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2014-08-01 10:17

In our country there is a lot of negative commentary about immigrant scroungers. Portas has demonstrated that this is not always the case. Commitment to the community he works in and more importantly raising a family for a number of years in this country have proven his suitability to remain a resident in this country. Surely we want to encourage the immigration of people like Portas and should not be excluding a valuable and productive individual from our shores.



2014-08-01 12:23

We really don't want to lose this wonderful man.



2014-08-01 12:26

I feel I must speak on this occasion because this wonderful hard working man is so valued it would terrible to lose him.



2014-08-01 12:30

Mr Ong'ondo is a part of our school family and it would be wrong to see him go as he does so much for the school and the people in it.

#5 Portas Ongondo

2014-08-01 13:15

Mr Ongondo adds significant value to the families, the children and to the local community within which he works, he has strong christian values and provides a truly positive link to a different culture to many children without any african influences in their most informative years, his return to Kenya would be a great loss to so many families in his local area.
There is a lot of talk about the tightening of the rules regarding immigrants being granted leave to stay because of their right to a family life, maybe these changes should reflect the rights of existing domicile families not to have their family lives impacted upon by immigrants who contribute little or nothing to society, in contrast individuals like Portas Ongondo who entered the country legally, is hard working, intelligent, financially independant and plainly contributes so much to the family lives of his local community should be encouraged to stay.
We would like the home office to reconsider his application and find a way of keeping Portas in our school and community.
Holly Heyes


2014-08-01 15:16

As a former Collingham School pupil and current Collingham Band member I have know Mr Ongondo since he became the school superintendant , whilst a pupil he delivered some brilliant sessions as part of our enrichment week and as a member of band I have seen how he goes "beyond the call of duty" helping us set up for performances, encouraging us when we were struggling with a difficult piece and giving up his time freely. The school are very lucky to have such a caring and dedicated man. Good Luck with your petition Portas .

Kate H yr5


2014-08-01 15:30

Mr Ongondo helped us with year 5's Africa topic and told us about mosquitoes, we had some really cool Africa food that he had made. He encourages us to be tidy in a really fun way with a tidyest classroom cup (our class doesn't win it very often)He is lovely and always smiling . I hope you can stay .



2014-08-01 15:39

As a nation we should encourage hard working people to remain in this country no matter where they come from as they make a true contribution to society. It is the workshy, feckless and benefit dependant immigrants that should be deported.



2014-08-01 17:24

A whole community is supporting Portas Ongondo he is just the sort of guy we need working in our schools
Kiz the wiz


2014-08-01 17:58

I don't think that Mr Ongondo should be made to leave this country. He is a lovely caring person and we would be very upset if he was forced to leave his family and all the new friends he has made here.



2014-08-01 19:10

Ridiculous.poor man



2014-08-01 20:37

For the Home Office to lose a petition is unacceptable and inexcusable; and costs both delay and the possible miscarriage of justice - let alone the stress on the person involved supported by many.

It is now time for logical and sensible decisions from the Government; which are at the same time fair and equitable, and where necessary exercise discretion.



2014-08-01 20:52

We need the Home Office to exercise discretion and common sense - it would quite simply be wrong to make this hard working, modest and much loved member of our school family and local community leave the UK. Our society needs people like Mr Ongondo and his values. It would be a tragedy if he is made to leave his family - we should be keeping families together. His sons might be over 18 but parental support and guidance goes beyond this - it certainly does in our family.



2014-08-01 21:39

The support shown by the children attending the school where this man works suggests that we should be supporting him too. His children deserve a dad and this man gives to others in spades.



2014-08-01 22:26

Jesus Loves U


2014-08-01 23:35

A resident caretaker of a sch who goes the extra mile to help in educating the next generation of British...and aslo as a sch teacher myself...i hv decided to sign the petition for Portas Owino Ongondo to remain in UK



2014-08-02 07:37

Portas is a lovely hard working individual who is a well respected member of our community and church. He is a brilliant example to the children of Lady Elizabeth Hastings School in Collingham. He is exactly the sort of person who should have the right to stay in this country.



2014-08-02 08:20

It would be wonderful for the authorities to have the decency to allow Portas to remain in the UK, where his family and friends are. This petition highlights this.
Peter Heyes


2014-08-02 08:57

Portas has received much support over the months whilst awaiting decisions as to his future, however this recent show of public affection and respect from hundreds of people speaks volumes. All that is said in the media is correct of this man, and more!
I have been privileged to know Portas since he started work at Collingham school, and all you read is true, devoted father, hard working, sociable, enthusiastic, empathetic in his communication with individuals of all ages, willing to give of himself to others needs without question. He lives his life in sympathy with the ethos of the school, earning respect and a willingness to listen from all he comes in contact with.
Witnessing the media coverage you would be forgiven for thinking he will be basking in the attention, however not Portas, simply overwhelmed and humbled, with much thankfulness.
I have read that the Home Office treat all cases on an individual basis, Portas is just that, so please assess him as such by recognising how his life is lived out in the community.
Thank you, Peter Heyes, Parent



2014-08-02 10:07

Life changes shouldn't impact his status.



2014-08-02 11:56

God bless you portas



2014-08-02 18:08

dont be silly this man works has children living here.



2014-08-02 19:35

Uk government needs to apply common sense. Portas has the right to a family life, regardless of their age as young adults. As a hard working, tax paying citizen, sending him back to Kenya will inevitably restrict access to his children. This is not what our immigration laws are for.



2014-08-02 21:27

Eva-Mae would be very sad if Mr Ongondo left as he does a very good job keeping the school clean and the pupils safe. He is not 'just the caretaker' but a really good, hard working role model and well respected member of staff. Everyone loves him and it would be a real shame and a loss to the school if he had to leave.



2014-08-03 17:45

Let justice be seen to be done foe Portas and the whole community. Please listen to the people who know the man, his work and the value he brings to Collingham. Let him stay.