Alta view animal hospital are operating under illegal procedures and revoked license(s) responsible for numerous deaths of our pets among other things


. I am not out to profit, nor have I profited in any way by telling this story. No GoFundMe, no donations, not even a lawsuit (they are already in the middle of several lawsuits, as well as already lost a few in the recent past). My only purpose is to speak up for my sweet dog, Zorro, and inform the public about their licenses and premise license which has been permanently revoked July 13, 2020. Stop going here and keeping them in business. *sigh* It is too late for me but not for you. My ignorance cost me my dogs life; I am being the person I wish told me what I am telling you. And if you choose to dismiss me and think I'm just crazy, well I'm not. Do your own research. I was surprised at how many people I witnessed choose to completely ignore me when I begged them to just do a simple Google search but instead I got eye rolls as they handed their pets over. I'm really tearing up just thinking about it. Being in a critical situation forces us to put our trust in these veterinarians... I bet not many of us actually do our research prior to leaving our pets in the hands of these strangers. Please, just do your research. Knowledge is power.



They took him away from me, stuffed it in a black trash bag, gave it to me with a "ok get over it" attitude, called the cops on me, they even recorded me as I am bawling my eyes out and yelling at them, "My dog. My dog. My dog." Classy. Comforting. Understanding. All qualities a real Vet have...



Zorro was my healthy and handsome 10 year old doberman pinscher. My sister surprised my dad with him when he was 7 weeks old just a few weeks after my parents got divorced from a 25 year marriage (I took it the hardest so Zorro was a huge impact on me).


Zorro and I were playing in my friends living room when I noticed a huge lump on his chest. I freaked out and immediately googled the nearest vet and Alta View Animal Hospital on Showers Drive in Mountain View not only were open, but allowed me to come in without an appointment. I stopped at Starbucks to grab him his favorite puppaccino, told him I loved him because that was something I did maybe every time we shared eyecontact, lol, and drove right over. My dog and i were everything to eachother, basically obsessed.

Get there and fill out the primary contact info and give it back to one of their little minions. I play with Zorro while I waited maybe 10 mins. then here comes the younger Indian vet ready for zorro.
I put the leash on him, he was so excited, gave him a kiss, told him I loved him, I would be back to pick him up later & watched the "vet" walk him away. Zorro was thrilled until he reakized I wasn't following. Looking back at me, we both held eye contact the whole time until we lost sight of eachother once he was in that building. That was the last time I ever looked into those beautiful eyes of his.


An hour later,"Dr." Elizabeth calls me with an update on Zorro: those bumps are just fatty tissues and removing them would be only for cosmetic reasons, his exam was great & he is completely healthy, sharp and in great condition to go home... However!!! Now she is recommending I leave him overnight so they can do some more lab test to be 200% sure. The bill was originally set to be around 150$ and plus the boarding fee no more than $40, plus the lab test I can't remember what price she said but I know for a fact it won'be more than $500. So that's all I had available on my card. Because she started recommending all the other stuff like flea bath for example, all I know it was like over a thousand worth of services. She said she will email me a list of it so I can review it and if I agree I sign it. I agreed to letting him stay overnight but I don't need none of that extra stuff. I asked to see Zorro so I can tell him what's going on but she said that would only get him excited which I understood.

After I got home and woke up from my nap I see my card is declined several times for 800$ eachtime. I call them but they're closed.


I go to pick my sweet boy up the next day & some prissy white boy with long blonde hair (I am not racially insulting anyone, just giving a description since they will not give me their names) comes out WITHOUT Zorro. Before I can even say hi, he informs me that I have a balance due of almost $2000. I said WTF. Then he informs me that my card got declined but they went ahead and provided the extra services anyway even though I never agreed nor signed to any of it. I am super upset but at this point I figure all I can do is pursue some legal actions but first I need do get my sweetheart . I start calling everyone I know for some money and God Bless them all, everyone pitched in as much as they could but I wasn't enough. I asked him if I could at least see my dog to tell him what'going on and this fool had the audacity to mention a visitation fee (I forgot the actual dollar amount) so at this point he got me twisted. I wish I knew then what I know now which is I could have easily called the police on them for not returning my dog but at the moment they had me under the impression that i had to pay in full before getting my dog out. I told that dude I would have to come back after I collect the funds because I just couldn't make payment right now. So he told me with a fake ass smile "okay we will be here open until 6 and have Zorro ready for you". 

Yes, I am aware now how illegal that was of him. But anyway,
6pm passed and I didn't have all the money. I drove by the hospital crying and shouting outside their building to my dog, "Zorro I am sorry I love you. Hang in there I promise I will come back for you." I really was hurting, my dog and I are so attached to eachother. I could only imagine what he was feeling and going through without me, confused and alone. The vets claim to have someone their overnight everg night but that is a lie thay was confirmed by a former employee who wrote a review on yelp. I go on their website and see that they accept checks as a form of Payment so the following morning I called and asked about it. The young vet, the guy that took Zorro in from the first day, grabs the phone from whoever'i was speaking with and chuckles, "You really think we are going to accept a check. Come on now". I tell him not to speak to me like I'm stupid and should be apologizing for false advertising on their website. We go back and forth and I told him he should be prepared for some legal actions to arise and my dog better be returned completely healthy the way he was. My friend calls them and starts speaking offensively to them over the misleading payment advertisement. I tried to signal at him to not talk so aggressively but he was already upset. He basically cussed them out and I freaked out cause hellllo they still have my dog hostage. Suddenly the cops call his phone regarding the hospital calling it in. my friend hangs up. I take off to go drive to the hospital and I get a phone call. *alta view calling *. "Hey my bad about that but anyway I am on my way to you guys right now like 'literally on the road."


"Ok well we have some unfortunate and shocking news for you. We went to go check on Zorro about an hour ago and he actually passed away."

I almost drove right into a brick wall. It was silent for a few seconds and then I started weeping and this chick on the phone is just going, "Yeah...I know....Very shocking." I hang up.
I get back to my friends house and call them back asking what they did to my dog and
The same chick answerd.
"I was trying to explain it to you but you hung up. " Basically they are claiming he died from bloating. She then goes to explain what bloating is and how sudden and fatal it is. I am already familiar with what that is. How did you guys not notice a single symptom from a very healthy dog? You don't die in 5 minutes . She was just quiet while I continued to cry until she finally cut me off and asked when I was able to come pick the body up?
Oh okay so now I can have my dog back, because he's dead. I hung up after reminding her if what kind of person she was. 


The next day I call them asking about his body but they either wouldn't answer, or I swear my call was getting rejected be cause sometimes it ran 3 times, other time it rang 10 times. I was too weak to drive over. I was still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. The next day I call and finally
"Alta View Animal Hospital"
"I apologize for the way I reacted the other day upon receiving sudden news of my Zorros passing. You guys still have his body right?"
"Oh okay that's okay thanks yeah we still have his body . You can pick him up today right?"
~if you guys could hear how cold and nonchalant she was with me, it would probably make you cry. They just killed my dog, and then their response.. nvm back to my story~
"Ummmmm yes I'm there in 10 minutes. Have him ready."
This part is hard for me to relive...
I pull up and see a man in a truck talking to the young vet dude and there is also another man in his car parked next to the spot I'm pulling into, closest to the street. I get out my car and stand there staring at the vet who continues talking to the man avoiding eye contact with me the entire time. They spoke for maybe 2 minutes and aftwr they are done talking, he turns his back to me and starts to walk inside so i say, "While you are at it, bring me out my dead dog." He turns around and just stares at me with disgust lol. And I go, "bring him out now. Don't say a word to me hurry up and bring him to me now. " he slowly turns around to head back to the door but he looked so appalled, as if I am overreacting. Ha. Here comes Dr. Elizabeth walking out to me and I said, "stop. Go get my dog. Now." She has this stupid smirk on her face,and is trying to say something but I continue to cut her off before she can even get one word in. each time I'm getting louder and louder and I told her too, "look lady leave me alone at this point you are just antagonizing me I don't care about what you have to say. I'm begging u to leave me alone because I'm not getting any calmer and idk what to tell u. Go get my dog. I hate u. Get out of my face. " and she is still smirking, giving out a sigh, and will not respect my damn plea to back up out of my face.
Not once did she even back off and give me my space. She purposely wanted to provoke me. The doors swing open and I see a few of the staff members with a rolling cart, pushing out what I knew was my beautiful baby, lifeless and covered with a blanket.
I ran over to him and told them the get the hell away from him and not to touch him anymore. And the two mexican dudes are staring at me, one had the most bothered look on his face and gave me the meanest mug so I told him to back the hell up away from my dog and get his filthy hands off of him- y'all have done enough. I turn away, this a hole  pulls the blanket off my dog, saying that it belonged to them and needed it returned. You could literally hear the parking lot go silent. his associate says to him , "na man whats wrong with you?! Are you serious--" I am just trying to grasp this fools complete disrespect towards us but I become completely frozen at what I am looking at in front me. My honey, frozen and stuffed in a black trash bag with his paws sticking out. i looked at them and I saw Dr. Elizabeth already on the phone with the cops.trusy me, I just knew. A nice man comes out his car and snatched the blanket out of the Mexican dudes hands and then asks me to please let him (him as in the nice man. NoT that stupid Mxcn one) ((again not being racist, just for identifying purposes)) help me put his body in my car which I let him and glad he did, my baby was so heavy. I have to stop here because it is just not right... it's so hard to accept. I have this big black hole in my life, my heart, and his memories are all I have to sustain me during the worst heartache I have ever suffered. I will always miss him he truly was the best dog anyone could ever love and be loved by. I couldn't even say good bye to him. My best friend died alone believing he was abandoned. I want to forgive myself so badly but I just know I will carry guilt and resentment in my heart until the day I die




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