the Fauci/Dazak scheme IS, in fact, biological in nature and in law and therefore fits and violates the Biological Weapons treaty. In contrast, the product allegedly developed by Dutschke was neither dangerous nor biological which therefore violates no law at all... and yet the effort to smear, prosecute/convict Dutschke became a shared goal of the media who all but has excused Fauci.

-Fact--- To date, neither Fauci nor his accomplice have been indicted for violating the international treaty against developing a biological weapon (which killed 600,000 Americans); Dutschke was (who killed zero Americans).

-Fact--- The government of China did, in fact, use human vectors to disseminate the Fauci/Dazak coronavirus to a foreign adversary. This is the final proof of intent to weaponize. Their disallowance of any internal motility of its potentially infected citizenry, the Fauci/Dazak coronavirus vectors to even nearby provinces, yet sending those vectors abroad, IS proof of intent. the final step of weaponization IS deployment (even if but a test), violating (again) the same treaty.

-Fact--- Anthony Fauci and Peter Dazak (prior to 2019 were considered champions and advocates of 'gain of function' weaponization) are, in fact and legally, guilty of conspiring to violate the international treaty against developing biological weapons as ratified by a hundred nations (including the US); and the people of the United States were attacked by the physical, economic, emotional and geopolitical damaging effects directly caused not only by the research and dissemination of the Fauci/Dazak coronavirus, but were also victims of the ensuing multiple frauds of public 'policy' handing/responding/mitigating it.

-Fact--- If the Fauci/Dazak coronavirus has been intentionally deployed using a live (or other) vector into an American shopping-mall or any major city in any way, there is NO ONE who would not call it a criminal terrorist biological attack
-Fact--- The failure of the current Justice Dept and its sycophantic media allies to demand indictment, IS proof that the American justice system is arbitrary, granting absolute immunity to those who are "in the club" (the entrenched and connected administrators) of even the mass murder of 600,000 Americans. The people of the United States, however, do/can/and hereby demand what the DOJ and media has failed to do.

WE, the undersigned, now demand the immediate release of J. Everett

Dutschke (convicted of developing a biological weapon that was neither biological nor weaponized, which did NOT kill a single American)


The rapid grand jury indictment of Dr Anthony Fauci and his willing accomplice for (ACTUALLY, legally and factually) their scheme to develop a biological weapon, 18 USC 175(a) (to wit-the Fauci/Dazak coronavirus) which IS, as a matter of law, biological and IS, by law, weaponized (by intent of their foreign adversary conspirators) and which killed 600,000 Americans; and for their subsequent public attempts to cover-up their involvement of the same, qualifying for Obstruction of Justice, 18 USC _____.

------True and fair justice (not that of a two-tiered system) demands no less------

Please sign this clemency petition.
Anyone wishing to learn more, interview by mail, or to otherwise correspond with Everett can now do so, without restriction. Please contact:
J. Everett Dutschke #15536-042 USP - Tucson
PO Box 24550
Tucson, AZ 85734

J. Everett Dutschke

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