Demand Middletown Public School Administrators Give All Our Students A Choice Before Erasing our Homecoming Dance Tradition

Sadly, we know the drill in Middletown, New Jersey.  Please help us save yet another tradition that the MTPS Administration is intending to take away without a care given to the voice of our children or community.  It has been dictated, without even a survey,  that our traditional Homecoming Dance will not be offered this year.  We have asked for a survey of all high school grades at both high schools and have been told that would not be happening and that they are moving foward with the Administration's plans and without the requested survey.  Our children deserve this experience.  In addition to a traditional "enhanced" bonfire (ironically suggested by the bonfire vendor for North) and a tailgate for South our children should be offered options for to partake in an over 50 year tradition of the Homecoming Dance.  A hall has been donated for Middletown North at the VFW so the children can attend the dance with masks optional because having the dance off premise will not be covered under the dictates set forth by Exectuive Order 251.  As the representative from MTPS Administration stated  they have only been in school for about three weeks due to mold.  How can they possibly gauge in this socially distanced, masked environment  with no Student Government election completed to date, what our children want???  Regardless, it is not just about the Seniors and Juniors represented by the election.  All students should be surveyed to determine interest.  This is about all four grades in the high schoolbut it also about preserving a tradition for the upcoming grades K-8.  Bayshore is having a Halloween dance, Thorne is planning their Winter Formal, but the Administration is dictating that our high school students not be given the options for a Homecoming Dance and have "decided to proceed with their plans".  Our children and our community deserve, at the very least, a survey which was repeatedly used last year and requires all the effort of creating a online form.  Please sign the petition to demand, at the very least, to have have a survey of all the student in all four grades and see the interest at both North and South.  Please share with all Middletown residents as this effects the upcoming grades, tradition, and the way our current Administration runs our public school system.

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